10 Alarming Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Too High

AVOID A HEALTH DISASTER! Learn how to spot signs and symptoms of high blood sugar early. Better yet, understand how to prevent them all together. High blood sugar can be fatal in extreme acute cases, and cause high blood pressure, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and dementia in chronic cases. Don’t wait for it to become and emergency, diet and life style can control and reverse high blood sugar in most cases so you never develop type 2 diabetes.

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  2. I reversed mine, reduced blood cholesterol, balanced female hormones on a high carb diet (high fiber) whole food, plant based. Totally sustainable and optimal.

  3. Dr Ekberg, I’m so inspired, and glad to find you. I purchased a glucose monitor one day ago. I’m 44 5’5 and 128lbs. Im looking to become an expert of my own health. I noticed some irregularities with my energy and also minor symptoms. I watch Andrew Huberman a neuroscientist who led me to this exploration, which led me to you.
    My first reading was at 5pm 106 ,After dinner 8pm 103. This morning 7:30 am 110 ,4:30pm 100, a couple of hrs after dinner, 9:00pm 130 and 11:00pm 131: something seems off. I am attempting to start following a fast in between my last meal dinner and till the next morning. I usually eat 6-7pm and eat my first meal at 11.
    Is my glucose levels worrisome?

    I’m having severe hunger pains at night. How do I fix that please!

    Kind regards, Esra

  4. Measuring your blood sugar. That does nothing beyond initial detection. If you are pre or have type2 there is no amount of measurement that is going to fix anything. Eliminate all sugar and β€œfast” carbs and increase exercise is the only fix. Medication can manage the amount of damage you are doing to your body but it is not a substitute for fixing your behaviors. You have to do the work. There are no short cuts.

  5. I gave up sugar a couple of months ago, and after watching this I'm glad that I did. I had a few of these signs, I'm feeling way better now for giving it up. Not missing sugar at all.

  6. before I found out I had just passed into type 2 duabetes, I complained to my wife about all the skin tags that seemed to be popping out! Did not know they were a warning sign to QUIT EATING SUGAR!

  7. I don't have health issues, but I am so happy that this Dr is giving medical education to the public. Physicians today are LOW GRADE. This is the most important thing a good Dr can do: educate! Blessings good man!

  8. Nice video, i watched all, just to see what you recommend. Well, I can tell you that i eat almost all my life super healthy, mediterrenean diet, except of the periods that i was vegeterian, which i regreat! and the last years i was trying to loose weight only with the right diet, and believe me i did it, but, NOTHING happened, since June 2021 i take medication because i have Metabolic Syndrome, i do everything correct, but still my body doesn't respond. Big dissapointement. My stress level is low. Any idea what it might be? I would appreciated a lot!

  9. Diabetiism is a largest business in the World.They are doing everything to make us sick, to much sugar, to much salt , fluoride water, gmo, chemicals, pesticides , stress, drugs, , bread, potatoes and more .All diabetic medicine has many side effects which can create more sickness and extra drugs

  10. Wow!!! What a great video! I've been a diabetic for 48 years and even though I knew some of this….it's great to reinforce the healthy narrative presented here!

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