7 Facts About Simple vs Complex Carbs – Have You Been Lied To?

7 Facts About Simple vs Complex Carbs – Have You Been Lied To About Whole Wheat? Are there good carbs vs bad carbs? Simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates are the two forms of carbohydrates which are consumed by human and animals. Carbohydrates are also called starch or sugars. Carbohydrate is a 6 sided biological molecule composed of carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) atoms. People think the main difference between simple and complex carbohydrates is that simple carbohydrates are quickly digested and absorbed by the body whereas complex carbohydrates take time to be digested. The issue is that time is only a matter of seconds or minutes. They are all still a form of sugar which can hurt you in the long run. So many people think that whole wheat bread is better for you, but once you watch this video you will see it really isn’t that different from other starches. If you are looking to lose weight or reverse insulin resistance you need to watch this video. You will see there is not much difference between good carbs vs bad carbs



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  1. Please speak about food combining. For example:
    Eating carbs and fats together in a same meal.
    Eating fats and no carbs in a meal.
    Eating carbs and no fats in a meal.

    The effects on blood sugar if you:
    Have carbs alone vs carbs with with protein in a meal implying the rate at which carbohydrates become available in your body.

  2. Awesome video and lessons! I've noticed the best teachers break the lesson into simple (but not too simple) terms. Easy to understand and easy to remember but containing all the basic information.

  3. Very good explanation! I've started following you and I can say that your videos are very good.
    Btw, is there any bread which you can recommend or all the breads are starch?

  4. I’m wondering about athletes, especially endurance athletes. They need carbs to fuel their training and racing. Why are these videos always about avoiding carbs like the plague? No athlete has ever performed well without carbs. Carbs are necessary as fuel, especially for athletes. If you eat balanced, exercise and sleep well, it’s the best way to a good health and good performance. It’s important that Dr. Ekberg doesn’t get stuck in the idea that Keto diet and/or intermittent fasting is the only way to go. Nothing good comes from avoiding carbs or any of the macronutrients.

  5. What about resistant starch? I personally don’t eat wheat, seem to have a slight allergy that affects the liver. Rice I get sugar comas from. Potatoes well I seem fine and getting enough potassium seems difficult.

  6. I really like your content and want to learn more!

    Why do you not use the glycemic load? As I understand it: The glycemic index (GI) looks at the carbs of the food only, not the whole food. The glycemic load (GL) looks at the whole food. So if I want to know how quickly the whole food (not only the carb part of it) is broken down into to simple carbs, I look at the glycemic load, correct?

  7. Excellent chemistry class. Not that great on the nutrition facts. Plants do manufacture protein and oils/fats. Think nuts and avocado to name a few. Still very well explained 85% plus!

  8. Good video Dr. Ekberg. About the cows…You're correct, sawdust is made largely of cellulose, a carbohydrate, but it's bound together with a compound called lignin, which makes it hard to digest for the cows. To strip the lignin, something like nitric acid is added to break the bonds.

  9. You are the man. I sure appreciate the life saving information. After waking up a couple days ago with severe pain in all my digits paired with lasting numbness I had to stop drinking beer and junk food finally. Your videos really help getting back to being responsible about my health.

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