10 Key Signs You Are Fat Adapted (No Equipment Needed)

If you are on a low carb diet or keto your goal is to be fat adapted which is easy if you know the signs and symptoms to look for. Here are 10 ways to know you’re fat adapted. Doctor Explains 10 key signs that you will know you are fat adapted and burning your belly fat, thigh fight, and more.

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🔷 Signs and Symptoms Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuL7t_B7jc8&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR79E3-ijN_r6e8XkU4nQNyl


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  1. it seems that over half a year of low carb/paleo i became fat adapted, then i went back to my old ways and have gained weight but still retain some of these signs. on the other hand, my wife (who followed the same trqajectory as i did) had some of the signs of fat adaptation earlier from even before our half year of discipline, but after low carb/paleo, the rebound actually got her the opposite of fat adapted (ie carb adapted)! the human body is fascinating.

  2. you make the whole low carb and fasting lifestyle so complicated, makes people not want to do it, just keep it simple like Dr Jason fung, eat low carb and fast and you will lose weight and get rid of diabetes, simple as that geeeeeezzzzzzzz!!!!

  3. Can you still get into ketosis when only thing you eat is carbs? For example pizza or rice, or bread with some cheese or pate? What I mean is can you lose weight when you cannot afford healthy food.

  4. Thank You Sten, I´m a sugger and painkiller adicted 47 years over weight man. Is a teen and young adult I trained 7 days a week, 10 martial arts and weight lifting till I was 25. Than I got fibromyalgia and ME/FCS, and since then it was hill down. Now I´m on the bottom dont want to live anymore. But thanks to your inspiring video I´m now trying intermittent fasting and have start to walk and stretch. Feel better already. Most of what I have read about neutrians / suggar / protein as a bodybuilder seems to be wrong. I have learn more in your videos in two weeks than all the books I have read. One miljon thanks and the best of luck. Very professional made and high quality videos! I hope you get a super show in US , BR from Sweden

  5. I don't like medical doctors (even though I work with them per diem). They believe the "M.D." after their name stands for "Magnificent Diety." (Dr. Fauci, anyone?)
    I give Dr. Sten attention, because he's holistic and an athlete. He knows that the human body is self-regulating and self-repairing, and he approaches health and challenges to health from that point-of-view.
    I started keto Father's Day 2016 via Dr. Jason Fung, and when I learned about fasting from Dr. Mindy Pelz, I jumped on that bandwagon. This lifestyle is a dream come true. I also cheat on vacation, because I don't want to be "THAT girl" who can't eat what everyone else is eating. But when I'm driving, I'm not eating, and I will be at least 24 hours fasted when I arrive. My sister is a carnivore, so we get along great. The day my trip ends and I get into the car to drive back to Montana, I've been fasting overnight, and I'll just keep that going and going.
    Thanks for being on YouTube, Dr. S.

  6. Just finishing a 36 hour fast. Black coffee and water only. Not hungry at all. Went KETO 2.5 months ago. Also started a feeding window… only eat from 5 to 11pm. Also started the gym 5 days / week. Amazing. I've worked out all my life but I'm getting ripped so fast. I look better than I've looked since my teen years and feel better too! In only 2.5 months!

  7. Keto with IF lost 25 lbs and 7 inches to the waistline in 6 weeks. Taste buds totally changed. Had a grapefruit for dessert, for the first time having no sugar for weeks. Holy sugar bomb, was like a mouth full of Skittles!

  8. I have been doing keto for the last six months but I slipped last night and ate a bag of tangerines the next day I was super hungry but by the evening I had keto breath is this evidence that I am fat adapted?

  9. Today for the first time, I knew I was truly fat adapted. How? I just got home from work at 3 p.m., having had nothing all day but some coffee with cream. I was busy all day and it never even occurred to me that I should eat something. When I got home, I very calmly and deliberately made myself a beautiful salad, added some good fat to it, and enjoyed it immensely. I have no desire to eat anything else. When I was in a carb fog, I would have come home ravenous and eaten anything (processed and full of carbs) that I could get my hands on. That would have led to 6 additional hours of poor food choices, never feeling truly satiated, and finally going to bed feeling bloated and exhausted. My new way of eating is a miracle.

