7 Truths To Lower Blood Pressure With Breathing Exercises (Holistic Doctor Explains) // Dr Ekberg

7 Truths To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally With Breathing Exercises A Holistic Doctor Explains. Blood pressure, like most modern disease, is thought to have no cure, but once you understand why high blood pressure happens, you can start learning how to lower high blood pressure . High blood pressure, or hypertension, is not something that happens to you. It is something that your body creates with every heart beat, and if you understand why it is created, you can start taking measures to reduce it.
While doctors usually treat the symptom of high blood pressure rather than the underlying problem, Doctor Ekberg will explain how to address the root cause for a long lasting solution.
The natural methods you will learn are equally powerful to prevent high blood pressure from developing as they are to reduce high blood pressure naturally. Breath and breathing patterns are closely linked to the way that the autonomic nervous system regulates blood pressure, which is why relaxing breaths can help control blood pressure. Dr. Ekberg will also talk about how the benefits can be even more far reaching and help reduce a wide range of health problems.



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  1. Yep. It works 177 down to 146. Now I need to do this 24-7 and I'm good to go.

    A water only fast worked as well. 175 down to 120 starting on day 4 of a water fast. I did a 7 day. Bp rose after a few days when I quit the fast.

  2. everyone needs to pay attn to this, he is correct! emotional stress is extremely corrosive to your health. dont stress over things you cant control….breathe. You can expand your breathing as you do it more

  3. Thanks Doc. Just a quick question, breathe in an out with Nose or Breathe in with nose and out with mouth ? Anyone who has experienced with this breathing exercise; please guide.

  4. Hello Dr Ekberg! Thank you so much for all the incredible work that you are sharing with us!!! Could u please make a video on how to raise chronic low BP naturally in young people. I am told it is normal but I am not sure it is. Thank you again!!?

  5. Nah trying to breath out longer than you breath in as opposed to letting it do it's own thing causes stress. If I try to breath out as long as or longer than the in breath then I run out of breath thus creating stress

  6. Dr.Eckberg… been on keto/ IF for 6 months with great results! The missing link in my health recovery is my breathing…I had to listen to your video more than once to get all the benefits…. I will do this starting today, for 6 months and let you know how well it is working for me…as always you are exceptionally knowledgeable and kind, I thank you for changing my life by improving my health!😊

  7. doc , ekberg, mire con atencion su valiosa informacion ,no se su idioma pero lo lei ,la parte en español traducida , con toda atecion y lo reley una y otra vez con pausas , para no perder ninguna , informacion tambien sus movimientos , feliz con su informacion me suscribi de inmediato y lo aplicare parami y mi familia y para otras personas que se que requieren ayuda por presion arterial alta, lo recomendare, y vere sus videos , my interezantes y medicos , gracias y felicitaciones por ellos , la humanidad los necesita no importa el pais del mundo , me toco en español por no saber su idioma , pero con traduccion todo lo entendi mil gracias, desde colombia un suscrito maaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss

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