10 Intermittent Fasting Tips For Easy Success And Why Fasting Works

10 Intermittent Fasting Tips For Easy Success And Why Fasting Works. Here is your intermittent fasting easy guide to lose fat, lose weight and feel great. Intermittent fasting has is very popular strategy, but some people find it hard to start or stick with skipping meals for hours or days at a time. Although it may seem like another diet fad, there are several reasons why skipping meals can be so helpful for many of us. These intermittent fasting tips for beginners mainly but even people who have fasted before might need a little help along the way to become more motivated.



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  1. I've been diagnosed with Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). I stopped eating sugar. I'm doing my best to eliminate carbs. I've never been an over-eater, in fact for most of my life I have eaten only one meal a day any more than that and I feel bloated. I had a cup of black coffee this morning, and the last time I ate was 24 hours ago (dinner time yesterday). I'm not hungry at all but I catch myself looking in the fridge for no reason. Then I close the door and walk away. I keep wanting to extend the length of time I don't eat but I need something to sip and keep me from the habit of eating just because it's dinner time.

    I just drank some water with a little lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, and I made a cup of tea to sip. Now I just need to stay out of the kitchen.

  2. This is very interesting and explains a lot of the reasons why i can not sustain weight lost. For years i have been on the numerous diets that are out there. They work, however after time the weight creeps back on. Also; with this clear explanation it makes sense and makes one want to try. So here i 🚶‍♀️ go😊.
    Just one question, there are going to be occasions when i will be out partying, i do not drink often but i do like red wine 🍷 or rum. I know you advise to avoid alcohol however is wine better than spirits??

  3. Thank Dr. Ekberg. Motivated by your knowledge sharing, I have tried to apply what you suggest. For about a week I don't eat my glibenclamide, but still use Metformin once a day. I used to use 1 gliben (5 mg) and Metformin 2 pills (500 mg each), but now I just eat 1 Metformin after lunch.
    Happily, my blood sugar level getting better, from 169 to 131 and then 105, without gliben. It means that my pancreas still works well.
    In a week to come I m going to put off Metformin.
    I really appreciate your sharing very useful knowledge.

    I have some questions:
    1) is there potensial for maag disease when the stomach empty during fasting ?
    2) some people say that we potentially get Hepatitis when we lack of energy?
    Thanks God n you that I get healthier n happier now.

  4. I used to tell people who ask me how I lost weight look at me funny when I tell them that I do low carb or keto, fasting is like a dirty word and won't even discuss it, I might as well have 3 heads…….lol but I love it it helps me tremendously so I gave up and zip my lip.

  5. I have been following your programs for several months now and l have actively been Inter. Fasting for over 6 months now , 23.5 / 1 . The results , with daily walking for exercise , has been tremendous , l have lost a lot of weight and l feel terrific . Thankyou Dr. Ekberg .

  6. I've been fasting regularly for years now. then I drink 400ml of water at a time and put a little bit of all 6 electrolytes in the water every morning and pee every +_ 70 minutes. I eat 5 to 10 days a month and my longest period of fasting was 25 days. The most interesting thing about fasting is the reason why you break the fast, it says a lot about who you really are. And of course Meditation and Breathing techniques are part of fasting.

  7. The refrigerator is there to provide constante unending Snacks, cold cuts…salamies, hams, pudding, yogurts, beers, cheeses….Leftovers… chocolate mousse…. and Obesity, ice cream….

  8. I've tried calorie cutting and keto. Keto worked, calorie cutting made me yoyo. Both were also very hard for me. IF on the other hand is super easy and I'm getting massive results and I can even now easily eat keto periodically. I will continue IF for the rest of my live. I've noticed that breakfast is completely unnecessary for me. In the beginning it was difficult cutting it, but now its natural. I eat lunch and dinner with 5-6 hours in between and I've never felt better and also lost 15 kg in 4 months.

  9. I did tried and happt w/ it in 2 weeks I lost5 lbs, very lo carb, no sugar only on few berries so far so good getting used to it, I am 74 yrs ols 7 hrs window,11-6 thank you learning a lot God bless you

  10. Thank you once again for a very, very interesting video. I have been following your advice. One dress size ( 5 kilos ) disappeared easily, but above all, I feel better and I am, where I wanted to be, – in my ideal weight with good lab results. I still keep the 17/7 routine but eat some carbs on two days each week (potatoes or rice) and this way I keep my present weight. It is not difficult at all.

  11. "It could be hard". Well, Dr. Ekberg and all people viewing this: it's NOT. You know what's hard? Convincing people each and every time you skip something they offer you, repeatedly! "No, I don't want it" " Oh, come on, don't be a partypooper, take something". They don't want to see you getting better and slimmer! Like offering a cigarette to someone they know is trying to kick the habit. They wanna drag you back to the spot you were on and where they still are. Now that is hard. Thank you for your explanation and motivation!!!!

  12. This has changed my life, i like to thank you so much , i will always have fasting in my life.
    i stared doing 16/8 -5 days a week , now I'm doing 20/4 , also a low carb diet . i can feel the change from being insulin dependent to Fat adaptive , i started get bad head aches for about 2 weeks but i believe that just my brain not getting the insulin . headache have no gone and i feel great every day! the journey being insulin dependent to Fat adaptive is amazing!
    Again Dr Ekberg thanks you , You have change my life for the better , i love your videos and i truly believe they are LIFE SAVING.

  13. I have had a stubborn cough that wont go away for several months now. When i started IF of 2 meals a day on 18:6 pattern, my body started expelling a lot of mucous. After expelling the mucous within 24 hours, my long time cough was gone. I am now on OMAD and looking forward to longer fasting days. My body adjusts every 5 days to longer fasting. I love this.

  14. It is effortless…so easy…1 month and half now..(lost over a stone very quickly).
    …just breakfast and noon lunch only…within 4 hours…..fast rest of time…. rest of day/ night fasting…20 hours..= 24
    Am eating so much healthier.

    I am used to and lo💕e love fasting..
    I not feel hungry..l don't…
    Just drink water, l lo💕e it.

    Nothing manufactured, fresh eg and fruit + small jacket potatoe small smudge of butter, and fish/ meat/soft cheese.

  15. Since I was a child I would wake at 6:00 am. My siblings would get up about 7:30 am and want to have breakfast. Usually I would eat, but often not. In high school and university people started to tell me, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!!". "Why?" "It sets you up with the energy to get through until lunch time." "I get through until lunchtime fine." "You just think you do." rofl!!!! Considering I had more energy than most of them I never worried about it. It was the same at university and sometimes people would bring up irrational things they read in magazines. I naturally fell into a pattern that worked for me. I generally at at 10:00 am, 2:00 pm and about 6:00 pm. I went to be about midnight.
    I really like your videos. You make me laugh with your down-to-Earth comments. "Your body is just telling you that it knows it usually has something about this time …" Exactly! Listen. You should try to learn your body's language.
    My kitten squeaks to me. I have no idea what she is saying, but if I give her food and she isn't hungry she doesn't eat it. Smart kitty. 🙂

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