21 Reasons For Unexplained Weight Gain – Dr Ekberg

21 Reasons For Unexplained Weight Gain. Dr Ekberg will teach you the reasons and causes of unexplained weight gain. You may have been eating right, doing the keto diet and exercising, but gaining weight instead of losing weight. It may seem like you haven’t changed anything, but yet you gained weight.

In this video you will learn 21 reasons you have been gaining weight. Maybe it happened suddenly, maybe over the course of months or even years. By understanding and recognizing the causes, you can make small but effective changes and get back on track. Rather than looking for “weight loss tips”, you’ll want to understand the mechanism so you know how to simply undo the problem.



* Intermittent Fasting – https://youtu.be/jetiN8xAKiQ
* Ketogenic Diet – https://youtu.be/ykPdkd5ALGc
* Insulin Resistance – https://youtu.be/DU84RvE568k
* High Blood Sugar – https://youtu.be/Ea4du9Cuwq0
* Feeling Cold? – https://youtu.be/IYKFP9MUiGk
* Thyroid Problems – https://youtu.be/tbs9IHN0DK4
* High Blood Pressure – https://youtu.be/YRUhyQsZh9s
* Posture & Health – https://youtu.be/0o8udI2yGaM
* Why Eating Healthy Is So Expensive In America – https://youtu.be/JOh_bFqVPUM

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  1. Dr. Ekberg,
    I am a retired RN of over 37 years. I absolutely love you! Love how you explain things in such a calm manner. I wish you could mentor/teach medical students!

  2. I’m doing everything right dr
    My docter sd
    It’s hormones. I have fybromyalgia so my pace of life is slower coz of pain
    I don’t sleep at night. I have learnt to meditate and relax more
    But still not losing weight
    I’m so fed up

  3. The thing with being a vegetarian is that if you're not gonna supplement yourself with b12 and heme iron and eat a huge variety of vegetables you'll be defficient… And all that b12 and heme iron is still extracted from animal meats, so i'm not so sure if that still means less animal suffering or not, but yeah.

  4. Thank you for these in-depth videos! I really appreciate the knowledge! I'm carefully listening to each one of your videos all the way to the end… soooooo help!!!!! I'm also listening to some of them several times.

  5. I started keto a week ago. lost 3 lbs in 2 days. now I have gained 6.5 lbs in 3 days! I have reduced carbs dramatically. I watercize daily. I am so MAD!!! Do I need that MCT stuff?

  6. Excellent way of explaining everything . I wish this planet has more and more teachers like you . But how could you also eat like a mad man on the cruise . Doctors are not excused for their mistakes !!

  7. Hi there Dr Ekberg,
    Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful new year. I have a question for you. I am a large person who is loosing weight thanks 😊.
    My question is I love my cycling I do compete in races I'm not an elite rider. But what do in fueling myself before during and after rides and races. Most rides are 40-60km long so a good 3 hours at most. Hills will be part of my training but mostly flat rides. As most cyclists eat carbs before during and after.
    Thanks for your videos they are very helpful and so cool as I debate things with my GP.

  8. cruise… very true… a week of uncontolled indulgence to get the most of what I’ve paid for and enjoy my holiday… was very surprised how much weightt I gained back iwithin a short period. OMAD got me back on track. Thanks again Doc.

  9. Thank you for all your wisdom and information. I absolutely enjoy listening to you…you are clear, concise yet very informative and talk at a perfect pace. I listen to you as much as possible.

  10. can you talk about how babies are borne into ketosis and say in ketosis while breastfeeding eventhough it seem like breastmilk is high in carbohydrates

  11. Excellent! The most thorough and complete overview of that topic I have ever seen. By the way, your talking speed is optimal. I know other channels where they hurry along (just to stay within the 10 minute mark) and one hardly understands the meaning of a sentence. Please keep up this great work. It is much appreciated.

  12. Have you done any videos on carb cycling – the impact of occasional medium-carb days for people on keto, or who have regular 5-2 or 3-1 cycles of low carb and higher carb days? If so, link, please? If not, that would be a great one to see! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  13. Hi Dr. Ekberg! Could you please do a video on what happens with excess protein in the body? I'd like to know what are the mechanisms the body has to deal with it, both in people that do some kind of training like weight training and in sedentary people. Your videos are amazing. Thanks!

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