6 Myths About Carbs (Truth About Carbs)

6 Myths About Carbs – The Real Truth About Carbs. There is a lot of confusion out there about if carbohydrates are healthy or not. Dr Ekberg found this article on 6 Reasons You Should Be Eating Carbs that talks about how carbohydrates can boost your mood, help you prevent weight gain and even promote weight loss. The article said carbs are good for your heart and will help you trim your waist line. They even said carbohydrates will keep your memory sharp and will help you blast fat. They claim there’s a common misconception that “carbohydrates make you fat.” That carbohydrates are a healthy addition to your diet. Dr. Ekberg explains why the article was wrong, the fallacies in the article and how the “research” they used didn’t prove anything about why you should eat carbohydrates and what they do to your body.

Learn the facts and truth about carbohydrates and stop letting the myths confuse you and your loved ones. Nutrition is pretty simple when you find out the facts. That is the goal of this channel to educate you on the facts about health so you will never be confused again on what to eat, how to exercise and how to relax.

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  1. Dr Ekberg I know you know the difference, but it's important to note veggies are carbs, as well as candy bars, ice cream, etc.. The carbs in processed foods are the worst, and are the (simple) carbs you are focusing on here. They are not to be confused with the beta linked carbs you educated us on in other vids, i.e., "7 Facts About Simple vs Complex Carbs". Just thought it worth clarifying, since I do not see a distinction being made here. As always, thanks sooo much for all you do to empower us by sharing your immense knowledge.

  2. One of the things that worried me about the keto diet was that I anticipated having less food variety because so much of the food in the average food store was carbs, nearly 80%. But that was not the case and I was pleasantly surprised to find I only lost about 20% of variety available in the food repertoire because I had been ignorant of so many healthy Keto ingredients that I could rather use. So all those wonderful breads, pies, potato recipes and rice recipes were replaced with wonderful soups, antipasti, egg dishes, salads, steaks, jerky, hamburgers (served on salad rather than buns), fish, cheeses etc. It’s like seeing the world in a whole new way.

    Keto restaurant, here we come.

  3. When you do these wonderful comments you are absolutely irresistible! 👍😂😂👍 The so called research and the heroine references are awful. This video saves people's lives. Thank you so much!!!

  4. Such an inspiration.

    Im not fat, just a little overweight and have struggled to maintain weigh (and lose some kg).

    I found a recipe for a bred and when i calculated it with Myfitnesspal-app It gave me 5,4 grams of Carbs and 5,4 grams of Fibre.

    It is my understanding that the body can't use any of the carbs as energy, Is this right?

    And then I tested a recipe for a pizza. When all things added there is 5,2 grams of carbs and 8 grams of fibre.

    Is there something wrong here?

  5. I understand why an organization, say the sugar producers association, would be motivated to fund deceiving studies and disseminate false info to boost sugar sales. But there's no carbohydrate producers association, is there? Who would benefit from spreading these myths?

  6. Flipping channels, looking for some big screen tornado tracking (our weather seems to have become one long tornado warning), I landed on a Public Television channel, where some guy on a cooking show, was reporting the alarming shortage of HONEY. According to him, the shortage is due to people switching from sugar to honey, because it IS a healthy (not "healthiER" – not "reputedly healthier") alternative to sugar. This, on TV subsidized by tax Dollars – established for purposes of EDUCATION. And here this goober is, spreading astonishingly ignorant DISINFORMATION. He's presenting – as established FACT – with no qualifiers, no disclaimers – that honey is a healthy substitute for sugar. Using your Rat Poison Metaphor, honey would be 3/4 of a box of rat poison – the "Healthy Alternative" to a whole box of rat poison (sugar).

    Last night, we were in a Kroger, looking for dried plums (which, in our former, Pre-Keto life, was a dangerously-strong laxative – necessary only after eating a pound of cheese at a party), we wandered into the "Natural Foods" section, which was it's own little microcosm within the store. EVERYTHING (and we only scanned the packaging, since my wife's choice of languages was segueing from English to Yiddish to Finnish to German to Russian, indicating VERY dark thoughts) seemed to be a processed carb, coated in SUGAR (fancy sugars, I'm sure, like 'Turbinado'). Loosely translated: "Keep moving! Just LOOKING at this dreck is giving me HYPOGLYCEMIA!" I cannot imagine what about those products could be construed as "natural". And my impression, quickly gleaned during five seconds, as DW was growling "Davai!, Davai!", was that by the 'Rat Poison Index', the offerings of the "Natural Foods Section" would collectively rate 9/10-Box of Rat Poison.

  7. Hi Dr. Ekberg, how do you feel about vital wheat gluten and oat fiber. I have seen bread and other recipes with these ingredients labeled as keto. I have made the bread and it is very good but now I am worried I am defeating my keto diet. Thank you for your insight!

  8. Great video. The so called research behind the claims that grains and a hi carb diet are healthy is giving nutritional science a bad name. It's okay to ridicule the ridiculous.

  9. Flour is not a real whole food. It is so processed because all the fiber is thrown away, metabolized like toxic addictive sugar. People don't realize this and are very brainwashed! Too bad the body doesn't feel pain for toxic high levels of insulin until it's too late.

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