7 Reasons Normal Blood Sugar Could Rob You Of Your Health

7 Reasons Normal Blood Sugar Could Rob You Of Your Health While Your Insulin Resistance Rises. You have normal A1c and blood glucose so you think you are healthy. That may not be the case. Your insulin could be keeping your blood sugar down, but your insulin resistance is getting worse day by day. While you may see random blood sugar levels time from time, and your HbA1c is normal and your glucose doesn’t spike and they may look on the average as being normal because you body is trying to keep your blood sugar level in an optimal range. Learn why your normal blood sugar levels may not being telling you the real story and actually be creating diabetes and other chronic health issues in your future. Understanding blood sugar levels can save your life.

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  1. Blood sugar and insulin resistance are very misunderstood. By only measuring and trying to control blood sugar, you could miss the big picture, get a false sense of security and miss decades of time where you could prevent future problems. For more in depth information on this and related topics look at this playlist. 🔷 Starting with HbA1c Test & What It Means https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeGz0VKEGv0&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR65MBNOowqGT-7HvIdtpz58

  2. Surely each family Doctor should know all this but, as far as I see it they do nothing until it´s too late. Yes, we are all responsible for our self but who cares so much about Insulin, Bloodpesure, etc. if you just live and everything works? Preventive medicine would help a lot instead of waiting till people get sick and making money by selling pills.

  3. the only carbs I eat are fruits and veggies. otherwise meat, eggs, nuts. I do eat four mandarins, two kiwis, and some berries daily. my glucose is usually 101-103 after waking, and up to 109 during the day. I've tested 5-6 times a day for the last week; once hit 109 and once hit 98. Otherwise 101-105 almost perfectly consistently. Is this a problem? Not sure I wanna cut fruit.

  4. Dr. Sten. Thank you but dang Nabil 🙂 😃 problem is. all of us don't have quick access to our doctors. I am following your ideas. I went from a weight of 350 lbs. down to now 205 lbs. in one year. my A1C was 7.5 down to 5.2 in 9 months. now I am at 4.8 one year. my fasting is like 90 to 98. after 12 hours morning fast. I don't let my blood sugar go over 140 to 160. ideal 140 and under. no more junk food sugar starches. keto Diet intermittent fasting meals 😋 2 per day. at home all I have is my blood sugar monitor. we are basic people my brother.

  5. Hi dr. Ekberg, what time is the best time to check our glucose, is it after 1-2 hrs of eating or just after eating?
    Should we worry if just after eating our glucose goes up to 9 but after 2 hours it goes 5.5?
    What is the normal sugar spike or level while eating that we shoudnt worry?
    Thanks ang Godbless!

  6. Dr. Sten, I’ve watched many of your. videos but somehow/somewhere missed the part on HOW LONG it takes -on avg. – to REVERSE pre or Type 2, if one chooses to adopt a low carb or keto approach.

    BTW, I LOVE the information that you share!
    Bravo Dr. Ekberg! 👍👏👏👏👏👌👌

  7. Diabetes creeps up on you and strikes suddenly one fine day. I have a family history of diabetes and was “normal” for years, until diagnosed 2 months ago. Keto + Intermittent Fasting has eliminated it, but it’s clear that relying on “normal” readings is bad, and also that the “medical establishment” is very keen to bury this evidence permanently. They’re more keen to put us on stronger and stronger medicines and have us eating carbs until we need a kidney or liver transplant

  8. This was fascinating! Thank you! I started alternate day fasting and eating a ketogenic diet. I recently gained a lot of weight in a short time span. My blood sugar never became troublesome over this period but I knew I was hurting myself with my overeating. Now I understand why. Again, thanks!

  9. This makes me wonder. Is there ever a point in type 1 diabetes where insulin resistance is no longer reversible? Where you've damaged the system so much that it just won't switch back on or heal?

  10. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent presentation. Thank you so very much for your crystal clear explanations. Diabetes is a horrific disease. It’s so sad that most medical providers absolutely don’t care about the uninformed masses depending on them for direction and care. Thank you for all you do.

  11. I'm in the UK and my doctor will not order an fasting insulin test and our measurements are mmol/l it's all very confusing.
    She wants me to take a statin and increase my insulin dose each morning.
    The UK diabetes association is still in the dark ages so I'm going it alone with low carb high fat moderate protein diet and it's working.

  12. I'm new to this I'm trying to reconcile your advice with the advice of my doctors here in Los Angeles. They say that monitoring glucose before and after meals ("pair testing") the individual can basically characterize glucose dependence on the portion size of carbo foods, and thus establish limits on the carbo consumption in order to keep glucose within the ADA guidelines. But you all say don't eat refined carbo at all, and by the way fast for 36 hours once a week. This is a matter of concern because I am not overweight but I believe type 2 diabetes is the root cause of my heart failure.

  13. Simple and lucid explanation about blood sugar and insulin resistance. Dr. Ekberg is a great teacher who makes health concept so easy to understand even by a person of non medical background

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