5 Secrets To Lose Weight Effortlessly – Doctor Explains

Learn THE TRUTH about how to LOSE WEIGHT Once And For All. Weight loss fails because people do it wrong. Eating less and going hungry doesn’t work. You MUST address the reason you are hungry. If you do it right it won’t be a struggle and you won’t gain it back. Just because there is no such thing as instant weight loss tips, or quick fixes does not mean that weight loss has to be painful. The willpower only consists of being willing to learn how it really works and choosing the right foods and eating patterns.

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  1. Another brilliant video Dr. Ekberg. Your ability to provide a simplified – not simplistic – coherent message is absolutely unparalleled on SM and particularly YT. I am in your debt. Thank you Sir.

  2. Dr. EKBERG. I liked this better than the other procedures you have shared. It's much easier to follow. Thanks a lot. More power and success to you. Take care and God bless! !!!

  3. I fast for 18-24 hrs… when I exercise, lift weights or play basketball for 1-2 hrs I am not hungry for 2-4hrs after the workouts… if I don't exercise I think about food often with a little less control… I still fast but I find myself thinking of food for hours which makes me eat alot of food in form of meat & carbs for my one meal or eating window… how can I less think of food and stay on more effortless fat burning body lifestyle.

  4. Well there is a 100% natural food that could cause trouble… And no it's not sugar because we don't have acess to cane sugar. Like we can't just do it with our own bare hands (we need labs, and advanced tools to do that) but i think we can turn grain to bread pretty easily, because that's why Egyptians were fat because they ate a lot of grains… And really no other animal eats grains at least until we feed them with the procceced edible version of it, but they're not supposed to eat that.

  5. “Natural all food provided by the planet promotes health” but then you say that fructose destroys us, and as far as I know fructose is abundant in fruits, and fruits are provided by the planet just like vegetables, so what’s the deal?! I can’t get it… should we eat everything that our planet naturally gives to us or not? Cause it seems that if tomorrow I’m going to eat 2 bananas 1 apple a pack of cherries and 3 strawberries it will be a sentence of death for insulin resistance

  6. Love your videos Dr Berg, I’ve watched a lot of them and are seeing and feeling the benefits already…I’m off two medications already and two more to go but I’ll get there! Curious about what you think of fruits, Veges (especially starches) and grains that are essentially whole food and natural from the earth. I ask this in the context of many of them aren’t keto friendly as such yet along with your sentiments about food that comes from the earth, how do you view the ones that aren’t keto friendly as such. Is it partly a matter of trial and error and seeing what of them you can manage? Any thoughts are most appreciated!

  7. I have my crystal ball for meditation. Also, my aquariums are awesome tool for meditation. I do kung fu, lift weights, and play my keyboards and other musical instruments! I cut grains out ofy diet 4 years ago and started drinking nothing but water. Unfortunately, I started eating more fruit (big mistake), and I put on hanging belly fat and developed "buffalo hump". I now stopped eating fruit and go longer periods without eating. I now don't have cravings and don't feel hungry. I always tell people to change your eating habits so you can maintain your diet for the rest of your life!

  8. These videos reflect what I learned from 40+ years of weight lifting…I used to do Cardio, but now that I am 62 with Atrial fibrillation and arthritis…I lift weights for 2 hours 4 days per week and take my dog for 2 twenty minute walks every day. Dr Ekberg has opened my eyes to the food I consume. Please, listen to this man. You rock, Doc !

  9. I am a big fan of this channel! The speculation about animals in the wild having weight problems was interesting! Of course I agree you should eat real food but I would note even on real food it is possible to put on fat. There has always been fat people even when modern processing food methods had not yet been invented. I think the doctor may have overlooked that fat itself is a natural survival technique that animals including man put on fat on the summer to survive a lean winter where good may not have been readily available. Not only do we not eat real food but we have removed a very necessary winter! His recommendations rectify this problem!

  10. Dr Ekberg is there a vitamin you recommend to balance the hormone? I know you recommend eating the right foods and I I know sugar is the worst thing for us.
    I have a thyroid problem over 30 years they just give me synthroid, they say I have hashimoto, but they do nothing different. My bowel don't move on it I have to take a glisten suppository almost every day, so I may have leaky gut, and they say I may a little arthritis in my back which is inflammation .
    With this hormone imbalance, inflammation, leaking gut, something to help liver, lung skin is there a natural vitamin that can help these problems?
    Are you taking patient? I know you are not in area, and I probably couldn't afford you if you where taking patient. I would like to see a doctor that cares for there patient and tell them what really helps them instead of giving them all this synthetic drugs. HELP]

  11. Not only were we taught to eat alot of the wrong things,but also eating them as part of your movie ,sports and television entertainment.
    Even going to the fair became alot about eating like a pig .

  12. I have been doing the intermitten fasting for 16 days (16:8). I eat twice a day during the eating window. I weighed myself and the scale showed that I haven't lost any weight. I was upset but then I realized my fasting is not useless. At least I can fast with ease now and this is something that I can do long term. I will change from eating two times to omad. I will eat more protein and fat, and take less carbs and sugar. Thank you.

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