10 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Have you noticed there are days you can go without water and other days where you can’t get enough water? Here are the top 10 signs that you are not drinking enough water. Dehydration is something we all have felt, but a dry mouth is not the only health issue.

Here are a few items that I use like potassium, magnesium, salts, etc https://www.drekberg.com/health-books.html#minerals

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🔷 Signs and Symptoms Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuL7t_B7jc8&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR79E3-ijN_r6e8XkU4nQNyl


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  1. Dr. Ekberg. I'm a recent convert of yours and started following your teachings about a month ago. In that brief time, I feel so much better, have experienced weight reduction and I'm more toned. At age 72, my skin snapped back in 3 seconds. Bless you Doctor.

  2. I know that diet soda (diet Mountain Dew) isn't good for the body because of the artificial sweeteners but does it still count toward getting enough fluid to stay hydrated? My husband is a type 2 diabetic and NEVER drinks straight water. Your opinion?

  3. My pinch test takes 2 seconds. I'm 80 years old but I've been eating healthy for 60 years. I'm totally healthy. No sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol or packaged foods. Back in 1960 I was called a health good nut. It has paid off. I've been vindicated!!!

  4. 72 trips around the sun and my skin returned to normal in 2 seconds, so now that I'm 30 again I'm going to get that new Harley Thunderbike (lol of course). Thank you, Dr. Sten, for all of your wonderful videos, they are very informative and helpful.

  5. Hi Doc, I have stage 3 Polycystic Kidney Disease, which, I believe is becoming increasingly common. I'm trying to follow your dietary advice, but the potassium is giving me increased cramp. My BP is too high and I am having real problems losing weight. I have also been told by my consultant to drink lots and lots of water. Any advice please? Helen Jameson.

  6. Dr. Ekberg's various topics is very informative as well as useful. I personally have changed the way I approach my health and what I eat. As a result, my health and weight loss has gradually improved

  7. I know my diet and health, in general, is a mess, but the simple steps you give me to turn things around on my journey to take my health more seriously…. are slowly working.

  8. My mother is 97 years old and it is impossible to pinch the skin on the hand at all because it is fused with the ground, with bones, because there are no muscles on the hand either. it is impossible to take the skin and pull it upwards.

  9. Dear doc my name is Anne Marie I live in Sydney Australia 🇦🇺, I was bedridden for months, my blood pressure is very high, now when I walk, I get short of breath my legs are so heavy, the gp doctor said that it is my heart, can you please send me what you think thanks 😊

  10. I have to drink 60 oz of water daily or I will become constipated … it is a challenge for me because I do not get thirsty naturally, but, I know if I don't drink that much water, I will have a price to pay the next day …

  11. My late father-in-law destroyed his kidneys by drinking too much water over years of time. This is what his doctors told us. Like everybody else, he had a bottle of water he was continuously drinking from. He did not tolerate dialysis and was dead in six months.

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