  10. Well done, I have found many of the same results you talk about in this video.: it took me quite a while to become more fat adapted, more toward the 6 week time frame perhaps even longer – I've been intermittent fasting for 10 months; my taste buds changed dramatically, I used to crave sweets, once I learned about candida in the gut – which I found disgusting – I decided to cut out all sweets including stevia which initially seemed to spike an insulin response in me, I now no longer crave sweets although I may have berries in shakes or with my Greek yogurt, usually 1/2 cup, and finally, I've found when I do go off my intermittent "diet" lower carbs, low fat – I do get more protein that Keto wants as I'm much older – that I can eat a few meals while traveling that are carb dense and yet I have not trouble whatsoever getting back on the intermittent fasting low carb lower fat train usually 100 grams or less of teach. I no longer worry about slight deviation in food consumption because of the positive bounce back and the fact that I don't crave those foods any longer – which is AWESOME!!! 🙂 TY

  11. I am 44 yo and fat adapted, what Dr Sten Ekberg has been explaining are totally right and I experience 10 signs what he has said, I hope all the community in this group kept going and really concern about our own health..Being fat adapted has lot of benefits, we can control our body & mind , not body controls our mind, we can decide what we want to eat and when to stop it ( even we are surrounded by delicious and yummy food 🙂 )..stamina is very excellent, rarely sick, energetic..When people look at me they look at me younger than my real age ( that is such a compliment the side effect of IF ), Thank you Doc for well explanation

  12. I'm completing my first 3 day fast today. I got headaches on the end of day 1 and day 2, and man was i hungry last night, but I stuck to it. 5 lbs down, probably mostly water but I'm still proud of it.

  13. i’m following a Keto diet for about a month right now. I actually like a lot this type of diet… and that’s cause i love the food i can eat. But… other than that i have to say… i didn’t notice all this less hunger, no cravings, going longer between meals, more stable energy…
    this is not my experience actually. I’m in a calorie deficit and i’m hungry all the time.
    do you think i’m doing something wrong or i’m not fat adapted yet??

  14. I am 66 years old and 2 months ago I was taking 2 pills of Metformin a day, and my blood sugar was hovering around 190. Today, after I stopped carbohydrates, I was able to stop medication and my blood sugar is between 100 and 110 and lost about 12 lbs. I have Dr. Ekberg to thank for this dramatic change in my health. I really am indebted to him.

  15. I will be 81 years old in April 2022, am in good health and exercise 3 – 5 days a week, walking. I'm thinking of walking the Appalachian Trail next year, all the way. My question is: what kinds of foods should I take with me on the portions where I may go several days where there is no place to purchase anything. Would K-Rations be good, if it is possible to get them? Thank you.

  16. Hi Dr. Regards from India. I have started follow OMAD diet. Thanks to your guidance. Just curious about Indian low card grains i can use in my diet. Please help and keep enlightening us.

  17. I hope you can help answer my few questions…I've been Keto for 2 years and have not slipped up at all. Lately I've put on a few kgs and don't know why, eating same foods exercise 5 days a week. I'm 62 and read u should eat more protein so did that for 1-2 months but didn't help. Started IF 18-19 hours found it easy enough. Only lost 600g over the 5 days I did it. Don't know what's going in. Please give me your thoughts what is happening with my body starting to gain weight 🥺😢

  18. Interesting and well presented. I have started cutting down on carbs and I am finally loosing weight after years of counting calories and exercising like a hamster. I discovered butter coffee and if I have that I am not hungry for hours. I used to wake up super hungry every day. I haven't officially gone keto. I am not sure how to do that and how many grams of carbs to eat. It seems everything has carbs even beef jerky.

  19. I’ve never done anything from a diet perspective that has made me feel better than being fat adapted. In addition to your list, skin complexion and digestion regulation also improves.

  20. Every single one of these things happened to me on Keto. The mental clarity was something I never expected or really even thought of until it happened. That alone is worth the price of admission.

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