5+ No Carb Drinks With No Sugar (Your Ultimate Keto Drink Guide)

Lose Weight While Celebrating! No Carb and Low Carb Alcoholic Drinks, + drink recipes, so you can stay in ketosis and keep the weight off you lost with keto. They go great with the top 10 low carb foods that you can eat. These drinks are low in carb and sugar and more than 5 of them are no carb and no sugar. Learn about the carbs in vodka, mixed drinks, liquors, champagne, carbs in beer, rum, whiskey, wine, and other alcoholic drinks.

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  1. Seltzers are low carb.

    Also although no alcohol beer has carbs the absence of alcohol is a plus for health and when you have to drive. I’ll take the regular carbs for these advantages.

  2. Thank you for such informative video, I always watch you your videos, I'd like to ask you a Q: I know you mentioned whiskey but does bourbon like Maker's Mark specifically have any sugar or carbs at at all?

  3. I use fruit juice as a mixer for my white spirits…..BUT……I use 200 ml of fruit juice and add water to make a litre bottle…….so 20%…….BUT……then when I'm poring the drink I go about half and half with water….so around 10%…..okay, still a few grams of carbs but way better than full on 100% fructose mixer.
    Oh yeah, when out and about, I have a beer or two and then switch to white spirits with only water as the mixer!!!!

  4. The only drink I like now, bc I’m on keto, and don’t like sugary drinks anymore is a Bloody Mary…..however, I still have to watch the tomato type mixers……I only drink maybe a handful of times a year anyway……..

  5. After 3 weeks on low carb I was offered some Kirsty Kreme donuts. I didn’t go shopping for them, it was a gift, so I ate them! I’m definitely booted out of ketosis for now but I’ll fast now for 12 hours and get back on the low carb wagon. I think I’m allowed the occasional treat as I don’t drink all those sweet beverages and I believe in moderation. Nine out of ten days I’ll avoid carbs but I’ll definitely treat myself occasionally. Must look into those low carb beers more closely!

  6. Is there any culture in the world which does not eat Carbs? Not to mention that the healthiest cultures eat lots of carbs. Mediterranean diet for example.

  7. But I love Amaretto 🙁 I like to have it on the rocks or on ice with bubbly (carbonated water with flavor and no sugar). I don't like wine, it gives me a headache. Any suggestion for what I might try? I don't drink every day but I like to have a drink a couple times a week. One drink, no more. I don't use artificial sweeteners and this includes stevia, which I find extremely unpalatable.

  8. I like gin or vodka with carbonated water and occassionally with a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Beer used to by my go-to drink ever since I was legally allowed to drink, but some 2 years ago I started getting bad immediate bloating. So I stopped drinking beer, but I still hadn't started LCHF at that point. It was also at that point my skin problems started coming back that I got rid of about 1 year prior.

    At beginning I was drinking mostly regular gin tonic and my diet was also starting to get out of hand, got the fattest I was ever in my life. I started a diet akin to lchf/keto when my brother mentioned he started it and we are both still going strong. It's effortless. Even started drinking way, way less, but when I do, it's gin/vodka with carbonated water.

    Beerless and carbless-ish for about 4 months now.

  9. I really appreciate you making a video like this without telling us that we're bad people for drinking alcohol xD
    I'm aaaallmost zero-carb for about a year now, but I love my whiskey. When doing research on this, most people just talk for 10 min about how bad alcohol is and we should not drink it to begin with.

    Great and informative video 🙂

  10. Hard cider is gross! A friend of mine used to make 50 gallons of hard cider e every year because he has multiple apple trees on his property. But then he had my apple wine…so I gave him several packs of wine yeast. He has never made cider again. His apple wine is excellent, has much more alcohol, therefore he drinks less volume. I quite drinking a year ago and don't miss it. I used to sell beer/wine making supplies but I do have a drink every month. I do two shots if bourbon and drink water with some fresh squeezed lemon/ lime juice. When I do drink, it reenforces my desire not to drink alcohol!

  11. Right I want to know about which ones are good with no sugar or very low sugar is it whiskey is it RUm or is it I don’t know just which one and which is the best ones with no sugar or low sugar

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