10 Mistakes Stopping You From Losing Belly Fat – Real Doctor Reviews

Stop trying to lose belly fat the wrong way. Here are 10 mistakes people are doing when they are trying to lose weight and decrease their belly fat. Learn how to lose lose belly fat naturally the right way. Learn how to lose belly fat without exercise. While exercise is a good thing it is not the way to burn belly fat, and if you want to learn how to lose belly fat overnight- think again. There is no such thing. Learn how it really works and do it right. In this video Dr Ekberg reviews an article in Cosmopolitan and lets you know if their advice is correct.

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  1. Thanks for the help Dr. That was the word ( inspiration). Been a truck driver is hard. I learned how to manage fasting since been practicing on off. But still is hard when you see these delicious foods on every state every day. Sometimes I fast the whole day with just coffee and water. But sometimes my taste buds betray me. Thank God I learned from you fructose ( from fruit) would turn into fat. That was awesome tip. I started eating lots avocados/ guacamole with 6 eggs and tons bacon. But some days are doom days like napolitan custard. I haven't get rid of that taste buds yet. Lol

  2. Thank you for your life saving teachings. I'm a diabetic. I have been eating mostly vegtables…some fat and protein. I cheated a couple of times but we won't discuss that. I have been fasting…first eating two meals…now down to one. If I don't eat I don't take my insulin except in the morning because my numbers are high. I have a cup of coffee with cream. My doctor wasn't to happy about it but in my last three visits most of my numbers are in a normal range. A 1 C still high but much lower. Still having trouble taking off weight unless I fast a entire day. I bought Milk Thistle recently for a fatty liver. The last visit my doctor was scratching his head and told me whatever you're doing…you're doing great. I waiting for you to speak about the pancreas !!! Thank you💝

  3. Really enjoying the simplicity of this information and how you explain how to make changes to reduce IR. I have a question which relates to no.9 if you have an active job where this is strenuous at times what would you suggest. I am a snowboard trainer and now in my 40's I am concerned as I try to lower IR I am undoing some of the good work whilst being active between 4-8 hours a day. Any suggestions or videos where you have covered managing an active job/role alongside the tools you have given to make necessary changes to reduce IR?

  4. If theres such a thing called insulin resistence than it would be very dangerous for the body because of the sugar, the glucose would be too toxic.
    The body makes more insulin to store.
    Theres no such thing as Insulin resistence.
    The real problem is the pancrease stops making insulin,

  5. They can't tell you to eat more fat, because they've been pushing the non-fat concept for decades, and at this point it would be admitting they've been wrong all those years.

  6. What? No letter score? Not even a scale of 1 to 10? If you liked it so much, didn't it deserve an A- or a 9/10? "Useful information for most people" sounds like it just made it to "average" and not much better. Judging by all of your corrections, it seems to rate about an 8, at best.

  7. The Inuit people do not live very long. Most cultures ate a whole carb diet with small amounts of animal protein as gathering and storing through the winter months was easier. The Okinawans eat a diet rich in whole carbs, approximately 85% and have impressive longevity.

    There are many well known whole food plant based eaters living into their nineties and beyond. Donald Watson, the man who coined the term Veganism, lived to 94 when his peers told him it wasn't achievable. We also have Dr. Esselstyn, who is well known across social media, is almost 90 and still working.. Cardiologist Dr Ellesworth Wareham, known across social media, lived to 104 on a whole food plant based diet

  8. @8:00 hahahaha, made me chuckle when the camera shot zoomed out. Good metaphor for how most people treat health though: "Why is my car/body not working??? Because your car/body is busted and you can't just press the throttle any harder and expect it to work itself out!"

  9. i cant speak for everyone here but me personally..when being taught something I want ppl to explain things as if teaching a 5 yo child..it works for me, thanks Dr. Sten

  10. According to this video, my belly fat caused by stress . Because i’m dieting, doing some exercising , loosing weight, but my belly fat remains almost same (or ar least i think so).
    Can’t do much with stress

  11. Could you explain why in your twenties you can have high stress AND eat a lot and not gain weight, and what happens in your thirties that makes the dynamic different?

  12. tracking in the beginning is useful to see how much kcal which food is and it help to figure out better items to eat. Once you have an understanding of your favorites, you don't need to track anymore..

  13. I believe eating fat doesn’t make u fat UNTIL you add a few carbs or eat sugar. How much I don’t know. It would be failing off and restarting ketosis maybe that u then would gain weight?

  14. Love the channel. So much great info. Now, peanut oil. Where does it sit? High smoke point, an Asian staple. Made from… peanuts. Where does this one sit on your list Dr Ekberg? I don't think I want to use ghee for stir fries and I sure as heck don't want veg/saflower/canola.

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