Antibiotics Worked Miracles For Decades – Then Things Went Terribly Wrong – Doctor Explains

More than 1 person EVERY MINUTE DIES from a man made superbug. ARE YOU NEXT? Antibiotics Worked Miracles For Decades – Then Things Went Terribly Wrong – Doctor Explains. These microscopic killing machines are gaining momentum. 10 Million people/year could die from superbugs by 2050 if we don’t change what we’re doing according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO considers antibiotic resistance one of the biggest threats to global health. Antibiotic resistance can affect anyone, of any age, in any country. Dr Ekberg explains why an Antibiotic Apocalypse, may be on the way, but also what each of us can do to help. Drug-resistant (antibiotic resistant) germs sicken about 3 million people every year in the United States and kill about 35,000, representing a much larger public health threat than previously understood, according to a long-awaited report released by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention).

Bacteria, fungi & other germs that have developed a resistance to antibiotics and other drugs pose one of the gravest public health challenges and a baffling problem for modern medicine. Doctors are so happy to hand out Prescription Medicine that it has started to hurt us. By getting healthy and building up your immune system you can reduce your chances of having to take an antibiotic. There are some situations where antibiotic can save lives, so we want to preserve their power by only taking them when absolutely necessary.

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* Apple Cider Vinegar
* Low Carb Foods
* Reverse Insulin Resistance Naturally
* Intermittent Fasting –
* Autophagy
* Ketogenic Diet –
* High Blood Sugar –
* Thyroid Problems –

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  1. As always, this is an Excellent video. Thanks indeed.

    Is it possible to do another follow-up video on this topic to explain different types of anti-biotics available, how they are different from each other, how they work, their suitability in different illnesses etc.

    Also, is it possible to do separate video(s) on anti-virals?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Do you recommend taking antibiotics if i don't have gut microbiom because i did 2 months coffee enema and i have depression, anxiety, bile reflux,bad stools, despite I don't have stomach pain.

  3. Finally an explanation that makes sense! My mother passed away a few yrs ago after having chronic UTI infections. At 83 and many years of taking antibiotics, she was resistant to everything. The outcome was not good. She also was type 2 diabetic so would gorge on carbs and sugar. All these things contributed to the UTI. She was told she wasn't drinking enough water, she wasn't keeping herself dry enough. She had incontinence. Even after lots of water and changing her too much, she would still get UTI'S.
    Needless to say when a dermatologist prescribed an antibiotic for rosacea, I said, thanks but no thanks. This all lead me to realize I had food allergies and possibly a leaky gut condition. It finally got better after paying attention to my allergies, then after discovering your channel, I started cutting carbs and sugar out.
    Then to my amazement found IF, Keto and OMAD.
    Have no problems with stomach, rosacea, sinusitis infections that I had been struggling with.
    I've been able to lose 45 lbs, exercise daily, and am within 6 lb of my goal weight. Just a big huge THANK YOU, Dr Ekberg!!!

  4. I thank you very much for your keto recipe for beginners. You helped me really much to fight against my diabetes. My only question is: what can I eat instead of the meat for dinner cause I am a vegan?

  5. I take antibiotics when I develop a bronchitis which happens every two to three years. My experience is that not taking antibiotics in this situation prolongs my chest pain and coughing for five to six weeks and to finish it I need antibiotics anyway. So I prefer to take them as soon as it is diagnosed as severe. Otherwise I completely agree with you.

  6. Bedankt Euch bei :

    ALLEN alten Menschen, die SOFORT aufhören, ihre Medikamente zu nehmen, nur weil es ihnen "besser" geht…

    … und bei sämtlichen Tierärzten, die "vorsorglich" die Viecher damit vollstopfen !

    Danke, liebe Arschgeigen !!!

    Wie gut, das es sehr viel bessere Alternativen gibt, und man sowieso keine Mykoplasmen züchten will.

    Was soll`s also?

    Es geht besser ohne diesen Dreck !

  7. I am on my 3rd day of sick leave when I saw this video. Also on the 3rd day of azithromycin , a 5-day therapy. I went to my doc since I had a sore throat. Now I know my doc prescribed antibiotics without proper diagnose, he just took a look at my throat and listen to my lungs through a stethoscope, the whole meeting last less than 5-minutes. Every time I take antibiotics, I just feel it drains my energy, make me feel worse. Will not make the same mistake again. Thank you Dr. Ekberg for the knowledge.

  8. Thanks so much for your iluminating videos, dear Doctor. Would you be so kind to make a video explaining how to heal damaged microbiota and diarrhea caused by antibiotics? My mum has been having severe diarrhea for two months. I’ve told her to avoid sugar, milk and grains (she basically is eating white bread, rice and steamed chicken and potatoes because her doctor told her to do so) but she is afraid of eating vegetables. She is taking probiotics (one pill per day) but she isn’t improving and she doesn’t know what to eat. My very best wishes from Spain 🤗

  9. Wow dr Ekberg! Even for me is crystal clear! I’ve been doing keto and IF almost for 3 years now and I hardly get sick, on winter I just get some sneezes and that’s all, I don’t need any medicine at all. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  10. Some years ago I ended up with a bladder infection. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and informed me to lay off the sugar and take probiotics after the course was completed. I don't believe she knew much about the gut health benefits of a ketogenic diet back then. Thanks to Dr Eckberg, I now have that extra amount of knowledge to make an informed decision in the event I'm infected again.

  11. Hey Dr.Ekberg. amazing video as always.
    Just wondering, have you gone into any research on the glycocalyx and it's effects?
    It was super interesting for me to look into, thought I might pass it along.

  12. Western medicine deals with symptoms only. All drugs/medication are toxic. My goal has been to keep my cells healthy so I don’t have to use drugs – focus on the root cause of all diseases.

  13. quick question, if "something" does move to the lungs and subject is coughing up green , is that still viral or does it shift into bacterial? is there a more specific bacterial specific anti biotic?

  14. My wife just survived viral menigoencephalitis. She received both antivirals and antibiotics. Its hard for the doctors to know the cause exactly so they treat for a wide spectrum.

  15. I've had several sinus infections that have gotten worse until it swelled my eyeballs to the size of a golf ball with puss oozing out, or I got pneumonia. Ignoring it didn't make it go away; antibiotics did.

  16. Dentist prescribe antibiotics routinely when they do root canals and extractions and to treat gum diseases. This is adding to the resistance problems. And people's gut bacteria are being destroyed with these dental treatments and are not even aware.

  17. Can we take some pre and pro biotic to counter the ill effects of antibiotics if someone has taken them in abundance, also say something about which probiotic should one take. Thank you.

  18. Two thirds of all antibiotics don't go to people – they go to perfectly healthy farm animals to make them fatter for market. Factory farms are what are creating the majority of superbugs, not overprescribing doctors.

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