36+ Compelling Intermittent Fasting Benefits You Must Know

36+ Compelling Intermittent Fasting Benefits You Must Know. If you have wondered if Intermittent Fasting is good for you this video is for you. Intermittent fasting is where you fast for a few hour to a few days. Many people use intermittent fasting for weight loss, but there are so many benefits of fasting.

Disclaimer: If you are pregnant, malnourished, under 18 years-old, or under weight you should not do extended fasting.



* Intermittent Fasting – https://youtu.be/jetiN8xAKiQ
* Ketogenic Diet – https://youtu.be/ykPdkd5ALGc
* Insulin Resistance – https://youtu.be/DU84RvE568k
* High Blood Sugar – https://youtu.be/Ea4du9Cuwq0
* Feeling Cold? – https://youtu.be/IYKFP9MUiGk
* Thyroid Problems – https://youtu.be/tbs9IHN0DK4
* High Blood Pressure – https://youtu.be/YRUhyQsZh9s
* Posture & Health – https://youtu.be/0o8udI2yGaM
* Why Eating Healthy Is So Expensive In America – https://youtu.be/JOh_bFqVPUM

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  1. Great info I have been intermittent fasting for a while now and feel great One benefit I find also is I savory my meals more now that I have about a 17-19 hour period in between.

  2. Fasting is such a natural way to maintain weight, I do 18/5 on the weekdays and maybe a couple of weekends were I don't fast. Easiest "diet" I've tried, and if you have a bad day? Just fast baby

  3. Dr. I was wondering if you could shed some info on "phytic acid"; especially on the best manner to get rid of it with walnuts for instance, and on how effective that method is…how really much phytic acid one can get rid of with walnuts or almonds, since they are the most difficult more or less, when dealing with phytic acid. Thank you

  4. After several months, down 16 pounds, SIBO AND LEAKY GUT HEALING FINALLY AFTER YEARS OF THERAPY WITH SUPPLEMENTS ONLY! I am hypothyroid so it may take longer too lose fat, but I am thrilled do far!

  5. SAFETY 1ST! I can easily go 24 hours at a time without any food. Fasting is very powerful.

    HOWEVER, I tried in extended fast and it put me in the hospital for 2 days. Start slow, take it easy, err on the side of caution, but definitely give it a shot. I think fasting intermittently is even more powerful than the ketogenic diet itself. Of course, the 2 together are amazing.


  6. I've been fasting regularly for years now. then I drink 400ml of water at a time and put a little bit of all 6 electrolytes in the water every morning and pee every +_ 70 minutes. I eat 5 to 10 days a month and my longest period of fasting was 25 days. The most interesting thing about fasting is the reason why you break the fast, it says a lot about who you really are. And of course Meditation and Breathing techniques are part of fasting.

  7. Dr.E. I have watched your videos many times.. I have learned so much, you're teaching skills are top notch.. the information presented is so clear and you waste no time getting to the point. Thank you for your time and effort.

  8. I've been doing IF with Keto diet for 4 months now, and I've lost weight drastically. But when people see me, they always assume that I have some sort of sickness that's why I lost a lot of weight. I don't get why people always assume weight loss is equivalent to sickness smh..

  9. This is the first time l have subscribed to any one.You are the best honestly. I love the way you explain things. I want to start 16/8 intermittent fasting. I have low blood sugar but l really want to turn my health around. Any advice will help. Thank you

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