10 Signs Your Kidneys Are In Trouble

Your body gives you signs when your kidneys are in trouble. For those who have suffered, are suffering or know someone suffering from kidney disease know that it is a silent killer. What makes it even more dangerous is that it gets diagnosed at very late stages for most people.

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  1. Dialysis is awful. I am 43, failed kidneys. Not due to neglect but a genetic dissorder passed on to me. I'm slim, eat well, don't smoke etc. And here i am. Don't do it to yourself for God's sake. Look after your body. My life will never be the same again and its depressing.

  2. Hey sten, so I was trying to protect and flush out my kidneys so I started drinking hydrangea root tea. The lady who sold it to me told me it's safe and is really good for kidneys plus I read positive online reports. It does contain small amounts of amydalin which changes to cyanide when metabolized which can cause nerve damage. I've noticed since I very first started drinking it that I felt sort of a sting flowing through my bloodstream in my kidney area and my limbs. The dose is like one table spoon of root. What do you think of this herb and do you think it's safe? Am I permanently doing nerve damage from drinking this tea? Do you believe it's use could lead to amputations due to nerve damage? Let me know please!

  3. Thank you. Great teaching. So helpful & informative. And for most of us kidney dz is from our in ndulin resistance. Won't learn this from typical healthcare. Fix the IR and STOP the kidney from further damage and …

    … maybe heal your kidneys. I like to think the kidneys can heal.

  4. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I'm 54 years old and have been in CKD3 since I was18. I've been experiencing frequent leg cramps over the past 3 years- could this be kidney-related in stage 3?

  5. I watched another video from a kidney specialist that said kidney pain was very uncommon at any stage and this guy is saying it's very common lol. I myself have a dull ache type pain with varying intensities for the past 2 years and thought 100% it was my kidneys because I do have highblood pressure and have watched lots of videos saying that highblood pressure people are at a higher risk for developing kidney disease and I was drinking alcohol alot and in excess. Anyway I still have the pain to this day but I have had all the blood tests and xray plus CT scans and ultrasound tests done because I was absolutely convinced it was my kidney that was the cause of the pain since it's in the exact spot people point to to say we're the kidney on your right side is and all the tests were clear. So I mean I guess it still could be but this isn't the first tests I've had run on my kidneys and there always good. My point is don't appsolutly freak out and start staying up all night and freaking out all day because you have mid back pain. As a very nice doctor said to me one night at the emergency room because the pain was bad for awhile and I went to get help. There is alot going on in your mid back and it could be lots of different reasons why your having the pain. We don't feel pain on the inside of our body with the pin point accuracy of when we have pain on the outside of our body. It's more of a generalized area of pain. Just thought I would say that for people with extreme anxiety about what could be wrong and it may not be as bad as your fearing✌

  6. i am a foriner , i not speaking the language,but i known from movies enough so understand and from the picture,thank you very much Doctor ,because in thees days you are …,how can i say ,very few people are that good and carrying,so thank you very much one more time and GOD BE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILLY

  7. Working out makes it so you have protein in your urine doesn't it?

    Crazy how complex things are. It is also important to balance calcium and magnesium because if there is to much calcium you won't be able to absorb vitamin d

  8. You must cut out,or at least greatly reduce all refined oils. Terrible for the kidney's and gallbladder. Also too much meat is not good,especially poultry. Since i have done these things years ago i feel better then ever. I eat very little dairy too,no milk or eggs in many years.

  9. Can one damage the kidneys by drinking too much water? I tend to drink a lot (4+ liters/day), otherwise I feel thirsty. I'm not diabetic, I've always been this way and I only drink still water or tea without sugar. I wonder if I put my kidneys under a lot of stress if I give them more than enough fluid to process and get rid of.

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