10 Body Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Watch your body signs and symptoms because they tell you that it is having an issue and it desperately needs your help. Here are a list of signs you can’t ignore. Follow these simple tips to stay healthy and avoid serious diseases in the future.

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🔷 26 Insulin Resistance Signs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuL7t_B7jc8&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR79E3-ijN_r6e8XkU4nQNyl

🔷 10 Alarming Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Too High: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bfr0fHG53k&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR79E3-ijN_r6e8XkU4nQNyl

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🔷 Signs and Symptoms Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuL7t_B7jc8&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR79E3-ijN_r6e8XkU4nQNyl


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  1. Age 18-70 hypothyroid allergy to iodine! Been on thyroid medicine and everything that I was told I have is a autoimmune disease.. my heart rate runs 40-60. I gained a lot of weight. Have so many medical problems . I have gastroperesis, poor wound healing and type two diabetic for years. And bad neuropathy. I can’t sleep and sleep apnea bad. I have had a goider since young and get candida a lot and all kinds of gut issues. I get yeast in my skin folds. And use a powder to get control. I have an apple shaped body. And very high cortisol. And have been tested for Cushing and high anxiety! . Wow you have told me so much! I have skinny legs and wish I knew how to de stress . . My balance is bad. Why does no one one told me these things long time ago. Like at age 18. I get jerking feelings and tremors s too. I snore terrible with sleep apnea stop breathing 44 times a minute .
    I don’t drink. I also have NAFLD. Just everything you talked about is me all my life. Dr don’t tell you how to get healthy they give you medicine and I have passed out. And I can’t get rid of stress! I’m going to try what you have told me. I should have found you 52 years ago. Wow. I don’t believe in stealing never did and hope that one never kicks in. I have always been mellow and patient and long suffering now find I’m getting less patients and getting angry. That is not me. I don’t like this. You have such knowledge. Thank You you so much!
    Thank You for t

  2. I just realized, that my daughter has adrenal fatigue. She needs to do more meditation because she is prone to panic attacks and such. So this is another reason to learn to be more mindful of herself.

    Very good videos. I will start watching more and taking notes. Thank you!

  3. Hello Dr., I don't eat regular salt, I just use the Garlic with Parsley. And that's my only Salt or oidine, because I have high blood Pressure , so I stay away from salt and then HypoThyroid Problems. So I don't know what to do. They haven't found Diabetes. Hopefully never. But I do feel tired sometimes. And have lost weight and then gain a little and Loose again.

  4. You are right on the money I wish I would have seen this video in 2010. I suffered until 2019 not being diagnosed properly or pieced it together.
    2010 hypothyroidism
    2011 B 12 deficient and vitamin D deficient
    2013 Low testosterone T3 T4.
    2015 osteoarthritis
    2016 broke two vertebrates in back.
    So sick at this time in and out of hospital
    2017. Fatigue so bad I could not get out of bed
    Sleeping 18/20hrs a day.
    Bone pain joint pain. Brain fog. Nausea all day. Abdominal pain out of control pain bloating
    Blood. Sleep apnea
    2019 plastic bronchitis
    O2 was at 40 % hauled into emergency room
    12 hrs later coughed up a huge lunge cast.
    2020 hospital Dr ordered all kinds of blood work
    One come back with some answers cortisol level. .5 at this point more test and was diagnosed with Addison’s disease.
    They put me on the meds for it and at that point I started to feel 100 x better. Still a little problem here and there but I was outside for the first time in 3 yrs.
    At this point now my hypothalamus is not getting what it needs to send to my pituitary gland to get down to my adrenal Glands. I have had drooling of mouth
    Ridgity falls talking to myself.
    And like you said stole some nails one day just did not give the to check out lady. Now in Jan. I have brain scan for a final diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.
    They put me on medication for a dopamine and I can tell difference. It has been a long road for me. But I have pain my a motions under control tremors are less so we we I’ll ride out the storm.

  5. I have hypo I have diabetes I have hemochromatosis and I also have brucellosis I have chronic mono and now they're saying heart disease. I had tremendous bone issues and have had my whole life due to lactose intolerance that I was born with. My daughter was also born with it. But my question is since I have multiple immunal diseases how do I boost my immune system? No doctor has been able to tell me that no one has helped me when I asked that question.

  6. Hi Dr. Ekberg, I have followed your advised to stay longer and watch the video till the end, which I did.
    Doctor, may I request, that all the findings you discuss on the white board, please can you advised us what are the the remedy for each individual circumtances, from 1 to 10. Thank you for your kind consideration. I hope you see my message. God bless. Respectfully
    Edgar Tan
    From the Philippines 🇵🇭

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