#1 Absolute Best Diet To Lose Belly Fat For Good

Have you noticed that when you lose belly fat it always seems to come back? You try diets and exercise, but it feels like an endless battle of the bulge and weight loss. Find out what you need to do to lose weight and keep the belly fat off for good!

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  1. Another winner. I’ve lost 75lbs and hit a solid Plato. I’m going to work harder a IF but I really don’t like it. I’m 74 and so healthy compared to 3 years ago, I think I’m kinda resting on my prior success. I have about 25 lbs till perfection but after some more liver care and actual weight exercise I’ll get with IF. I’m taking TUDCA and I am amazed at bile effects on my digestive system. I had awful digestive problems before Low carb and nothing has helped till, TUDCA and I am kinda normal now.

  2. Keto is a farsical fallacy if you are a food addict. Add fat to food and see how that goes. It doesn't, so you have to starve. Of course, we can't call it what it is, so it's "Intermittent Fasting!" If someone chronically overweigh could do that, they wouldn't be fat! My cardiologist busted this 2 years ago, thankfully. I thought my utter failure was me.

  3. Intermediate fasting worked for me for a while, lost 4 lb's a day until I reached a plateau, but keto never worked at all. My body simply refused to go into keto. I sometimes really don't know what to do anymore. Also tried lemon water which someone recommended for me. Didn't do a thing.

  4. Damn so wheat 🌾 bread 🍞 is no good then ? 😟😞😔 damn I love Dave’s power seed bread, I thought whole wheat doesn’t heavily impact blood 🩸 sugar

  5. I need advice Doc….my A-1c is at 5.9 with high blood pressure but it’s slight because I refuse to take those impotent pills every single day so I stretch 90 day supply to at least 160 days. The question is-How do I beat that sugar attack consistently? It’s tough man. I grew up off kool aid and soda pop and cakes cookies. How do I destroy refined sugar out my body

  6. The slim people and fat people have a different response to pain of empty stomach. The fat people freak out about a tiny bit of hunger pain and quickly satisfy it by eating. The "fasters" and slim people just look at their watch and tough out the pain until mealtime. That is all this fasting stuff is, be able to endure some hunger pain. Drink water or tea or eat something to fill you up that is like filler. Probably half of Chinese food or Mediterranean diet food is just filler veggies. That is how the slim people win, they eat food that is for rabbits.

  7. The calories in 1 tsp of sugar and double for oil so people make war against sugar but oil is twice of sugar. Just cut out oil and some sugar……and start apple cider vinegar in tea. The vinegar eats away fat inside your veins so you do get carbs from it…..your own carbs. You can feel the health going into you drinking apple cider vinegar plus tea and sugar. Just 1 tbsp max of the vinegar. Lost 5 lbs a month easily doing that and no dieting.

  8. Doc!! I cannot lose weight since menopause set in…..I have lost 30 lbs but have not lost any weight in MONTHS. I Intermittent Fast, Eat Keto, Don't eat sugar……I had to stop my weight training because I AM CONSTANTLY SORE AND ACHY IN MY BACK AND HIPS. What is going on???? Is there some sort of supplementation and exercises I can do in addition to my Keto and IF lifestyle? I am about to go get on Estrogen at the doctor. I am desperate.

  9. I do wonder about athletes that eat 10000-15000 calories in a day. Or about the rice diet from the 1930’s not necessary for the diet but that people were able to loose weight and also get rid of diabetes by using that diet yet it was a carb heavy diet?

  10. I don't have a huge belly, in fact it's not even visible when I'm dressed up. But I have a problem I can't deal with for years. I have some fat on my love handles and some fat on my lower back and I can't get rid of it. I don't consider myself fat, actually many people are telling me "you're skinny, you need to eat more" , I'm 180cm tall and my weight is 69kg and I don't eat any meat except fish.

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