10 Signs That You Have A Leaky Gut

Have you noticed your body just isn’t working like it used to? It could be a leaky gut. When your digestive system has an increased intestinal permeability you will find that you will have a large range of warning signs and symptoms like mood swings, arthritis, cognitive issues and so much more.

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  1. A lot of time its not that Gluten is bad for you, Its the pesticides they spray on thw wheat to ripen it quickly that makes us sick.
    The agenda of the UN is to poison us and what better way to do it is through medical tyranny and our food. Make wise choices and stand for truth

    ~ A.L.S. HISTORY ~
    I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t walk, I had to drink my meals, came close to getting a tracheotomy. Now? I can walk, I can talk! TY DR ERIC BERG! TY DR STEN EKBERG! & TY GOD! 🙏⚡️💪

  3. I just watched a number of videos on this subject matter and yours came up in the algorithm. This blew the others away by miles!! Your way of bringing in every detail and teaching exactly how and why things are happening is just fantastic!! Thank you so very much!! Subbed!!

  4. Dr Ekberg thank you for this valuable information…could you please talk about how important salt is to our health…the FDA just announced they’re recommending that salt needs to be reduced in the foods ( not my food) that are now being produced…thank you!

  5. I've got all of these issues. Had to retire from professional sports due to this.
    There seems to be no easier softer way than to stick to the nutritional plan at hand. No room for error with me atall, as I suffer as a result of consequence.
    Just ordered some organic bone broth and will give a whole foods diet plan a shot🤞

  6. Thanks for all your work in these videos,. Would love to see the how to find out and steps to holistically start try to repair these issues!!! My fiance suffers from loupus, was on 13 different big pharma meds and still getting worse,. Did research and quit her meds and uses CBD and dietary supplements now and is 100 times better now! She had a checkup a year ago and dr put no loupus on her chart because of her lab results!! She also has hashimotos and had to have her thyroid removed! She takes a bovine med from cows and her lab numbers were so good dr. Said whatever you're doing keep it up!!! She still suffers from terrible allergy's, fatigue, but is able to work, and somewhat live a good happy life!!! She has a strong dislike for big pharma, as she feels they only treat the symptoms not the cause! More money in treatment than in cause!!!

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