Are ENERGY DRINKS BAD For You Or Are There BENEFITS? (Real Doctor Reveals The TRUTH)

Do you crave the benefits of caffeine that Energy Drinks give you? Find out what happens to your body when you drink these stimulants. Plus I have a better solution for you that doesn’t involve the expensive caffeinated drinks! Some people think that the low carb explains why some of the diet ones are okay, but even those are could be bad. Find out if energy drinks are bad for you and if there are any benefits you can get from drinking a Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, 5 Hour Energy, or any other high caffeine drink.


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πŸ”· Is This Bad For You Series:


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  1. so mortal man can think and feel about wot? modern words of technology suggest these demo lip energy drinks is like its halloween
    all day
    any day
    every day
    the messed up material world

  2. Very useful and very informative! I'm drinking rockstar zero sugar right now Im so curious because I drink 2 or 3 per day I just want to make sure if I'm hurting my body . I can tell I gain 20 lbs extra , I feel bloated everytime I'm taking it. My eyes sight are getting blurry..
    I think I have to dump it soon as possible this maybe my last energy drink for years to come.

  3. energy drinks aren't bad at all. sugar free is a lot healthier. the only bad things in it are sugar and caffeine. so get a sugar free one. and then all you have to worry about is how much caffeine your having they aren't proven to be unhealthy.

    all the people that say they are unhealthy say its because its all the chemicals in it. when they don't know what the chemicals are thats in it people react differently to caffeine

    . I wouldn't recommend drinking 1 every day.

    maybe 1 every couple of days or even once a week. the further speeded out days you have it. the less likely health problems will occur later in life

  4. If you drink energy drinks for years and years ya its gonna have a bad effect probably… but if you use it for maintaining a caloric deficit to lose weight then its fine for up to 6 months or so.

  5. I used to have energy drinks 3-4 times a week, i've stopped like couple of months ago, does that help reverse the damage done by these drinks ?

  6. He didn't actually answer the question. He listed the ingredients and what they do and then listed illnesses and how they develop overtime. There's no causation here. No "drinking energy drinks causes this, drinking this many affects you in this way." No studies about how energy drinks damage health or anything like that. It was more chemicals baaaaaad. Kinda disappointed, especially coming from a doctor.

  7. Can the amount of B12 vitamins in the energydrinks give you an elevated serum-b12 if you have a high intake? The 0,5 liter monster ones usually have 400% the recommended dose of B12 per day, in one can. I've been so addicted to these things I'd probably tripple those numbers.

  8. This doctor is needs a monster drink because he sounds very low energy. Your advice is to have a sip of coffee? Guess what coffee stains teeth and makes your breath stink!!

  9. Take the money you save from energy drinks and get some coffee, broccoli sprouts, olive oil and mushrooms

    Then get some pineapple and carrot, make a juice with that that won't make you feel horrible in 10 years

  10. @Dr. Ekberg, I often ride bicycle and get long time to recover, I payed attention that Monster Sugar free drink makes me recover faster..but I use it like 1 can per week.
    Question is: 1)Does it really helps to recover with ingredients inside?
    2)How much health does this low consumption reduces?

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