Are FATS BAD For You? (Real Doctor Reviews The TRUTH)

Are Fats Good? Fat gets a bad rap even though it is a nutrient that we need in our diet. There are good fats and bad fats. Learn about the importance of eating dietary fats and all about saturated fats, unsaturated, animal fats, vegetable fats, coconut oil, canola oil and more. You will get a good fats vs bad fats list too.

Good fats have tons of benefits in the body which include but are not limited to optimizing brain function, supporting skin, organ function, cellular function, nutrient absorption and so much more. Eating good fats is crucial for good health and weight loss (especially the keto diet), but there is so much confusion that people think that all fats are bad.

Bad fats such as trans fats, hydrogenated oils, and most of the cheap fats that you find in packaged foods and cause inflammation in the body. These unhealthy fats are very unstable and easily become denatured with light and very small amounts of heat exposure.

When considering good fats it is important to remember that a healthy fat can be turned into an unhealthy fat by overheating or processing it. Be sure not to overheat the fats your consuming otherwise you will denature the fat and over processing oils makes them “frankenfoods”. Coconut oil is the best fat for cooking at a high heat. When cooking at medium heat be sure to use fats like butter, ghee, avocado oil and those specific fats that can handle medium heat temperatures.


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๐Ÿ”ท Is This Bad For You Series:


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  1. Dr. Ekberg, how about pork fat, bacon?
    A. If person raised thir own pig and only feed the healthy ingredients?
    B. Port, bacon, lard – purchased in store
    C. Is there such a think as organic pork/grass fed pork? – I have never seen it in local grocery store or butcher shops. Thank you

  2. Good luck finding non pesticide, non growth hormone fed and non corn fed cows in the US and the UK. They either don't exist or they cost the price of almost selling up your house! I don't know anywhere local to me that meets the criteria of the top category (green) for sure and how does one automatically know what's being fed to the cows unless they are with the farmers 24/7? I hate to be disheartening with all of this but this is sadly the reality. I still tend to feel far worse on grains however and refined sugar but if you can honestly go organic and afford as well as knowing for sure that the food and animals aren't tainted then that is by far the best guarantee of living to an old age with decent health. I wish I knew who to trust however and also knew of affordable sources. :/

  3. I hunt and consume venison. The fat on a mature doe is on the outside of the muscle as opposed to the marbled aspect of beef. Has anyone examined the healthy aspect of this fat from deer species?

  4. Good do a video on what butter ๐Ÿงˆ at stores we should buy the healthiest one?

  5. I love your progam and advise. You use and promote butter a lot. My question, butter from cows milk includes the A1 ฮฒ-casein milk protein which has some drawbacks. Do you see A1 ฮฒ-casein milk protein as a problem for our health or not? Or should we only eat A2 butter or can we ignore this A1 problem?

  6. Hello Dr. Ekberg, I have a question: In Holland they say 'saturated fat (butter, milk, yoghurt) is bad', because it will raise the LDL. A high LDL is a marker for plaques. Plaques are dangerous and can cause CVD. They also say that Coconut-oil is very bad .. You are telling that those saturated are not bad for us. That is very confusing.. Who is right on this subject?

  7. Hi Dr. Eckberg, I am relatively new on your channel but really impressed with your talks about a new health style. You are absolutely elaborative enough that helps understanding the topic. I like to know whether cold-pressed mustard oil is safe to consume or not!

  8. Dr Ekberg, thanks for the great education you provide. I am a medical doctor from Vienna, Austria and I follow your YouTube films with a lot of interest. I wonder what is your opinion on the following issue: is consuming healthy fat with carbohydrates together (I mean the "healthier" ones like vegetables or sourdough European quality bread) a problem (I assume moderate amounts of both within your metabolic needs and possibly combined with intermittent fasting). I personally believe that as long as the daily amount of carbohydrates is well below what your body can metabolize then the additional energy from fat will be simply used afterwards without any negative consequences, but I see a lot of confusing opinions here.

  9. Problem is grass fed meats and organics are not only more expensive but you also get less. so typical of the food industry, eating healthier shouldn't be expensive but it is and sometimes you have to budget appropriately

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