10 Ways To Lose More Weight & Burn More Fat While Sleeping

10 Ways To Lose More Weight & Burn More Belly Fat While Sleeping. Is It Possible? Find out the ways to lose more weight while sleeping. In this video you will learn the ways to burn more fat while sleeping. Other so-called science-based videos on this topic of burning fat while you sleep often draw the wrong conclusions which can stop your progress & hurt you in long run.

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  1. Absolutely love your channel Doc! I'd like to add apple cider vinegar to my routine, but hate the taste…. can I dilute the 2 tablespoons with water before bed and NOT alter the positive effects??

  2. Can you guide
    Is it important to maintain same window in IF daily
    Means if I'm breaking my fast to aftr 16 hours window so as it is important to continue this window next day or we can decrease or increase it as per our attempt

  3. Good day. I've been following your videos for over 2 years now and have safely been on Keto and intermittfasting. I've lost over 25kg most of which I lost during the first 6 months or so.
    What I would like to know is, while on keto diet, with enough fat reserves, how often can I safely do a 3 day water fast. I'm currently on a 20-4 intermittfasting. And have decided to boost it by doing a 2 day water fast once a week. Is that OK.

  4. I’m finding as I get older my sleep is disrupted 2-3 a night with having to go to the bathroom. I’ve tried not drinking any liquids three hours before going to bed, but it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. It’s frustrating when I’m in bed for 7-8 hours but up 2-3 times. Do you have any suggestions on how I can change this so I’m getting more uninterrupted sleep? Thank you.

  5. …soooo "Eating Meat…is Exercise",
    Awesome, I hate my carb, sugar, dairy, artificial flavouring, alcohol past.
    When I eat a steak.. I wake up hungry..
    Exercised my Inards whilst letharging.

  6. 'Cold Showers" and Arthritis..Fibromyalgia, lower back/neck/…spine injuries never go together… ever.
    As for Peppers, oh man , food allergies and chilli… it's a killer.

  7. dr i need help. i have been on keto and went off then just doing low carb shakes breakfast n at dinner. i eat lunch which his 2 low carb bread lean deli meat sandwiches and a salad. i am diabetic 2 fatty liver from being heavy 40 yrs. i have hypothyroid and take synthroid. i had to have a blood transfusion last.year because i was anemic so it didn't make any difference so i am on iron pill. i can't lose any weight. i can't exercise i lose my balance. please any advice would be much appreciated

  8. i should not fail to mention that i am 68 years old, still weighs as much as i weighed in high school, (90-95 lbs), 18 bmi, no chronic nor accute ailments. the lord be blessed. i manage to eat only what my body needs and can use. however, i am researching for my husband who has been struggling with weight. he sleeps 7-9 hours a day.

  9. Dr. Ekberg, I’m a new subscriber and love watching your videos!
    Do you have advice on how to get better sleep when menopause hot flashes cause so much awake times?

  10. Just a tip, when recommending ACV, you should always mention that you must dilute it first. Too many people get recommended it and end up drinking it straight from the bottle, burning their mouth, throat and damaging their tooth enamel.

  11. I keep my water room warm in Britta water filter after I boiled it. Also I get my ptotein from Plant base.I have not had coffee for years….I tried Apple cider ………did not work ,,got Reflux so bad

  12. Lots of well explained videos. Will drinking cold water and stressing the body kind of interrupt the quality of sleep because the body needs to be in a parasympathetic state which it cannot achieve while being 'cold' and stressed in order to burn more calories?

  13. The more protein tip confuses me because when I upped my protein for about a year I put on 20 pounds and it was not muscle. My blood sugar was higher by 10-20 points. So not sure how that helps loose weight in all people.

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