10 Amazingly Easy Steps You Must Do Before Starting Keto For Beginners

YOU MUST KNOW THIS BEFORE you start a ketogenic diet. Watch these 10 Amazingly Easy Steps on how to transition into a ketogenic lifestyle. Avoid hunger, stress, fatigue, headaches, keto flu and any other reaction. Safeguard your health and assure your success in losing weight and improving health by following these steps.

Whether your goal is weight loss, reversing disease or preventing dementia, this video will show you how to go about it in the smoothest and easiest way to accomplish your health goals.

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  1. I'm down to OMAD, but it's tough getting all the recommended nutrients into one meal. I want the avocado in, but that satiates so much that it leaves very little room for other things. I want pecans in, because they help with muscle inflammation that wakes me up. I want a hard boiled egg in, because that has melatonin to help me sleep. I know I need cociferous veggies in for energy, and berries help with metabolism. That's a giant meal! And only pecans, veggies & berries can, practically speaking, be scaled back in terms of portion size. It's the balancing that is the toughest part of this diet, not eliminating carbs, snacking, or fasting.

  2. Where I live, I can only get Pacific wild caught salmon. So, I'm weighing the radiation dumped in the Pacific Ocean at a rate of a ton a day since 2010 against farm-raised Norwegian salmon. Which is worse? Please do an in-depth video on the potential harm from both. The only wild caught Atlantic fish I can find here are Season brand canned sardines, so I scarf those up.

  3. Thank you Dr Ekberg for this video! I kept going back and forth on whether or not to go on the Keto diet, but your discussion of metabolic syndrome in easy to understand terms was very relatable and the decision breaker was how to do it properly. Thank you so much!

  4. Is it normal that i get like leaky gut for this week? I just started this low carb for a more than a week,, What i consume just drink 3 tblspoon coconut oil 1 tbs olive oil, a little butter 50 gr sardine, 2 eggs, avocado, spinach, n a litle macadamia n walnut,, pls advice

  5. 3 weeks into Keto I’ve lost my need for snacking between meals. The first two weeks I still wanted to snack but by the 3rd week did not need to at all. I don’t feel hungry between meals now. I am also able to push my breakfast to lunch coz I’m not hungry in the morning anymore, I am not eating two meals a day just have to make sure I eat more in those meals to make up for calories for 3rd meal. My goal is not to lose weight so I am finding it hard to eat more when fats are so satiating!

  6. So frustrating that the education is muddled by explanations out of sync. Of COURSE eating unhealthy meat and fish is bad. DUH! But, BEFORE you press that point you need to tell the audience HOW the meat and fish they’re eating is unhealthy. Takes 10 seconds to explain that grain finished farm animals and farm raised fish do the same thing to your body that YOU eating the grain directly does. “That is why wild caught fish and grass-fed/grass-finished meats are superior in healthiness.”

  7. I think tip #10 is the best – start by replacing just 1 meal a day with keto foods, then 2, then 3. That is a gentle way to make this change and I would guess you can completely avoid any sort of keto flu with this method. I jumped in head first, all at once and my body was really shocked. But it worked out and I love being keto. Best decision for my health.

  8. During my ten years with prediabetes, I have been constantly hungry and lost ten pounds. I could not afford to lose any more pound.
    Luckily, I found Dr. Ekburg and started low carb high fat diet about a month now. I watched many of his youtube videos, spent time to select grocery, plan meals,… I am not hungry any more, feel better, not worry about eating all the time. All is good, but with one hope that I do not lose anyvweight with this diet. If you have any tips, please share. Many 🙏.

  9. I love Doctor Ekberg! I think it's great how he gives a practical plan for the average person to get on a ketogenic diet. I kind of walked through the back door and ended up on the diet, however. For whatever reason, I just kept cutting the carbs out of my diet. Then I learned about this ketogenic diet and realized I was 90% they are already. So I just bridged the gap, and haven't looked back. This is not a diet, but a lifestyle. I don't imagine ever going back to the SAD way of doing things. Goodbye sugar!

  10. I just subscribed 👍🏽Thank you so much Dr this is educational and helpful I appreciate it. I was just going to ask you I have fibromyalgia Is there any diet I can use or do?

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