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  The Does and Don’ts to Live a Healthier Life  
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  The Does and Don’ts to Live a Healthier Life  

Living a healthier life – most of us talk about it, but only a handful of us actually act upon it. What if you knew just a few of the do's and don’ts that could help you live a healthier life? Would you do them? Here is your chance. Even if you choose to do just one or two of these tips, you will be moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

#1 Don’t eat Iceberg lettuce, do eat Romaine lettuce.
Replace your Iceberg lettuce with Romaine (or Spinach). Yes, you will lose that crunch that you love so much, but you will do plenty to improve your health. The darker leafy green has vitamins, calcium, potassium, folic acid, twice the fiber, and seven times the Vitamin and A. 

#2 Don’t drink black coffee do add milk.
Studies have shown that caffeine causes calcium loss and contributes to osteoporosis. All you need to do to eliminate this risk, is to just add a little milk. Just two tablespoons will make the difference. 

#3 Don’t eat dry snacks, do eat moist snacks
Did you know that that fresh fruit like baby carrots, cherry tomatoes or baked potatoes are moist snacks that are rich in fiber. There are only a few calories in larger servings so you will feel full on less. Whereas when you eat dry foods like crackers, pretzels, or chips they have tons of calories in small servings.

#4 Don’t drink red wine with your meal, do drink between meals.
The tannins in red wine interfere with iron absorption in your food. 

#5 Don’t use antibacterial soap, do use regular soap.
Scientists say that using too much antibacterial soap can tamper with how effective antibiotics are. Just basic soap and water will protect you from infectious diseases, flu, and cold without the side effects that antibacterial soap can leave you with. 

#6 Don’t sit on the couch, do exercise every day.
Just 30 minutes of exercise each day can lower your risk of heart disease by as much as 80%. So get up and get up and get moving. 

These six do's and don’ts are a great start to living a healthier life. Start small and build from there. A healthier life means you can look forward to living longer and doing so with quality of life. Changing your lifestyle a little bit or a lot – it’s up to you. 

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