10 Warning Signs You Have Anxiety

Have you noticed that you have a hard time getting to sleep, can’t seem to wake up, or feel tense? You might have anxiety. Common symptoms of anxiety can include things like sleep problems, tense muscles, and so on. If you understand them then you will be able to uncover the root cause of your anxiety and change it.

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  1. I really enjoy your videos dr..you really explain things so well .i love this one ..its so true ..focus on the positive thoughts though life is unfair sometimes..people can be rude …just try to be positive ..stressing myself ..getting worried and angry could do harm a lot more..

  2. I have NEVER seen a video that explains anxiety so well!!! Thank you! I have been experiencing horrible anxiety and negative thoughts for a while now. I hate it it makes me so depressed!! But I am working on it, this video was amazing!!

  3. You are doing an invaluable service for people by making these videos. I’ve struggled with anxiety/depression these last couple of days because of a bout of vertigo. My anxiety spiked because of lack of control and fear of why the vertigo happened. Thank you for clear explanations of why anxiety happens and what to do about it. And if you know any supplements, foods or anything that you know that helps with vertigo I’d be forever grateful. Cheers.

  4. Dr Fuaci: Don't wear a mask. Wear a mask. Wait, wear two masks. Once vaccinated don't need to wear a mask. no, wait still need to wear a mask. Recovered from covid? no need for a vaccine. No, wait still need to be vaccinated. That's a flip flop expert. Dr Ekberg should be on main stream media to educated people. But if they put Dr Ekberg on media the entire structure of MSM will collapse because it wasn't built on truth.

  5. Fantastic work mr Ekberg!
    I just “ discovered” you today! 🙂
    Its pleassure to listen to your educated and calm voice. Only one comment: I do not practice meditation nor yoga etc because its against my christian beliefs ( im not fanatic, just believe in God)
    I would add that believing in God makes you feel more distressed and less anxsious in these unpredictable times that we are living in. If you have purpose in the life then everything have more sense 😃

  6. Do you have any thoughts about anything that might be helpful for those with ADD? I never had the hyperactivity (women often do not) but have had most of the other traits/symptoms all my life. Not diagnosed until middle age, after a lifetime of real challenges. Thanks

  7. I think a lot of people's anxiety comes from believing the purpose of life is "to feel good" (ie; be successful, liked, etc) when really it's to be reconnected with their Creator through a relationship with Christ. When I figured this out, my anxiety decreased immensely.

  8. New subscriber here and really enjoying your very informative videos, I really appreciate the way you explain how our brains and bodies work. We have been under a lot of stress here raising grandkids but always try to put our health first and follow good nutrition. Thank you for all of your great advice!

  9. thank you dr. Ekberg for your work. I really feel I start understanding something about the whole of health. I have enough confidence now in what I think I now know through you, so as to act upon it in a consistent way. The whole picture you build video upon video results in me having some consistent coherent way of conceiving of being alive. i feel i can do something real on the basis of the understanding which you have given me. Thank you Sir, for your generosity, lucidity and truthseeking. May the Lord of all life grant you a hundredfold in graces.

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  11. Dr. Sten, what a precious explanation! But there are also hiden unconscious reasons sustaining the persons ' identity,..for many t people to ger stuck in a problem, and without working through them with a psychoanalist professional, its not possible to move out and getinto a healthier life.

  12. Love this! I had been in the hospital for an anxiety attack a few weeks ago. Thank you for making this so easy to understand! I’m working on my frontal lobe now 🙂

  13. Hey doc! I just finished my first week of keto and IF. My ketones are 2.4 and glucose 75. I've lost 5 pounds, but most important is my mood. I suffer from severe bipolar disorder and have frequent anxiety. Since going on keto though, my mood is elevated a hundred percent. Hoping I can eventually get off all my meds.

  14. Great ! Love you Dr Ekberg !! I’m Chilean and speak some English but I understand everything that you speak because your English is clear. You speak slowly so we understand better.
    Sorry to say that I have problems to understand some American English

  15. Interesting. I get all these stress responses just from synthetic chemicals. I don’t even smell them, my body just goes off. Laundry detergent and softener sheets are the worst. Thank you for your wisdom!

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