12 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem – The Backbone of Success!

Super charge your self-esteem and self-confidence, follow this 12 step blueprint for developing a healthy positive self-esteem.

1. Waste no more time trying to live your life based on standards set by others.. “Forget about thinking of all the ‘Should Haves” of “Could of’s” this just distracts you from realizing your own abilities, interests and talents. Fill your potential by recognizing those things that you are good at and work on excelling at those. This will dramatically increase your overall self-worth and self-esteem.

2. You must realize that it is OK to be a little self-fish by respecting your own needs and taking care of them first. You must value yourself before you can value others. To value yourself you need to identify and then focus on your own needs. I am not just talking about self-gratification, you need to dig down and find your true deeper needs as this will help increase your sense of self-worth and well-being.

3. Brainstorm for ideas of some things you would like to accomplish in your life and write these down as the goals you wish to achieve. Be certain that the goals that you choose are within your reach and that you can develop the potential skills necessary to achieve these goals. Once you have determined your goals that you will be going after accept nothing less than the perfect completion of each step. Nothing will do more to improve your self-esteem then to know that you completed whatever it is you chose to go after with complete perfection.

4. Refuse to fall prey to your critical self-talk, turn your inner critic into a positive, encouraging friend. If you happen to notice yourself having negative, self-defeating thoughts believe in your strength to change this damaging self-talk into positive, reinforcing, self-supporting inner communication with yourself. When you learn to control your own self-talk, that little voice in your head, you will be amazed at the success you can achieve in your life.

5. Develop the strength to overcome the dis-belief in yourself. If you have taken on a task that you believe you cannot accomplish break the project down into smaller steps. If you believe it’s your reality that you cannot handle a particular project the chances are these self-defeating thoughts can make it your reality.

Take the time to break down the project into smaller steps and as you complete the steps one by one you strengthen your confidence and self-esteem. With every small success you give yourself the perseverance to carry on and to figure out how to complete the steps that you thought you lacked the ability to complete.

6. A great way of strengthening your self-esteem is to actually experience success. First, choose a project that is within your capabilities yet still challenges you. Start out by imaging your success and all the feelings associated with it, develop a strong vivid image in your mind. Then get out there and accomplish what you set out to do and really soak in the feelings that you experience so that you can draw upon those feelings when you find yourself experiencing self-doubt.

7. A pre-cursor to low self-esteem is the lack of willingness to take new chances. Get it out of your head that you have to succeed at everything you attempt, if this was the case just imagine all the missed opportunities there would be throughout history. It is adventuresome to try something that you have no idea if you can accomplish it or not, but I can tell you if you shelter yourself from trying new experiences you will be missing out on the incredible feeling of finding out you can do something that you had no idea you could accomplish.

8. Start to look at problems as challenges and stop avoiding them. With every problem you face in your life that you come up with a solution to, helps to boost your self-esteem. People have a tendency to try to avoid problems that they fear they cannot solve and this is terribly damaging to your self-confidence.

9. Learn to assert yourself! This sounds simple however for those that lack self-confidence it can be challenging. An assertive person is one that can make decisions quickly and take action. You must have the strength of character to deal with the consequences of your decisions but that in itself is a confidence builder. So don’t shy from making decisions, believe in your capabilities and trust in your judgment and soon others will trust in you also.

10. Whether it is for your job or running your household finances, you must first determine the skills you will need to complete the task. An assertive and self-confident person will do what it takes to develop the skills they need to complete difficult tasks.

If you tackle every task knowing you have developed the skills to do so successfully you strengthen your confidence and self-worth which will pay off in everything you do. Education is a key determinant in how successful you may become and education is a never-ending process. Embrace learning new skills as this will give you the confidence to tackle anything in life.

11. A sure-fire way to boost your self-esteem is to focus on your strengths and to really act upon them and display them to others. We all have our limitations in life, they may be due to a lack of education or never being exposed to certain situations, we need to learn to accept them for the time being. If you lack the ability to achieve a particular goal that is important to you than by all means you should educate yourself to learn the skills to achieve the goal.

12. Lastly, trust and believe in yourself and your opinions. I am not saying you should be “bull-headed” and refuse to entertain another’s opinion, I am just saying that a person of strong character stands behind their opinion if they are confident it is based on fact.

Someone who is easily swayed from their own opinion displays a weakness in their character and when others pick up on this they will lose all confidence they may have had in you and your opinions. If you know that your opinion is based on fact you should never allow others to sway your beliefs and knowledge.

A person with a strong positive self-esteem will go farther in this life and achieve more personal and professional success than one who lacks confidence and has low self-esteem.

Source by Howard G Platt

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