7 Tips To Improve Your Sense Of Touch Immediately

What if you are not familiar with the concept of touch? Do you feel comfortable when touching another person? It could be as simple as making handshakes or body signals. Believe it or not, some people find it hard to do because of culture or an individual’s introvert personality. If you are such a person, it is time to educate yourself and learn how to become a better person with touch.

This is because touch forms the basis of a body massage.


When you see anyone, whether it is your friend, father or sister, simply give them a hug. It is the universal acceptance for touch. You don’t have to have a reason for doing it.

Tip 2

During a meeting with someone, gently put your palm on his or her shoulder when you two are talking with each other. This action symbolizes compassion and solidarity for a short period of time.

Tip 3

What happens if another person accidentally touches or bumps you? Your immediate reaction would be angry. But, take a deep breath and think about the source of the anger. You will realize the anger is because you feel you’re right. Just let go of this right status. Instead, forgive the person.

Tip 4

When you are free, use 5 minutes of your time to massage a cat or dog. Where to massage? You should do it at their ears.

Tip 5

You should treat yourself to a relaxing and healing massage at a massage center. Feel how your muscles relax and how sensual the experience is.

Tip 6

Walk outside with bare feet. Don’t wear any shoes or socks. Simply feel the texture and surface of the ground you are walking on.

Tip 7

Go to the woods or a park with few people. Find a tree and hug it. Feel it inside out.

Source by Mike Budowski

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