14 Common Insulin Resistance Treatments That Stops Your Weight Loss & May Hurt You

If you are looking to Reverse Insulin Resistance here are 14 Common Insulin Resistance Treatments That Stops Your Weight Loss & May Hurt You. Here are 14 ways people use to treat or reduce blood sugar with insulin resistance treatments
such as insulin resistance medicine, insulin resistance supplements and natural remedies that could actually make it harder to reverse insulin resistance, harder to lose weight, and could be promoting metabolic syndrome. While your blood work may look better your body is not getting healthier. Doctors think insulin resistance treatments require taking medication or surgery. They tell you to lose weight to reverse your insulin resistance but the insulin resistance treatment is actually causing you to gain weight. Doctors say treatment is the best way to handle insulin resistance but they also say weight loss, diet and exercise is recommended. You can do something about it. If you don’t control insulin resistance it can lead to prediabetes then diabetes type 2 also called diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a serious health issue, so please reverse your insulin resistance now. By watching this video you can learn how to avoid common insulin resistance treatment that could hurt you and how best to treat your insulin resistance.



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  1. Dr. Sten Ekberg:
    I've been intermittent fasting since October 18th 2021. I have type 2 diabetes. Since October 18th I've been working on getting my glucose levels lower. My Dr. says I'll have to start taking insulin if I don't loose weight. I asked for more time to get the blood sugar down. He said ok if I loose 10 lbs by January 18th 2022 meaning get the blood sugar down we can look at getting off some of the metformn. So now there are days where my glucose drops low enough I get the jitters. My question is what is my body doing instead of burning fat? Would you send me one of your videos that will help answer my question?

  2. As a fun thought experiment, if the cells wouldn't get insulin resistent, they'd get their electron transport chain destroyed wich means incomplete fat oxidation and that has toxic byproducts so yeah, and the pancreas obviously secretes more insulin because the sugar in the blood is also toxic. And even fat cells get insulin resistent because somehow they can also be damaged and then if your entire body is insulin resistent the only place sugar can be stored is around the organs (as fat of course), that's visceral fat but that causes inflamation. Now i'm curious why the body would just excrete the excess glucose through urine but there's probably a reason for that too. So yeah no matter what your body does, excess sugar is plain bad.

  3. Part 2: In recent years, studies from the USA, Pakistan and China have shown that the water-soluble polyphenols from cinnamon are able to reverse insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics. These active ingredients are mainly found enriched in (aqueous) extracts. Numerous studies are currently being conducted in the USA and also in Germany to investigate the cinnamon effect. I am a phytotherapist. Only the essential oil has immunostimulating properties, whereas the volatile substances in the aqueous extract of the drug have immunosuppressive effects! People experience good and new and hope to rely on someone. It's like a casino.

  4. I asked my doctor if we ever did a A1c test and he said yes back in April. It was 5.9 and he never warned me I was heading in the wrong direction I’m so angry at him. When I pressed him he said your not in any danger your still within the normal range. My jaw dropped. This is bad medicine this is a bad doctor. He should have warned me months ago. I’m so angry I’m gonna change him.

  5. I am 50 years old. 5-ft. 150 pounds. Diagnosed with fatty liver with enzymes that shot up over 100 (forgot units) when normal is lower than 35. I have been on healthy keto for a month now but no decrease in weight. I do feel less “poisoned” though.

    Cannot sleep well at night due to sever hip joint pain. I had polio as a child so bones are messed up and hence the joint pain. I cannot exercise like normal people. What can I do?

  6. Vitamin B1, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Berberine seems to be helping me with my carb intake and insulin sensitivity.

    I also fast a lot more now plus removed 80% of carbs out of diet and when I do have carbs I double the supplements listed above.

  7. Thank you Dr Ekberg,you explained it so clearly,and it makes a lot of sense.I started doing intermittent fasting after my breast cancer surgery,cut my sugar and carbohydrates and increased my veggies,like broccoli,cauliflower etc.Initially I lost 8 lbs,and all my numbers went down ( A1c,BP,Cholesterol) After 6 mos,I lost another 8 lbs, and was amazed that even my liver enzymes improved.Hopefully,I could convince my PCP to take me off my Bydureon and decrease/ if not stop my Metformin.

  8. Thank You!
    I had a disagreement with my Doctor because what he said contradicted some of things you just said which I figured out through common sense and my own research like listening to you & other sugar md’s . I lowered my A1C 4.5 points from a 10 to 6.5 just by Dieting Excersie and fasting. My PHD just wants me to take Metformin when my A1C came name he said “see keep taking the Metformin it’s working” but when I told him I NEVER took one pill ever of Metformin he Per-scripted to me he was perplexed and stumbled over his words. I have another appointment in January and I am determined to get my A1C in the 5 + – range with out meds ! I lost 5 lbs and will keep an open mind to meds but I can do this!!!

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