10 Top Secrets To NEVER Get Sick Again – Real Doctor Reviews

How to NEVER GET SICK AGAIN and become immune to illness by boosting your immune system as real doctor reviews the best ways to boost immune system, health tips, and more. If you struggle and have a hard time staying away from colds and the flu you will want to watch these top 10 secret health tips to Never get Sick again. By learning and apply these tips you can stay healthy and feeling great, so you can keep doing the things you love to do.

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  1. I am so careful every year and take all the recommended vitamin and supplements, drink lots of hot teas with lemoniada and ginger, eat garlic and turmeric… take D3 with ADEK witamins and omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin c, exactly as the doctor says…and still get sick and can't get better, After I get cold I cough for a month and can't get rid of cough no matter what I do.
    So angry !

  2. I fast every day but sometimes its possible to get slim shamed people think your a crack head because your not normally obese looking the common stereo type and the status quo is wrong its misery profiteering it is.The strange looks are ment too make you fall back in line like competing bacteria in the stomach somebodys full of compost

  3. Colloidal silver kept me flu free for years. I stopped taking it for five years, then in 2016 I got the most debilitating flu ever. I’ve been redosing silver on somewhat of a regular basis and so far, so good.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. I find your analysis on things across the board to be constructive, intelligent and well structured. I truly appreciate your insight! Thank you 🙂

  5. At 17:00 the good Dr. says "we were never designed for long term stress". Note that we were designed, not a mutation of nature (such a ridiculous idea). God has given us the feasting/fasting pattern in His word. Thank you Dr. Ekberg (and Drs. Fung and Berg) for opening my eyes to the path of health.

  6. I have not been sick more that two or three days in the last five years. I changed my diet and cut out a lot of the things that Dr. Ekberg talks about. One thing that does concern me though is that he sometimes talks about cookies and other concoctions that are not necessary or useful. Many people who discuss healthy eating also talk about healthy alternatives that of of a similar form to the foods that are killing us. Just change the way you eat. You don't have to come up with some substitute. Just eat something different.

  7. Dr Ekberg everything you advise makes sense and so closely mirrors my health practices that it’s wonderful and affirming to listen to you. Keep producing these excellent and informative videos. 😊

  8. I had a hot bath the other day. After I dried and dressed myself I went out of the bathroom. The flat was quite chilly as heating off. That evening I started coming down with a cold and it's developed into a full blown one. What causes it then?

  9. Amazing Doctor…Not just the details and information in the video but also the deliverability of the contents.. Hatsoff to you… and I loved your talk about the importance of Meditation!!!.. Keep up your good work to really help humanity!..God Bless!

  10. I levs Your videos. Crossed my mind, when I go to see a doctor and looks unhealthy have a question in myself. You look healthy so gives me more credit what You do or believe.
    Do You know why, how did You lost Your hair and if You try to do anything about.
    Maybe is a good question for a video about that. My hair was completely white and managed to get it brawn again but all around is thick and the top is thin.
    Or if You already have a video about please let me know. Thanks

  11. I have a reoccurring illness 2-3 times a year, I think from long term exhaustion, which gives me a migraine and often makes me sick to my stomach for several days without eating. After watching this episode, could this be my body's way of forced fasting and autophagy? I really don't get sick otherwise.

  12. I am a listener and watch most of your programs and this is the Cream of them all. Very informative n very helpful. Reg.fastibg I become very skinny with short bouts of fasting by delayed breakfast and so I put it on hold for now. I am 70 yrs old. Pl advise

  13. You’re wrong on one point, you claim sugar feeds pathogens in your body… The only pathogens sugar feeds are those in your mouth causing dental caries. If by sugar you actually mean glucose, then you should also point out that our own bodies use this as our primary fuel and thus there is no avoiding eating it.
    And yes, overall sugar (the manmade di-sacharide containing glucose/fructose) is bad for our health, but not because of your pathogen-feeding claim. Just wanted to point that out.

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