10 Prediabetes Signs You MUST Know Before It Is Too Late

Have you ever wondered if you are at risk for Prediabetes? If you are eating sugar and carbs or have a little extra weight you need to watch this video. Here are some Prediabetes Signs and Symptoms you need to address as soon as possible so you don’t end up with diabetes.

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  1. Thank you so much for this video! I’ve been dealing with diabetic symptoms on and off since high school (9 years). Lately my hands and feet have been numbing and I’ve been super bloated for weeks. Also my vision has been blurring and it was really scary. I’m definitely about to change up my eating habits and exercise .

  2. What do you meant by prediabetics. There's nothing like prediabetic. Whatever you reffered to as prediabetics is diabetic already just give a glucose challenge. You can only get a non diabetic, potential diabetics( identified by hereditary or aetiological history) and a diabetic. My friend, correct yourself.

  3. I almost completely reversed my prediabetes by giving up 🆙 processed junk food 🥘 and exercising by walking 🚶‍♀️ around the neighborhood. I just need to give up 🆙 ice cream 🍨 and pizza 🍕 . I’m currently 38 going on 39 years old and just need to get my stress level down.

  4. Lion's Mane mushroom is legal in all 50 states because high doses do not cause hallucinations, and if you add niacin will likely help with neuropathy for extremities and eyes and brain.

  5. I feel very relieved now. I have been having hot flashes and sweats at night. At 50 years old I thought I was going diabetic even though I am slender and ear well. Now, I think maybe it's just menopause and I need a new eye exam. Thanks for putting be at ease.

  6. Hi Dr Ekberg, I just come across your video. Would you kindly advise (or redirect me to any of your other videos) .. to as to what can I definitely do to help myself out of prediabetic stage?

  7. I learn more from any one of these videos than from the cumulative information of about 35 years from my board certified allopathic MD drug pusher. Thank you!

  8. This is great, but HOW do I change it. Videos like this never just say ok, here is what to do about it. So you get bits and pieces from each video hoping for the key to change. Only to find out that all these health professionals can't agree on anything…I have basically cut out as much sugar as I can, now what please!!

  9. I am prediabetic as I turned in my 50 , I have yearly physical and so i knew early.I am the only one among 4 sibling who is developing this, my father died with kidney failure from diabetes at 65 . My arthritis is started from my thumb though.. I develop cataract in one eye .I actually started gaining weight around age 52 -53 . I blood sugar is never below 100 nowadays but not over 120 . . I started on Metformin around 2019 and the dose got higher since my A1c fluctuates. I started to modify my eating habits more drastic. I am doing portion control now. I only weigh less than 110 lbs now . I work 10 hour shift and I walk a lot at work but I feel I need to increase my muscle mass. I am hoping to overcome this health issue. I don’t think I have neuropathy from this .my numbness and tingling are from my spine problems from my neck to my lower back. This show help explain more

  10. Thanks again great explanation I use most of the time 100 % organic black seed and – olive oil that keeps the blood sugars mostly constant with a frequent 🌊 ocean food diet ! ! greetings from sunny Lisbon ☀️

  11. Some other symptoms of high blood sugar are acidy stomach (GERD), irritability and moodiness (especially noticeable in children), claudification (uncontrollable twitching of legs), and neuropathy (shooting pains in hands and feet). Fatty liver is also a major result.

  12. Thank you for this video. I have a few of these issues and I have been diagnosed with pre-pre diabetes. I'm not pre-diabetic, I'm just below that.

    I used to eat a lot of pasta and rice, not realizing that you have to eat those in moderation, too. My doctor was terrible, though. She didn't really advise anything. I had to do it myself, but that ended up being wrong, too. I removed ALL carbs. I just ate meat, fruit, and vegetables. I'm pretty sure it's the reason why I had a blackout seizure. Everyone said that it wasn't that, it was a worsening of a TBI that I have had since I sustained an injury at work that caused a lot of brain-trauma and scarred brain tissues. I still think it was the removal of carbs, though.

    After they seizure, I lost a LOT of weight. I was never overweight, but because of a medication that I was on, I started approaching it without realizing. Over the start of the Covid, I lost 60 lbs. I just completely lost my appetite. If I pushed myself to eat, I would usually vomit it back up. But, I didn't notice the weight loss until I went to a doctor's appointment and saw myself in a full-body mirror. It was the first time that I had worn jeans in months. I just wore sweatpants around the house. When they started to get loose, I just thought I had stretched the band. But, looking in the mirror, I pinched the fabric of jeans and realized they were loose and a bit baggy. I just thought the same as the sweatpants, that I messed them up in the wash. The weight loss was gradual, but also a little fast. When I was at my lowest, I was around 110lbs. I was actually underweight. My sister was convinced that I was bulimic, but I wasn't, I was just without an appetite, at all. I wasn't even eating 1 meal each day.

    Well, I'm gradually regaining my appetite, but I will often go through the day having only eaten only a pancake and tea/hot chocolate/ coffee. I'm still without an appetite, and will still often go through the day on just a pancake and drink. I only eat rice unless I'm eating out, usually in Chinatown, so rice is kind of a staple. But, there is no white rice on my shelf, just brown rice. I have vegetable pasta and generally drink sugar-free flavored water. I'm trying, but I'm just not hungry. I have a few of the issues you mentioned, but some I've had since I was in high school and some, i know are a result of my clinical depression and chronic migraines. So, I'm going to make an appointment and get my bloodwork done, again. I've done that a few times this year and it's always been regular, but thanks to you, I know what to really look for. Thank you for your teaching and sorry for the long message.

  13. Doctor. Could you make about Keto-intermittent fasting and pregnancy? I had just started my journey on the keto-intermittent fasting with great results until I find out I was pregnant. I would like to know if it is safe to maintain that life style during pregnancy.

  14. I was diagnosed with insulin resistance about 15 years ago and no one has told me how to deal with this problem. It is like they are waiting for me to be diabetic at once just because they know my mom and my dad were diabetics. Is there any kind of diet I can follow to overcome this problem?

  15. I’m finding out that a ketogenic diet really works for me. I eat fish as my source of protein and veggies galore. It gets boring but it’s easy for me to adhere to and I like the freedom from joint pain, numbness and tingling, prickly and painful sensations, and extreme fatigue.

  16. sadly this is in my family line and most has gotten it regardless of most things they do, though seems to only stay at type 1 for most part but these vids helped out as i have most of these symptoms and im scared as i likely now am my self. only found out about this when i had a normal soda just one for first time in many months and oh boy numbness and tingles, yeah i regret it normally i don't eat much sugar anymore or the sort cause of fear of this and looks like it still found me anyways sigh.

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