12 Amazing Ways To Boost Human Growth Hormone HGH (Natural Anti-Aging w/ Intermittent Fasting & HIIT

When it comes to anti aging and human growth hormone (HGH), most people think first of anti aging products and anti aging pills, not realizing that the best anti aging secret is already inside you.

Human growth hormone has been called the fountain of youth due to its powerful rejuvenating effects, but while injecting it may not be a great idea, boosting HGH naturally is not only rejuvenating, but may also improve health in many other ways.

In this video you will learn how to boost human growth hormone not only for your muslces, losing weight, for height, but how to boost human growth hormone for over all health that is natural and cost you $0.00. It is absolutely free.

Human Growth Hormone is naturally produced in the body, but there are many dietary and lifestyle factors, like intermittent fasting and HIIT, that can boost the natural production. As we age we tend to make less human growth hormone, which is a major factor in aging, so as we get older it makes a lot of sense to learn how to boost HGH naturally.

In this video Dr Ekberg will give you the human growth hormone facts and explain how to naturally stimulate the production of HGH for maximum, anti aging benefits.



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  1. This is the best contribution to mankind one can make in his lifetime..!! Gr9 work Dr. I have watched and tried most of the knowledge shared and I am not surprised that results are positive..!!

  2. Great info! i watch most of your videos …the problem is why are all your videos 23 minutes long? shouldn't be this long for the point you're trying to make. i am quickly getting tired of watching such long videos. Just saying.

  3. I enjoy these videos so much. The detail is just right. Also Sten has an amazingly calming voice which gets me off to sleep at night, so I have these videos on when I'm going for my siesta or nighttime sleep. Thanks Sten from a fan in Ireland.

  4. Excellent and simple way to explain
    Sir .. I am also concern about the Height of my child. Please guide for eating way and exercises specifically for increase Height. Thank u in advance.

  5. I get fasting is good to lose fat but doesn't fasting increase cortisol , also its almost impossible to get good sleep while fasting doesn't that negate the benefits of fasting for growth hormone ?? just asking

  6. Sten Thank you so much for sharing valuable information to make all of us healthier. I would love to hear your views on the information about the growth hormones linked to cancer risk between 40 and 60 years old. I would love to hear from you as this is confusing for me.

  7. Dr. Eckberg, you have made a difference in my life. I cannot thank you enough for educating me around why I had belly fat. I have lost 38lbs on my way to my goal weight through IF and Keto. I feel now I have the tools to continue to lower my insulin and cortisol levels. Please keep doing what you are doing as it has changed my life. I only wished I had known more about IF earlier in my life.

  8. The difference is that… if you've got time to waste, watch Dr Ekberg. If you only have around 5 mins, go Dr Berg.

    It's obvious: "Ekberg" is longer than "Berg"

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