10 Warning Signs You Already Have Dementia

Have you ever wondered if you are going to get Dementia in the near future? Here is a scary video that show the warning signs and just how far you are in the progress of getting Alzheimer’s and other signs of dementia. Your memory slips and you forget family and friends even your spouse’s name. Don’t wait watch this video and learn how to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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  1. Dr. Ekberg I cannot thank you enough for this video because I feel empowered after viewing it. I just buried my 80 year old mother who began exhibiting signs of Alzheimer's in her mid fifties. The past ten years was torture for her. I was her caretaker for the past ten years until my mother had to go to a nursing home because of swallowing and breathing problems. I have had a closeup of how devastating this disease is and it terrifies me. My maternal grandmother and aunt also had it. I am terrified that I have it too and actually avoided presentations like yours out of terror. This is the first I have watched and you have reduced some of my fears by informing me I can take actions to prevent or slow it down. I am now in my 60s and was convinced I probably have it and am helpless even though I am not exhibiting symptoms. It seems to me that my grandmother, aunt, and especially my mother, just passively accepted it, but I want to fight it with all I have. Thank you.

  2. Thank-You ! There’s one additional strategy that speaks to the anxiety many people have regarding someday developing dementia. In the time period when you’re brain is working well is the time to arrange factors in your future should you develop dementia. By that I mean talk to your people who might be in the position to be taking care of you. Before you get sick find a good retirement home . Make sure this home has excellent facilities for people with dementia. If you don’t want to be cared for by your family make sure they know this. Put everything you want in a written, legal document like you would do in a living Will. These points are a living Will, because as we know once you have advanced dementia you will no longer be the person you once were. The plain truth is you’ll be gone.

  3. President Biden is sane and sound in his thought and actions. However, in his case, the problem he suffered stuttering causes thinking ahead of his speaking. I’ve listened to all of his speeches, and the content, and his ability to speak about important issues ad lib are on point and relative to to the subject. Not too smart of you though to interject this in your video, most people will see the intent of this clip. Even your words can be clipped to make you look like you have early stage dementia. Shame on you for this cheap shot. Now, would you remark on one who is a sociopath in a video?

  4. Swimming has been found to ward off dementia–I swim 2 hours most days some days longer some days a few minutes less…. a study was done on this and swimming is more helpful than any other exercise for your brain health!

  5. Porphyromonas gingivalis, the same bacteria that causes gum disease has been implicated as the main cause of Alzheimers. A very high percentage of sufferers have dental problems, abscesses, cavities, poor dental hygiene.

  6. Dr Ekberg is a chiropractic doctor. It's hard to argue with advice to get more exercise, but there's not much more of value in managing early dementia than this in this video. (Not that regular medicine has very much more to offer yet.)

  7. All I can think of watching this video is our president. I think he was demented before he ran and why he ran and why people put a demented man in office I do not understand. But I guess if a man with dementia can be president there is hope for the rest of us, lol.

  8. I hope somewhere or you mentioned that if you normally are not good with names then you can't expect yourself to become better with names. I have never been good with names, I consistently to always meet someone, get their name and then immediately forget it. 20 years ago I met a couple, Norm and Jean. I turned around and said I'm sorry, what are your names? Their daughter looked at me and laughed. 🤣🤣🤣 My name is Norma Jean. It doesn't get any worse than that and it's always been that way for me.

  9. Well then, other than improving one's posture and getting more exercise, what are the steps to reversing Dementia in the early stage? I didn't see you give those.

  10. My mother suffered with dementia start to finish for 17 years. She lasted this long because her body was so healthy. I don't see how she could have "reversed" her dementia. She went to many doctors and specialists. No one ever mentioned she could reverse it, or we would have tried.

  11. 13:50 why did someone add an "e" flashing in front of judgment? The "e" is not needed and is not right. I missed a word in a spelling test for that. My 6th grade teacher, who hated me, dunked on me for that, so I still remember. I never studied for her tests and she resented it.

  12. Joe "Cornholio" Biden from watching what he does, and the idiotic things he mumbles out of his mouth everyday, he drifts between dementia stage 5 and 6. He is a complete prop puppet moron on a leash, and his puppet masters are actually running America into the ground intentionally! People really want Trump back in the WH, who had the economy running smoothly like a precision watch, low energy and fuel costs, historically the highest employment rate among all races and sexes EVER, and world leaders respected and feared Trump while hating him at the same time because Trump always puts America 1st!

