15 Intermittent Fasting Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight

Top 15 Intermittent Fasting Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight. Intermittent fasting should be part of every weight loss diet plan, and it can help you burn fat, keep muscle, reverse insulin resistance and raise human growth hormone. A healthy diet, and eating the right weight loss foods can further improve the chances of success, but there are still plenty of pitfalls that can stop weight loss.

In this video we talk about how to lose weight naturally and how to avoid the 15 most common mistakes that get people stuck. When you understand the principles of weight gain and weight loss, you will also understand how to lose belly fat naturally. Lots of people are confused about proper weight loss exercise, and if you do it wrong, it could even cause weight gain.

This video will teach you how to lose belly fat without losing muscle and how create lasting results and successful weight maintenance.



* Intermittent Fasting – https://youtu.be/jetiN8xAKiQ
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* Thyroid Problems – https://youtu.be/tbs9IHN0DK4
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* Why Eating Healthy Is So Expensive In America – https://youtu.be/JOh_bFqVPUM

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  1. My husband is a serious diabetic who was able to get off insulin injections by a keto diet and if, thanks to you, in about six weeks. The problem is he is under weight and is allergic to any meat from an animal with a hoof due to a tic bite. Will it be possible for him to continue with out meat as an option? Without meat I am not sure this will be doable. There must be others who are under weight and can't afford to lose any more weight. PS There isn't anything wrong with me and I love this regime. I am 90 trying for 91.

  2. Dr Sten Ecberg you have changed my life …. You go into such depth that it helps me to understand what I am doing . I’ve read dozens of books and videos …. No one explains it you do.You have gotten through to me and changed my ways and possibly my life … Thankyou

  3. I am doing IF 20:5 right now. I eat from 2pm-7pm. However, I do drink a glass of turmeric milk each night around 8:30 using Almond Milk (<1g carb) with a few drops of sweetleaf stevia. Does that break my fast? I know this is an old video, but I thought I'd ask the question just in case you're still monitoring the comments. Thanks!

  4. Dr, I am doing IF everyday for 16-27 hours whenever I can but keto is on and off. I lost more than 30lbs already in 7 months and honestly, my carb intake is very high and I eat them while doing IF. It seemed to not affect my weight loss but then when I did my checkup, my sugar level is normal (4.7) but my cholesterol is another story:

    Total cholesterol 292
    Triglycerides 168
    LDL 194
    HDL 65

    What’s your opinion about this?

  5. I ate 2 meals a day 75 grams of fat 5 grams of carbs 3 ounces of protein for each meal and I was hardly ever hungry I will only drink water until I started drinking green tea with monk fruit I started craving food like there's no tomorrow I done some research stop drinking green tea with monk fruit and the cravings went away

  6. Thank you doctor for these videos and for the work that you do. Much appreciated. Quick question about Bulletproof coffee. What if you are drinking it with MCT oil? Does the production of the ketones help with the breaking of the fast?

  7. What do we do if we go hypoglycemic during IF? Maybe mine gluconeogenesis is slow to make sugar from stored fat and protein but it will do it's job if I eat fat and protein? Or I do need some carbs?

  8. 20:40 Bone Broth: In Hollywood, where cutting weight is worth millions of dollars, they all seem to use a Protein Sparing Modified Fast (<800 kcal per day; notoriously chicken breast and broccoli). People hate it and complain about it, but they do it because it is their job.
    What do you think about bone broth and/or eggs to accomplish the same PSMF, but with possibly more satisfying foods?
    The goal, of course, is to extend that PSMF for weeks or months.

  9. This was awesome to find this morning. I am starting IMF again tonight and last time I fell into some of these pitfalls. I think following this guide I will have much more success and hopefully be able to extend the lifestyle LONGER perhaps for my whole life. Upwards and Onwards!

  10. I got a funny question, I notice every time I brush my teeth the tooth paste taste sweet, I tried different brands but they are kinds the same, is that triggering the pancreas?

  11. thank you so much! while fasting for 3 days I chose to drink matcha. it is in a superfood blend that includes moringa a plant based protein. I used 14 teaspoon. do you think I interrupted the autophagy that I was looking for? please advise.

  12. Hey doc , great videos , your helping my health ,I fasted five days no food at all ,but was weak shaky hungry hungry willpower carried me , but I quit frutose cokes hard to quit , I sip on sugary lemonade for energy , quart a day ,am I spinning my wheels , I lost 11 pounds doing this I'm 267 6footone 65 years of age , I want get down to 235 lose the belly fat .would lemon water if I get use to it help ?

