Amazing New Study Reveals Miracle Benefits Of Fasting

FINALLY, Intermittent fasting research is validated in a prestigious journal. The New England journal of Medicine agrees that intermittent fasting results are superior in a number of ways over calorie restriction. Intermittent fasting benefits include positive effects on ketosis, mitochondria, insulin glucose regulation, and autophagy.

The research suggests that intermittent fasting should be taught in medical school and prescribed as treatment for obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma, Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis and for neuro degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and memory problems.


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  1. Hello Dr Ekberg, I just watched this video and I found it very interesting when you said that you should fast before or/and before a surgical procedure. I had two C-section for the delivery of my two daughters and at the time over twenty years ago my doctor told me not to eat for twelve hours both before and after, and incredibly my recovery was amazing within 72 hours I was absolutely fine. I just realised I had a super clever doctor back then, I might try to seek him out on the internet and thank him again. Any way thanks for all the content that you put out on YouTube for all of us to learn how the body really works. I am really feeling like a health champion 🙏🙏

  2. i had Arthritis on both of my knees with pain . after just two days of IF ( OMAD on day one and 20:4 in day two) . at the end of day two my pain was totally gone. it is really a magic ….and i would request others to believe me it does work on arthritis at least ….

  3. This is great news!
    Yes I have found this to be true that my doctors have told me that I must eat regularly, these are my gp and neurologist.
    I am now wondering if through fasting properly that I could reverse the symptoms of epilepsy and repair that part of my brain instead of having to mask the problem with a lifelong medication.

    I was lead to believe that both the brain tissue and the spinal cord are not able to repair themselves if damage has occurred. Am I correct or can this be reversed when fasting switches over the use of glucose to ketones?

  4. I am a 5'1" 67 year old female. Fighting the same 25 lbs that I lost when I was 16. Gained and lost at least 10 times over the years. Started eating 2x a day about 3 mos ago. Thin everywhere except my middle. I walk one to two miles daily and keep busy. I have started the carnivore diet and eating oad. In one week the middle is going away and I feel just fine. It's not that hard when you really want something. Good luck to everyone. Your never to old.

  5. Another consideration/obstacle is the pharmaceutical and diet food industries. Don’t underestimate the power of the almighty dollar. It’s pretty hard for corporations to make money from people literally NOT consuming anything. They want you to have to take a pill or supplement and to do so for the rest of your life. That’s where the most profit lies.

  6. I’m water fasting right now, I’ve lost 31 pounds so far. I take a multivitamin daily and 1 tablespoon coconut oil daily, I swish it around in my mouth first, after brushing my teeth, so that toothpaste doesn’t dry out my mouth. I also lick salt off of the back of a wet spoon once a day before I drink some water- for electrolytes. And I test my sugar daily to make sure exercise isn’t making it too low. Fasting eats muscle too, including your heart, so I keep building muscle on a cross country ski machine, enough to get my heart rate up daily. I have started taking collagen and bone broth in hopes of minimizing loose skin, thanks for the tip. And I’m also doing dry skin brushing, and applying Shea oil to my skin after showering, while my skin is still wet. Another thing I do is wear a body shaper under my clothes to keep my skin tight to my body

  7. Damn Doc. I've been following you for over 2 months. Been following your advice. Really enjoy the info and the way you deliver it. I was sure I'd subscribed already. Guess what ? I hadn't. But I am now. I'm in day two of my first three day fast. I eased into fasting , a little at a time. And I need the help. My insulin resistance was way outta control. Thank you so much for educating me and others. You're doing God's work.

  8. I fast about 18 hours a day and then eat anything I want. Pretty much gorge out around supper time at a pizza buffet and soup and salad bar or what ever restaurant I want. It works and it saves me money.
    The weird thing is, I usually don't even get hungry all day. If I do get hungry I will just eat early.

  9. I’ve had great outcomes from low carb and some IF but I’m stuck. After 75 lbs weight lost and correcting my Metabolic markers. So I really want to lose 30ish lbs. more so I must figure out a IF cycle/schedule I will live with. Last week I did just over a 36hr. Fast and oddly it was easier then my prior 16,24 hr Fast. Thinking out loud.

  10. In India, fasting regularly is part of Hinduism lifestyle since thousands of years. However new Gen (who look to West for all great ideas) think fasting as too religious and backward thinking. I hope West adopt it faster so that these junks relearn it from you.

  11. With your help I just learnt "Intermittent Fasting" (IF) this morning and I find it very interesting. I think I must try it for my health and other benefits. I am a type 2 diabetes sufferer and I am thinking of trying the 16/8 method which is 16 hours fasting then 8 hours eating. I work very early every day and I though instead of 16/8 is it okay to do 8/16?

  12. Is intermettent fasting just fewer meals a day with longer gaps or is it like I have been doing for a while; eat fairly normally with the occasional ( healthy ) snack and every 2 weeks take a 36 hr break from food altogether ?

  13. I agree with your description in the text, but in the video, you mistakenly introduce the paper as a "new study", which it is not. It's a comprehensive review paper of the existing studies.

  14. No healthcare system nor pharmaceutical company is interested in this. Just go and see what food they serve in the hospitals, and their plain becomes clear and obvious .

  15. I’m a 43 year old female and when I tell you NOTHING worked when I was trying to lose the 2020 weight – the ONLY thing that worked was IF in addition to my workouts – lost 12 pounds in about 2 months – I love IF

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