Apple Cider Vinegar… For Acid Reflux?

Have Acid Reflux and think Apple Cider Vinegar can help. ACV is and acid, and so is your stomach’s digestive juices. Taking a swig of ACV may seem counterintuitive to take for heartburn, but it works for many people. The extra acid helps add more acidity even though you would think because of the burning feeling it would make it worse. However, when you have GERD, ACV can work to calm it down. Learn the symptoms, causes and relief for acid reflux.

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  1. Never had GERD a day in my life until four years ago when I had a surgical procedure, the very next day excruciating pain from “heartburn” Dr. prescribed an antacid which helped a bit but not enough especially after consuming wheat.
    A year ago a friend suggested ACV which provided almost immediate relief! So it’s become a daily habit!
    After stumbling across this channel a month or so ago I’ve been incorporating Dr Ekberg’s recommendations and I’m already experiencing positive results!

  2. Dear Dr. Ekberg. How are you? Ive been experiencing acid reflux and heartburn for almost 3 months. I always finding anwers and solutions how to diminish or remove the symptoms totally. Finally, I found your video and better should try the ACV. Im praying it help my symptoms and it will works for me too. Thank you and God bless.

  3. On my way to buy acv.. I have struggled with gerd for 1 1/2 years now, tried h. pylori meds, antacids and ppi's but nothing's really helped. Will update on the progress. Thanks for the info ♥ from 🇰🇪

  4. Please please please Doctor can you do a full video o. Pernicious anemia.. I've just stared taking betaine 6 weeks ago as well as ACV and it has changed my life. Gave gluten up at the beginning of 2020 and was the start of my journey to health. But the a full video on pa please.

  5. Dr Sten…..this is powerful…..i can fully comprehend my issue now….i have been made to not stand a sight of apple cider vinegar….now I can make out the benefits of this vinegar….and ur explanation was simply impeccable…..Thank you….

  6. I’ve just took a tiny amount (teaspoon) with some water in the evening and my heartburn feels worse. My heart rate spiked a little too, but that happens sometimes with heartburn. This is best in the morning before breakfast right?

  7. Hi doctor I appreciated sharing ur knowledge to everyone, how do I take the A C V. Before eating or after eating. How much teaspoon, if buring occurs during this time of this the day, 2can I take with water. Thanks.

  8. This is the first time I have got Acid reflux. This is the third day. Yesternight, when I got heartburn again, I took ACV and lemon in a glass of water but it did NOT help at all. I want to know why?

  9. It turning my gray hairs black again and seem to reduces hair loss as well. Also food is more digested when its come out. I'm using about 1-2 tbsp mix with 1/4 cup of water after heavy meal. Best to drink with straw so it doesn't mess with teeth enamel.

  10. Thank you for this. I've been fighting Acid Reflux since 2010. I researched the H-Pylori bug and discovered it has a coating of ammonia that protects it from stomach acid. I then looked up, things that break down ammonia, and sure enough, vinegar was on the list. That's when I stated using the Apple Cider vinegar. The funny thing is, my doctor did some tests and told me I had a weak Sphincter…not H-Pylori.

  11. Dr. I have a constant dry cough that comes and goes. I do not have heartburn nor is it sore or painful. My Dr. said it was probably Gerd. I mostly cough when I talk. If I don't talk the cough is reduced. She gave me something to take years ago but it did not remedy my cough. Recently I started to take Pepcid and have had good improvement. Do you think that taking ACV or the Betaine supplements would correct my problem?

  12. Really good and informative information
    I have just started taking apple cider .
    Is it ok to take with a touch of honey or something you would recommend. Is milk a problem for acid reflux?

  13. Hello Dr. wife is having very bad heartburn and throws up almost every night from i told her about this video and the acv..she watched the video but is saying you talked about soothing the esophagus first then trying the acv..shes wanting to know what to use the soothe it first before she starts with the acv. thank you for your time.

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