  13. 5 days in OMAD and I didn't fall asleep after dinner. I also didn't crave food any more, other than when it is dinner time. Lost also 5 pounds.
    The first 3 days are tough, but after that it gets easier. Remember exercise helps a lot to lose weight, whatever you do with diet, exercise doubles it. It can be 30 minutes every day or 1 hour 3 times a week. If you can't go for long walks, then sit on a low resistance bicycle. Don't go over 120bpm. Don't do hard workout for long periods. Avoid carbs but don't exclude them. They should be max 10% of your diet.
    Last step, watch 1 video of Dr. Sten every day. You will appreciate the process and become wiser a lot faster and you will understand why you need to be patient, but you will see a result. Don't wait any longer.

  14. With Type 1 Diabetes, I cannot fast erratically. Not because I indulge, or crave food.
    Fasting longer than 20 hours would make blood sugar drop out of range into hypo… then I need a glucose tab to treat hypo… that automatically breaks the fast.
    Hypo is below
    3.9 mmol/L
    70.2 mg/dL

  15. Thanks so much for all the information you have given me. I am concerned I may not get things right now as I now realise that fasting is much more complicated than I first thought.
    Due to ill health and medication I’ve gained a great deal of weight very quickly. By the time I managed to work out what medication was causing me to gain the most weight I’d unfortunately gained several dress sizes.
    Over the last three years I went from 9stone to 16 and a half stone and through dieting so far I’ve lost 2stone. Obviously, I’ve still got a long way to go which is made increasingly difficult by not being very mobile. I often spend days at a time in bed where I do not make it further than my en-suite. On the days I do manage to get up I really lack energy and find I do very little still needing some sleep during the day. My sleep is very poor as it’s very broken, but can last for 4 or five days at a time. In a week I may well sleep for four days and for three days have intervals or maybe even one or two full days where I get up and function to some degree. The deterioration of my health over the last few years has obviously had a large impact causing me to gain weight too.
    I’ve Elher Danlos Syndrome so one of the biggest problems has been the impact the weight has had on my joints. In order to be able to move around more freely I know I need to loose another 5stones.
    I have a vegetarian diet and think previously I was struggling to diet as I wasn’t eating enough. I think the success I’ve had so far has been due to slim fast shakes. When I’m mostly sleeping I have a very small appetite so drinking shakes has given me more than I would have had if I’d been trying to snack in between sleeps.
    As a whole my diet is very good, but if I was going to eat something I shouldn’t and let myself down it would definitely be some sort of sweets. I always have a craving for sugar, but nothing more substantial. My meals are always small and I don’t like fried food or anything particularly high in calories.
    I think fasting would be good for me as I could stop eating completely whilst I’m mainly sleeping just drinking water when I wake for short periods and on days when I get up id only want small meals anyway.
    Has anyone got any advice for me?
    As well as needing to loose weight I want to anyway as it will also improve my mental health.
    Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you.

  16. Hi Dr. I've fasting for 3 months and i've lost the incredible amount of 27 kilograms. But now i had to stop because i'm feeling too weak and i don't know why. I've been eating low carb, green juices (with adding spiruline), protein shakes, fish, chicken, and raw greens. But i think i may failed in something. I ve been feeling really tired, with no energy and i can't sleep more than 3hours per night. How can i solve this? I really need help

  17. I have been seeing some of
    your videos. I love them. I
    am a 76yo retired RN. This
    video was helpful but I don't
    know what you meant by
    18-6. I wish I could have
    seen your other videos but
    I have only seen them catch
    and catch can. I have been
    able to recognize bologna
    plans and I can tell that you
    are telling me factual
    information. I do ask you to
    be repetitive with the details.
    It may be boring for you bur
    it will help me so much.
    Thank you again for your
    help. It is pure gold.
    P. S. I do like County Life
    Vlog. It shows a couple in
    Turkey that produce almost
    every single bit of their food.

  18. I was taking the Time to listen to the Information. It was Very helpful and easily understood. With your personal, professional advice. I will keep a open mind and for Sure , keep watching your channel .

  19. 20:45 I dilute my bonebroth with a one third broth to a 2 thirds hot water and add my salts to bump up the electrolytes. Sip on that for an hour and you feel great without the cheating effect 🙂

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