3 Stealth Sex Tricks Unveiled – Leave Her Utterly Breathless!

Guys, learning new tricks and techniques in the bedroom can give you the ultimate edge that you need to survive in today’s sexual marketplace. Every advantage you can gain will just simply make you much more able to find and please the women that you desire. Here are 3 sex tricks that you can add to your repertoire:

1. This first one as they oral trick that is performed while giving oral sex. What you want to do is put your lips close to the clitoris with your lips formed like you are whistling. Then you can either hum, blow or whistle a particular sound or tune. What this does is gives her a lot of pleasure from the gentle vibrations that can aid her in achieving ultimate orgasms. Plus, it is unusual and may be a first for her which will also add spontaneous pleasure.

2. This method is very good especially if you’ve been with a partner for little bit of time. If you perform the same thing and are predictable in bed you can predict that she will be looking for new partners too. So try to tend to new areas such as her lower belly, her ears and earlobes, the inside of her thighs and her lower back. Although they are not sexual organs they can bring sexual sensation levels out.

3. Finally, give yourself a full advantage by upgrading all aspects of your sexual stardom. This includes learning new sex techniques and tricks, learning how to deliver orgasms as Well as improving yourself. One way to improve yourself is to increase the size of your penis and learn how to last longer during each sexual encounter.

Source by Dillon Mason

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