Anemia Explained Simply

Anemia Explained Simply. Why you get enemia, How To Read Your Blood Work For Anemia, and more. Learn all about anemia in great detail. What causes anemia, symptoms of anemia, how to read your blood test and what blood test to ask for, reasons for anemia, and what you can do naturally if you have anemia.

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  1. Hello Dr. Ekberg, I am trying gain some weight & muscle for 4 months now but I actually lost weight with proper exercise & diet. Now Doctor has diagnosed me with Thalassemia Minor which is affecting this growth, could you please advise the right way to overcome this issue?

  2. Can u make a video about how to fight with anemia? My gf body cant rly gather iron and it simply goes out, but I remember making a diet for her with food that have iron plus mixed shakes with green stuff made by ourselves and feritine went from 10 to 34 but its still not much. Thank you for a video anywya very informative!

  3. I found out I was anemic after craving ice like a mad woman and then going to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. No heart issues. Anemic. In my late 40s with heavy cycles going into menopause so it all makes sense. So!! If you crave ice all day every day please have your iron checked.

  4. I've been diagnosed with anemia and after infusions and many "regular " lab tests, it has not changed. Is there another test to ask my doctor? No other health problems, not vegan, still on cycle

  5. Great content as always. Many thanks. Helped my family o lot, e.g. looking at the cholesterol level via different lense. I'm on low carbs and 16/8 IF for over 1 year and feeling great. Your content was life changing for the whole my family.
    A question Dr.: I'm all within the level with my blood test, however high on PLT (MPV). You did not touch this in your video. Any indication there please? Many thanks

  6. Great video very informative. I am pregnant and have mild anemia ( hemoglobin 10.6, hematocrit 34.2, total count 3.4 and also white blood cell count 14.2). I do eat a healthy diet and also don’t have any of the symptoms, so I really wonder what is causing it. Thanks!

  7. Dear Dr. Ekberg, I was diagnosed with low Ferritin and was asked to take ferrous sulfate. After six month of taking it my ferritin is lower. It went from 46 to 28.

  8. Golda here. U, Dr Eckberg, personally contributed 2 my weight loss n health.
    Never thought that even our body, n not just the brain n heart, r intelligent entities. 🙏

  9. Can one have low serum iron and low ferritin when one has regular menses but after menopause, (no menses) have hidden Hemochromatosis reveal itself OR have iron deficiency correct itself ?

  10. Just Just diagnosed and I have very low vit d as well. It's a catch 22 I have no energy but I need to do things to get energy but I'm already exhausted. These symptoms could be for prolonged grief, cptsd, anxiety and depression which I have. I always come to youtube after seeing a GP

  11. Hey doc! I suspect I have anemia, I’m also quite underweight. I started a low carb high fat diet after years of stuffing myself with junk food (surprisingly never gained weight, so didn’t care too much) until I saw your video on autophagy and changed my diet overnight. My problem is I can’t eat enough in the two meals I take in my eating window. I feel full easily, I guess my appetite is less than an average person. I have eczema which flairs sometimes, restless leg when I’m sitting idle, and feel dizzy when I stand up after sitting. I’ve lost 6 kgs in a month, and though my mind’s clear and I feel great, I want to be healthy. Is there anything I can do to improve my bloodwork and weight? I genuinely hope to hear from you.

  12. Dr Ekberg, thank you so much for this detailed video describing anemia. This is the first time I heard it explained and I've had anemia for years. Your videos are extremely educational and I've shared them with my family.

  13. Dear Dr. Ekberg, thank you so much for this video. I have been following your channel for a few months now and I find your channel very informative and absolutely necessary. What are your thoughts on foods that naturally cause blood thinning? What are these foods and their side effects? I am particularly interested in your professional opinion about brain aneurysm and foods that significantly thin your blood that contribute to brain aneurysm. I am a vegetarian (not vegan – I do eat fish) and I received my colonoscopy this morning. While they found no polyps whatsoever in my colon, I have had some bleeding during the procedure. I was told that my blood was thinner than normal. While I am neither in blood thinning medications, nor do I drink and smoke, or take recreational drugs, I do eat a lot of fish, celery, avocado, and cilantro. I would appreciate it very much Dr. Ekberg if you would produce and present a segment about vegetables and fruits that are actually detrimental to you, if you are about to go under surgery (or if you want to prevent brain aneurysm.)

  14. Thank you Dr. Ekberg. My mother is suffering from Thrombocytopenia, the doctors tested her for leukemia twice, it was negative. I would love if you could make a video on that.

  15. Hi dr.sten Ekberg thank you for giving us so much knowledge through your YouTube channel love listening to you. Just one request if you could make a video about what best diet and excise for those who have hormonal imbalances due to ovarian cysts,anemic and hypothyroidism. My weight fluctuate a lot. Due to these will be a lot of help to us women if you talk this matter next video.thank you in advance

  16. I've suffered with anemia for years on and off all the doctors have done for me is give me ferris sulphate my hair falls out and I still always feel tired they just dont seem interested and want to get to the bottom of it…its upsetting I've never questioned a doctor mayb I should.

  17. I had 3 children but 5 pregnancies. During the 13 years I stayed at home, I was either pregnant, breastfeeding or both and I estimated having my periods for about 3 years but inter-spaced.
    My iron was super high (I was also a vegetarian and allergic to anything germinated).
    Now I eat meat and I'm in perimenopause (I'm 54). I've been anemic for at least 10 years now.
    I take lemon water with a blood builder pill to go with my 4x 150mg polysaccharide iron complex. If I go lower than 4x, my blood work results drop drastically. So my GP is checking every 3 months.
    The blood builder made a whole lot of difference (the numbers went up faster).
    I just started taking ACV so I'm not sure yet if it's working for me or not. Someone on YT said it should (can't remember who though).
    While I was following your video I was checking one of my lab results; now I know what the letters mean. Thanks for the info, Nicole

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