10 Signs You Have An Iron Deficiency

Do you have any of these Top 10 Signs of Iron Deficiency and Anemia, low iron in the blood. OR maybe you have Too Much Iron. Anemia and an iron deficiency are not just for younger women. You might be surprised at who has too much and too little iron. Fatigue and physical signs will be covered. By the end of this video you will understand why you have low iron and what you can do if you have an iron deficiency. Top 10 Signs You Have An Iron Deficiency.

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  1. I am watching this cos I'm really confused why my doctor says I'm very low in iron. I had an anaemic friend when I was growing up, so I already knew some of the signs, but I had none of her symptoms nor any other signs. I wasn't pale, good colour everywhere, no dizziness (and I live on the top floor of a building with no elevator, so every time I haul bags of groceries up to my apartment, shouldn't I detect breathlessness or dizziness? No headaches or brittle nails, no lethargy, no cravings (apart from wanting sweets, cheese or bread, hehehe). I was so completely unconvinced that I asked her to retest my blood, but again the results said I was low. I can only assume the reason was that, while I do eat red meat, I generally tend to eat chicken more because it's cheaper. Anyway, now I'm taking an iron tablet and mandarine or orange for breakfast (which has screwed with my intermittent fasting) plus I'm trying to increase my intake of red meat with green veggie … I really want to go back to not eating breakfast cos for me it's the easiest way to cut my calorie intake. Eating breakfast notably increases my carb cravings.

  2. I LOVE YOUR PRESENTATIONS DR EKBERG !! so many people with symptoms that are not recognized , my sister always eating ice, she had anemia that was really bad because she got gastric bypass for weight loss . Also other symptoms like a super red tongue which doctors couldn’t figure out I figured it out , it was a B 12 deficiency . The blood serum test for B12 can be inaccurate, so one must ask for a different higher testing in my sister case blood serum said she had enough B12 but she was deficient

  3. I have iron deficiency since the age of 14 years. Since then doctors prescribed me iron pills. Is it safe to eat chicken liver to substitute iron?

  4. I have been takin iron but with lose blood in testing and periods I've been having headaches dizziness fatigue and numbness and tingling I had heart palpitations. My hemoglobin is normalized

  5. I know you probably can’t give medical advice, but I am chronically anemic. Partially my own fault because I do not take my supplements as consistently as I should, although I am getting better. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2008 so I have malabsorption of iron naturally plus I am still having periods. I always struggle to know what type of iron to take, what dosage etc. I feel like my dr is not fully educated about postop bariatric health. I live in a rural area so finding a dietitian that specializes in my condition is not easy either. Currently I take 65 mg of iron with a vitamin C tablet up to three times a day only because I forget most time so I’m lucky if I get it once or twice a day. I Have 80% of the symptoms on your list. By the way I love watching your videos they’re so informative and educational. Thank you!

  6. Thanks again for your wonderful explanation. My wife is anemic but I’m a bit confused: her blood work is really ok except the ferritin (only 6!!!). I’ve watched your other video (Anemia explained simply) and all her numbers are ok. Only her ferritin is incredibly low…I Know she bleeds a lot through her menstrual period (probably much more than 5 tablespoons every single day, for 4 days!) but…do you think that would explain her very low ferritin? How come she loses so much blood? She doesn’t have any Contraception…What can she do to replenish? She has asked her doctor but she doesn’t have any explanation to that and of course, she gave her iron as a medication…Thanks a lot Doc! And see you in the next video!

  7. Dr usually says hemoglobin is ok last – 14.1, MCV 97-99 RBC4.5 ferritin 43 last time. Have noticed spoon nails only on thumb/pointer last 10yrs(Dr's not know what it was). Found more B12 helpful (organic chicken liver…). Mother said anemia ran in her family.

  8. What do you think of the idea that low iron is because we lack bio-available copper to metabolize and utilize the iron. I have read that if you do not have copper to mobilize iron, it will be stored in our tissues. Here it feeds pathogens and disease. Iron is the most plentiful element on the planet, how can we be low?

  9. I craved ice when I was pregnant!!! I annoyed people chewing it… CRUNCH CRUNCH. I would go into the bathroom to chew ice so I didn't bother/annoy anyone….WOW Thank you for this, I had no Idea.

  10. My HB read 6.5 but funny enough I don’t have any of these symptoms. I get really heavy periods so my GP recommended I see a gynae .. I’m really panicking but I’m hoping for the best!! Thank you for these videos dr. I was also advised to start eating red meat

  11. HPYLORI, was the caused of my low iron almost needed a blood transfusion twice, was also sent to a blood Dr. until they found it the culprit, it was in my stomach, they finally found it through a endoscopy. Now I get checked for it through urea breath hpylori check once in awhile. It's when you drink a lemony drink wait 15 minutes then you blow into a bag, then they check for it. Because of HPYLORI I developed pica. I Was craving ice non stop and eating and crushing ice. Eating bags of ice popsicles . Weaken alot of my teeth enamels it cause cracks on my teeth. Sometimes you got to tell the doctor to give you the test you need. I was sick for 4-5 years before I was cured with a combination of antiacid and a strong antibiotics. Now I'm doing fine, thanks to God Jesus Christ and finally finding a doctor that really listened to me and was looking to figure out why I kept being low iron.

  12. I may have or had iron deficiency, already looked up what should I eat more. Is yawning also a sign of this (I guess it comes with low energy)? I remember being on football training and yawning even while running.

  13. Do you think we’ll water containing iron deposits that cause stains in toilets and tubs,sinks , clothing is enough iron for our systems ? Compared to treated water systems with salts or reverse osmosis having no staining effect or minerals

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