10 Signs Your Body Is Crying Out For Help

Watch your body signs and symptoms because your body is telling you that is wrong. It is crying out for help and desperately needs your help. Here are a list of signs you can’t ignore. Follow these simple tips to stay healthy and avoid serious diseases in the future.

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  1. I have pale skin due to my nationality so it’s very hard to recognize what he’s saying. Huh heavy periods. I’m female and never get them. So your not helping

  2. When I was 26, I had an episode like a transient ischemic attack. I was sitting on the end of the bed and putting on my socks, and listening to what my wife was saying. Suddenly I felt like I had no muscular control and I fell back onto the bed. I tried to speak and move but could not — I was helpless and terrified. This lasted maybe 15-20 seconds and I recovered. This greatly concerned me, as I had read that such episodes can precede a stroke. I told my doctor about the episode and he was puzzled as to why someone so young and in apparent good health could suddenly develop this problem. I told him I had not had any head injury. He advised me to report if I had any additional episodes like this. Forty years later and I never have, thank God. Such a strange experience. Psychosomatic?

  3. Hi Dr. Ekberg, and thank you for the helpful vids. May i ask please? what would cause one to not have blood available when a doctor tries to draw blood for a test? For instance, my doctor wanted to draw blood earlier this year to check my cholesterol levels (genetic sky high cholesterol in my case, 15) So she tried quite a few times on my right arm. She gave a sort of nervous laugh and said: "J,are you alive?" Not really what you wanna hear from your doctor. I said: "Apparently?" Then she tried my left arm but also nothing, by this time i could see her staring at me like a hawk. Took quite a few tries there too, and eventually she hit paydirt and got some. This is a veteran doctor, btw, not someone who left med school a week before. This happened to me quite a few times in 2012 also, i recall, no blood when i get cut, even with a razorblade. Seems unusual but there is obviously a reason, and patently i am alive. Here's what's wrong with me: 1)Irregular heartbeat, tending to be too fast – Cardicor takes care of that problem…2) Sky high cholesterol – Aspavor takes care of that (i hope)…Celiac Disease – totally gluten free diet keeps that in check completely. So yes, if you should have the time, i would be most interested in your opinion. I have nails that break real easy but im not pale and im not exhausted if i get at least 5-6 hours of sleep, tho i have often funtioned adequately on less. I have poor appetite but i force myself to eat small portions of extremely healthy sustenance thru out any 24 hour period. Thank you for your time, and for the vids.

  4. . . Love the way you explain every videos too easy to understand and I'm more encourage to watch of your videos. Thank you very much Dr. Sten for sharing your knowledge we appreciate it alot.

  5. I’ve been a nurse for oh my gosh 12 years now and I swear that I have learned more from the videos that you make than I have in all of nursing school and any on the job learning I have had as well. I have always been a nerd lol I love learning new things but I have a hard time understanding sometimes or absorbing that information (thank you ADHD), but you are truly gifted educator. You are phenomenal at explaining things and you do it so thoroughly And I am so very thankful to have found your channel. I’m just so fascinated by your work. Thank you

  6. As far as Social Media goes… I've started to believe that anything negitive stated when someone is doing something to BLESS humanity and someone responds with something degrading… That they're ALL TROLLS.

    I wouldn't give it ANY amount of engery by even acknowledging an ignorant remark. I also started think it's Ai remarking on human intelligence… just a thought !

    Magnificent teaching Doctor Ekberg !!!

  7. Thanks for the in-depth explanations. It is always a pleasure to listen to you and I have been following for over a year and implementing as much as possible. I suffer from anemia – a lack of vitamin B12 and suffer from, among other things, a cold in my legs, blurred vision, and more of the signs you mentioned. How holistic medicine treats it. I do fasting for 20 hours a day sometimes even 72 hours and I feel great about it but it does not improve my cold feet and blurred vision. By the way, I suffered from sub – acute thyroiditis that past without treatment but still suffering from thyroid pain without the signs of sub-acute thyroiditis. What else needs to be done

  8. New sub. I'm getting older. I don't sleep right and have constant back pain. I'm glad I found your channel. I'm going to loose 40 lbs and try to keep it off. You rock Doc.

  9. Ever since I landed on your channel, I’ve been obsessed! I share your videos to all my friends coz they’re all so well thought off, clear, and informative. For some reason, my brain was able to absorb what you’re teaching! Like, where were you when I was in high school! Hahahaha

    Much love Dr. Ekberg! Thank you for creating these contents for us. It’s a total game changer when you know how your body works.

  10. ●●Good info. 📌 So what ACTIONS do you take to improve these issues that you described. ❓❓❓ Thank you

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