Are You Healthy Enough To Defeat The CoronaVirus? COVID-19 It’s Not All About Death Rates

Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). No one is 100% immune to this deadly virus. Death rates are soaring around the world. Millennials (Gen Y) & Gen Z might think they are safe, but No One is invincible to this virus. Learn about the death rate and risk factors for yourself, but even more importantly so you don’t spread it to less healthy people. Everyone should watch this video on the Coronavirus, and learn what to do to keep you and your family safe and healthy. If you do your part in staying health you help not only you and your family, but the whole healthcare system and others. This is a global health issue. Please take it serious.


🔷 Learn more about the CoronaVirus

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🔷 Learn more about the CoronaVirus


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  1. Well, it's well established that China has never fudged numbers.
    Co morbidity had been completely ignored in the U.S. which is absurd!
    I had Covid for my 59th birthday, 🙌 🎂!
    It sucked! But, I've had worse.
    It's great you're trying to wake people up, but you're (and I) are preaching to the choir.
    The brainwashed are all trapped in the "normalcy bias" etc.
    Take your D3&k2, C, iver… and exercise.💖

  2. Tjenare Sten, mycket bra video ! For en eldre norrmann som bor I Florida er det tragisk å konstatere så mycket ovitenhet/careless folk I mitt bo-område (55 plus). Det er et annorlunda "virus" som infiserar her.

  3. I'm vaxxed, 71, male, reasonably healthy. I do ride bicycle, life weights. Genetically, I'm prone to diabetes, and do need to take measures to keep it at bay. I exercise, take Berberine, and avoid most carbos. Berberine is amazing. It has transformed my health. I also occassionally fast.

    I got CV-19 last weekend from a non-vax vegan friend a few years younger than I. We kept in touch while dealing. He sounded much worse than I felt.

    I experienced 4 days of discomfort in bed…. I was blown away that I got it being vaxxed. It doesn't make you bullet proof.

    A week later, I still have some congestion, but my energy has returned, am able to function normally. Quarantine ends in 2 days.

  4. Why is Youtube recommending this now? This is a very well made video and gives good advice, this should be on everyones recommended page on Youtube for solid information, clarification and tips! Great video!

  5. I had a full in the mountains and tore up the knee. When I got to hospital I had 48 blood clots in the lungs. The right heart chamber got damage. Is there something to make myself strong enough to get through or am I done for?

  6. Why does the US medical community act as if there is no treatment for Covid? The real pandemic here is the blackout of any information on successful treatments. The standard of care seems to be doing nothing when someone is diagnosed. “Good luck. See you when you get to the ER gasping for air”.
    Criminal. Absolutely criminal.

  7. Thk u Dr Ekberg for your undying desire to help the world people to deal better with the covid with your well explained knowledge. I shall continue my desire to cut down on carbo intake and lower my insulin resistance for a start. 😀

  8. My immune system was in the toilet so to speak. Was getting Bronchitis 2-3 times a year. The V.A. Was Worthless and just put me on the Big Pharma Roller coaster. Then I went to a Regular Dr. she told me to take GNC Mega Men 50. And Zinc 50 mgs. Every day. 10 years later, I’ve not even had a cold. Thank Jesus that he led me to some one in the medical field who doesn’t believe or just do what the criminal Greedy FDA and Big Pharma suggest!!!! Good Vitamins, and mild exercise is the key to a healthy life.
    “NOT” Criminal FDA that’s run and Owned by Big Pharma Drug/Crap Industry in
    “Our” USA! Power to the People! US,
    The Numbers Win Again!!!! Lol

  9. If the virus is the constant, then did the virus kill them? There doesn’t seem to be a strong correlation between testing positive for the genetic markers of SARS-cov-2 and early mortality. A true proof of correlation should be much more clear. Like the correlation between smoking and lung cancer which is around 80-90%.

  10. Hi Dr Sten Ekbery..🙋
    Thank you for your important message regarding about the our health care also about the C19 viruses
    I appreciate your time and just to let you know I have been taken supplements such as .C,E,D,Z,B,and fish oil..I never been sick even long before what I taken now ..( thank God) over 70 ..but under 80🤭 I have taken care of myself for many years..I only eat vegs & fruits ..and also I drink lot of water..once again thank you for your time..
    Bless you and looking forward to your next video .. cheers
    Aunty Su.. Australia.

  11. LOL come on dude we all know covid 19 is the biggest joke ever it represents no threat at all and the response will go down as the most idiotic time in all human history

  12. Coe veed is a joaaxx and fire uses are deliberately-misidentified exo somes (cellular waste). As with all fallse flagg events, there has to be a paper-tiger boogeyman. Where's your viral genome and empirical evidence of transmission between control groups, Doc? Take your time … but there ain't any!

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