  13. I see reports on people with declining cognitive function and I always wonder, what happens to them after diagnosis? Just labelling? Any treatment at all? My MIL has dementia but refuses to do anything about it, she has the old head in the sand approach to life and unfortunately, her declining cognitive function is just highlighting her stubbornness and lack of understanding. So sad because there is surely something can be done to help… She also refuses to write things down, keeps losing phone numbers on her mobile phone (?!) and forgets what happened or what was said anywhere from minutes to days. I was never good at maths so, does that mean I have dementia? Now language, I'm much better with that. I am also highly stressed, I believe that has a huge impact on my cognitive function and working memory.

  14. Ok, so there are some earning signs, but what's the solution? How do you prevent your brain from further decline? I've noticed some pre-symptoms, mainly much shorter attention span and occasional search for words, but what to do to stop it?

  15. I was interested in this video because Alzheimer's is so prevalent on my mother's side of the family. However, and much to the detriment of a great teaching opportunity, you chose to politicize it with your obvious partisan bias. Shame on you as a physician and as a voice for those anxious or struggling with familial dementia and the desire to find someone that can help them understand it better. You would serve your myopic views better as an interviewee on Klepfer's videos.

  16. If you can't remember where your keys are, dont worry about that, it's normal. If you are holding your keys in your hand and wondering what the f*ck these things are, well you are screwed.

  17. My son in law is 58, he has many of these symptoms but he has also been diagnosed with autism and adhd. Are these symptoms common with autism or should we be looking at dementia? I must say it is VERY hard to live with….🙃

  18. Shame on you Sten Ekberg – That "clip" of President Biden supposedly incoherent at 15:32 can so EASILY be a fake. Your knowledge about exercise and diet is often really, really good. If you're going to post videos about health, STAY OUT OF POLITICS!

  19. My mom had dementia. My sister who is 66 I think has early signs of it. She just doesn't think anything through. I once drove 2000 miles to the Grand Canyon. She texted me and asked if I was in Tucson. I sent her pictures of the Canyon and 2 days later she texted me and asked if I was at work. We live in Ohio. I recently took a trip to Maine. I was at a border town and I texted her to tell her it got dark here a lot earlier which was odd because ohio and Maine were in the same time zone. She told me the reason Maine got darker was because they were an hour ahead of us. I sent her a picture of a Canadian stop sign that was in English and French. She asked me if it was in Spanish. Really? I didn't know Canadians spoke fluent Spanish. I'm like 90% sure she's going to end up like my mom.

  20. I take exception to the phrase "the person is no longer there". They have trouble, a lot of trouble, retrieving memories. But it's a process that can go on for many years. In the early years, even the middle years – the person's personality is very much still THERE. If people avoid them because they are sad or embarrassed, then they are no kind of friend. Reduce your expectations but stay true to your loved one with dementia. Near the end, sadly they will be a shadow of themselves. But make sure you enjoy the years before then.

  21. I love the truth in your poem, and wish I could take away that pain. My mother had alcohol related dementia, but she (fortunately?) died from a different issue before she was consistently too bad from the dementia. I was her sole caregiver and my biggest fear is someday forgetting and/or not being sure of who my children are.

  22. Chronic sleep deprivation and/or a chronically high stress level can also manifest cognitive impairment that looks like mild dementia. Both are conditions that we tend to overlook, or minimize our concern about, or even feel proud of being able to endure. They're associated with "mental toughness." But the cognitive impairment they generate can mask insight, so it isn't until the stress is lowered or the sleep is restored that, in hindsight, one notices they weren't operating at capacity.

    The real catch is, even mild cognitive impairment tends to increase stress because of poor decisions, missed deadlines, etc., and increased stress tends to affect sleep, as well. So it can be something of a vicious circle.

  23. You must be speaking of Trump; not Biden, sir. But, your political leanings are clear. You have plenty of crazy to study in that area.

    And, no doubt, a McDonald’s habit definitely hasn’t helped Drumpf.

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