100 Million People Dieting For 20 Years… Here’s What Happened. Real Doctor Reviews Strange Outcome

Trying to lose weight and feeling frustrated? Dieting is something most people are doing, have done and keep doing over and over with no or little weight loss. People go to the doctor trying to find answers, but nothing seems to work. Diets and the weight loss industry as a whole was a $64 billion market in 2014 and it is growing. A lot of people assume people that are overweight & obese are lazy and just need to eat less and exercise more. Then they assume the people trying to lose weight that aren’t getting any progress are cheating or not doing it correctly. By watching this video you will understand why you haven’t been able to lose weight and stop the crazy dieting. 100 Million People Dieting For 20 Years… Here’s What Happened. Real Doctor Reviews Strange Outcome. It should never happen like this again.

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  1. In my opinion, eating 5 or 6 times a day is the problem. People must go to 2 or 1 meal a day. If you eat 1000 calories (or 1200) in 2 oe 1 meal is different than eating the same in 5 or 6 meals. Problem solved…!!!

  2. @ 11:51 – Holism – My understanding takes it a little further e.g. " Mind-body-being-an-organism-as-a-whole-in-a-given-space-time ( e.g. Types of disease are clearly related to our age )- in -various – environments" ( e.g. extreme heat/cold – environmental pollution – toxic child hood because of abusive parenting [ 90% of our species are dysfunctional. See THE child psychologist ALICE MILLER who wrote 13 books. A good starting point is "For Your Own Good: The Roots of Violence in Child-Rearing " ] )

  3. My secret is not to do my diet for weight loss. Do it for a healthy lifestyle and weight automatically follows. I get on the scale once a moth or more. My weight stabilized to what it should be for my height, age and build. No more rollercoaster rides.

  4. I've been eating decent quality food for years (very little refined sugars, almost zero junk food, fast food or any other empty calories, no vegetable oils) and never really had a problem with weight. Still, in the hope of improving my overall health, some 5 or 6 months ago I modified my nutrition according to my blood type, following dr D'Adamo's guidelines and have been gradually losing body fat. Over the past few weeks I've further tweaked this diet by removing almost all sugars (mostly fruit and honey, which I've been eating a good deal of), and substantially increased fat intake. I now eat 2 abundant meals a day within a 6-8h window, hardly ever feel hungry, and am about as lean as when I was 17 – at 43 years old. I find that keto/low carb diet goes hand in hand with intermittent fasting and is very "sustainable" and comfortable.

    Thank you for all the informative, well presented and easy to understand videos!

  5. The thing is though, eating less does work, you just have to attempt it for many many months, you stop being hungry. Force your body into changing. Not everyone has the willpower for it, people expect everything to be easy these days.

    I cut all sugary drinks out of my diet bar orange juice, and kept my normal diet, then I cut out orange juice and only drink water and a pint of milk, then I stopped eating as much bread and only ate 1 slice whenever I wanted a sandwich for lunch and just put more in it. Then I stopped eating bread all together daily and not bother with lunch at all other than a small piece of fruit (kiwi), occasionally I still have something like a tortilla for dinner, then I just decided to eat half the amount I usually eat and drink 1/2 a pint of full fat milk as the only drink which has sugar content.

    If you slowly build up it isn't as much of a shock to the system. I seem to have a problem now that I'm losing too much weight

    Oh and don't forget to exercise or you will lose all your muscle mass, you don't need to do hours per day or anything, just high intensity resistive training, pushups, pullups, chinups, situps and perhaps some bench presses. Alternate the exercises of different muscle groups to get the most out of it. Do just enough to maintain a reasonable amount of strength or build up strength, to begin with I could not even do any pullups or chinups, just get to a point where you can do 10 of each, more if you are bored and that's it.

    Don't bother with things like running or long duration high intensity stuff, all you will do is damage your body and cause high amounts of stress. Very bad in the long run.

  6. Thank you for this video! I'm a health pro & got only 3 semester hours in nutrition (1979) & this info was NOT taught. I think for me, 1)not feeling hungry, & 2)being able to have consistent energy will be a big turning point, & what will motivate me to stay the course. Getting back to being able to walk 45 min & not just "tolerate" it will be so wonderful. I've watched many videos on this channel that have taught me so much & I'm so grateful for them. The info makes total sense & when I eat keto & do the IF – I begin to lose weight. It is INDEED HARD TO FIND HEALTHY FOOD these days! But, I believe that the improvement in health from staying with this lifestyle HAS TO BE worth it.

  7. When you realise how much better you feel when you cut back on carbs and sugar the weight will drop, and IF. It did for me. Thank you Dr Sten. You are the best!!

  8. Hi doc Ekberg, i cant eat raw veggies so i opted to juice these healthful greens and fruits. Is it good?
    Thanks a lot for sharing your videos. New subscribers here but i've alrdy learned a lot. More power and God bless

  9. Totally agree. That is why I changed to Keto because what I was doing was not working and your ideas made a lot of sense.

    But there are other very positive things coming from the Keto diet. Fats are much more concentrated energy so you spend less time eating once you are Keto-adapted. That’s a bonus on earth but even more important to our future mars colonists who will only need 300 kgs of fat to eat over the 900 days for the first “tour of duty”, as opposed to 500 kgs of carbs.

  10. Once again Sten proved to me that don't quick think and casually pass over what you've read .
    I love the way Sten present items so important to us humans and. Hope you have strength to educate us so diversely in future. Especially I like the clearness, its refreshing.

  11. Dr Ekberg, thank you for your genious videos, like this one! You always tell things so honestly and it is so easy to understand. Kids in the school should watch your videos to understand how their body work, instead of pure and dry biology lessons. I admire your diplomatic manner as you talk about the dogmas in mainstream medicine and their stubbornnes not to be able to admit their mistakes. The world needs people like you, more than ever.

  12. Dr Jason Fung is curing his T2D patients with fasting. Dr Fung and Dr Ekberg are on the leading edge of the modern obesity epidemic with fasting and doing the keto way of eating. So glad YT recommended me to this channel.

  13. What's interesting is that when I was growing up (in the 70's) if we asked for a snack, we were told that it would ruin our lunch/dinner. We were told to go outside and play to work up an appetite. Now, we tell people to snack all the time and work out like fiends to lose weight. What a world we live in.

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