15 Fad Diets: Definition & Dangers You Must Know

15 Fad Diets Definition & Dangers You Must Know For Weight Loss & Health. You may be shocked to see some of the fad diet examples that people have done. Some fad diets, meaning diets that promise weight loss, are not sustainable and may be dangerous to your health. Don’t be fooled by the long fad diet list you may come across with outrageous claims and short term weight loss results. Example of some diets covered in this video are chocolate, wine, pickles, lemon, keto, low carb high fat LCHF, intermittent fasting IF, USDA, sad, and calorie restriction and more.

It doesn’t matter what type of diet it is or if people claim it works fast or if they give you pros and cons. Why do fad diets fail? Because by definition they are not long term and therefore will not sustain weight loss results and ultimate you will gain the weight back and sometimes even more weight.

What maybe most surprising is that some things people call fad diets are actually the opposite and what is often called a balanced diet meets all the criteria of a fad diet.

The true dangers of fad diets is only too clearly illustrated by our current epidemic of obesity and diabetes which is a direct result of the fad diet called calorie restriction and yo-yo dieting.

Learn what a fad diet is not and the only true long-term way of losing weight and staying lean and healthy.



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  1. Essentially, unsaturated fatty acids in EFA-sufficient diet were replaced by saturated fatty acid in an EFA-deficient
    Farnesoid X receptor (FXR) has been proposed as an important regulator of bile salt synthesis and homeostasis. In Fxr−/− mice we additionally investigated to what extent alterations in bile production during EFA deficiency were FXR dependent. Furthermore, we tested in differentiating Caco-2 cells the effects of EFA deficiency on expression of FXR-target genes relevant for feedback regulation of bile salt synthesis. EFA deficiency-enhanced bile flow and biliary bile salt secretion were associated with elevated bile salt pool size and synthesis rate (+146 and +42%, respectively, P < 0.05), despite increased ileal bile salt reabsorption (+228%, P < 0.05). Cyp7a1 mRNA expression was unaffected in EFA-deficient mice. However, ileal mRNA expression of Fgf15 (inhibitor of bile salt synthesis) was significantly reduced, in agreement with absent inhibition of the hepatic bile salt synthesis. Bile flow and biliary secretion were enhanced to the same extent in EFA-deficient wild-type and Fxr−/− mice, indicating contribution of other factors besides FXR in regulation of EHC during EFA deficiency. In vitro experiments show reduced induction of mRNA expression of relevant genes upon chenodeoxycholic acid and a selective FXR agonist GW4064 stimulation in EFA-deficient Caco-2 cells. In conclusion, our data indicate that EFA deficiency is associated with interrupted negative feedback of bile salt synthesis
    Experimental Diets

    As in our previous studies, we used high-fat (humanized) EFA-deficient and EFA-sufficient diets ( 34 energy% fat), which were custom synthesized by Arie Bloks. Essentially, unsaturated fatty acids in EFA-sufficient diet were replaced by saturated fatty acid in an EFA-deficient diet; the EFA-deficient diet was particularly reduced in linoleic acid (essential fatty acid) concentration. In detail, the EFA-deficient diet contained 64 mol% palmitic acid (C16:0), 18 mol% stearic acid (C18:0), 13 mol% oleic acid (C18:1n-9), and 5 mol% linoleic acid

  2. I cut out all grains,all flours, all dressings except for 2 gr carbs, all dairy except for a little cheese. I don't use any barbq sauce, I don't use ketchup, I use no tomato sauce, no soups, only rotisserie chicken , fish Non fat Greek Yogurt 2 servings- 12 GM's Carb. 4 servings Carb Smart Ice Cream – 20 GM's. Carbs

  3. Having been around personal trainers for a great portion of my life I can attest to them almost always using a keto diet with people who had higher body fat percentages, and thus were probably insulin resistant. It was simply the easiest way to get them to change their eating habits. However, it usually was a short diet before they reintroduced carbohydrates as part of a “balanced” diet.

    Clearly the goal should be to be in ketosis %90 of the time and enjoying the not so good stuff here and there.

  4. Related keto cooking channel would be great and if some types of cooking can turn food into carbohydrates or cancerogens 🍖🍗🥓🧆🍲🍳

  5. Well I have been carnivore, animal based for near 3 years with fasting regiments. Feeling awesome but have a way to travel yet. 👍👍👍🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🥩❤️🥰

  6. 3 years strong on keto, eating real food, reversed diabetes, blood pressure issues, acid reflux, gout, arthritis. We are 55 and 61…we will never go back to eating the SAD diet. The plus was the weight loss btw…115 for husband and 50 for me.

  7. I just found this video. It's very interesting! The 2020-2025 USDA guidelines aren't all that different than the 2015-2020 guidelines. It still recommends restricting or "not going over" calories, promotes 6 servings of grain and 3 servings of low fat dairy per day. One thing I found shocking was that it promoted things such as vegetable oil, plain low-fat yogurt with fruit and shredded wheat as "nutrient-dense" foods. No wonder Americans are so confused and overweight.

  8. The government(USDA) lies. Knowledge is power. Your lectures are the best thing since sliced bread. I discovered your channel 2021. I see results right away. I will give you a more detailed report 6 months from now.

  9. The USDA as the Swedish equivalent "Livsmedelsverket" recommend almost the same!
    The recommend the a diet that only lead to obesity and diabetes!
    It's just a scandal, but it's well known that the lobbyist of the bread industries was a big part of tha government still recommend 6-8 slices of bread a day, that's just crazy! Te average swede eat about 54kg of bread a year today, 1970 we ate 36kg a year!
    So the recommendation is slowly killing us!

  10. Congratulations on the excellent videos you make, Dr. Ekberg! I like the way you explain things and the way you prepare everything too, on the white board.
    It's thanks to you that I understand about insulin resistance.
    Since April 2020 I have lost 66 pounds and I don't use my wheelchair anymore, which I used for many years because of serious arthritis and several operations in my left femur (osteotomies) which didn't work. Now I eat two meals a day, one at 8am and one more at 12 noon and I feel I have been born again. And I haven't had any sugar or carbs since April.
    I will keep watching all your videos.
    Thank you!

  11. How can doctors refute these findings….yet they still follow blindly???
    Very sad. I'm trying to educate my docs but they have the MD after they're names right?!

  12. I want to thank you dr.Ekberg.Thanks to yours wonderfull videos my life has changed. From about 2 months i completly quit sugar, and i eat a lowcarb diet +intermittanting fasting.The results are that in 2 months i have lost 12 kilos, i have more energy, i dont feel stressed as first and yesterday when my doctor give me the blood results, for the first time i hear "its all PERFECT. ".So ,i can say i have become a HEALTH CHAMPION, thanks to your knowledge that you share with us in your videos.

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