Autophagy & Fasting: How Long To Biohack Your Body For Maximum Health? (GKI)

Autophagy & Fasting: How Long To Biohack Your Body For Maximum Health (GKI) Autophagy benefits may help with aging, loose skin from weight loss, cancer, weight loss, insulin resistance, neurological issues such as Alzheimer’s & Parkinson and more. You will learn when does autophagy peak and how to get into a healing state. Autophagy explained simply so you can find out how to induce autophagy and reap the health benefits quickly. A Nobel prize winner made amazing breakthroughs in autophagy and now everyone is talking about how fasting can help your health in so many ways.

Autophagy means self eating. The autophagy benefits help you with your health because your body cleans up that it didn’t have time to deal with before. Glucose Ketone Index (GKI) will be explained how how to measure your autophagy benefits too.

Autophagy and fasting, especially intermittent fasting, is becoming very popular because it works. People reverse insulin resistance and have reported that it is a cancer prevention. Learn the best autophagy diet, how to induce autophagy by fasting, how long fasting for autophagy, when does autophagy start and how to measure autophagy.

Keto Mojo is a keto measuring device that I use. Here is a link to it on Amazon

Autophagy explained and more autophagy benefits are in this video



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    Autophagy is a very promising concept, but difficult to measure for the regular person. Here we talk about how to start understanding the different levels of autophagy and how to measure it. Here is a link to the previous video on the basic mechanisms of autophagy.

  2. It's been a few years and you said you would do an update. Lets put that on the list for 2022. 3 days is about my limit and start to feel a bit weak. How are your efforts going? This graph is one of my go to references.

  3. thank you so much! while fasting for 3 days I chose to drink matcha. it is in a superfood blend that includes moringa a plant based protein. I used 14 teaspoon. do you think I interrupted the autophagy that I was looking for? please advise.

  4. This is really good information. I am also exited about the future in this area of health. I regularly do a 2 day fast. This has really inspired me to push forward. I love experimenting. Thanks for this Dr. Sten

  5. Hi Dr Ekberg, was wondering if u could advice me on this issue to make sure am not overdoing this as they say too much if everything is bad. I don’t really diet per say but my life style has always been intermittent fast with Omad and jogging on a daily basis till I platoed after I lost 30kilos and also I got a knee injury so I stopped jogging, now I just walk a minimum of 12500 steps per day at least 5 to 6 days a week. Then I discovered benefits of Autophagy and I do 3 sometimes 4 days a week of fasting with just water and black coffee and the rest days I do Omad and this is weekly. I feel so great a look so young at 45 I don’t want to stop. I lost a further 10kilos and got rid of my nagging knee problem but my girlfriend says it’s too much. So my question is, is this medically ok as a lifestyle even though I find it sustainable and easy to do. I don’t want it to come bite me in the backside like my jogging did cus I overdid it. Thanks for all u do, ur videos keeps me so informed and I listened to them numerous times to make sure I don’t miss anything.

  6. I understand how the dawn phenomenon can give you high blood sugar, but why are my ketones so low when I wake up in the morning? They're regularly 0.3, but rise to 1+ during the day.

  7. Dr. Ekberg's videos are like doctor's consultation without the fee. A lot of health concerns were addressed by doing lowcarb and intermittent fasting as advocated by him. Thank you very much, Doc! God bless you more!

  8. Very important video! Thanks a lot!! The only thind I miss in this video is about Glutamine – with it the cancer live on too as Dr. Seyfried told. Maybe this was not known at this time!? Could you please do a new video on it where you take this content into account? Kind regards from Vienna/Austria

  9. Been watching your videos for days now lol you are an amazing teacher. On day 3 of my fast right now. Have done lots of 48 hour hours the last couple months. Going for 5 days just to say I did it. If I like it, may do couple times a year. Thanks so much for the knowledge.

  10. Hi doctor I m from Sri Lanka, want to know someone in 24 BMI, 5.1 HBA1C , triglycerides 40, LDL is 120 and HDL is 50 , do you think still I have to do IF with low carb ?? Because I couldn’t find any videos that you address those category specially diabetics obese etc. thanks so much and following your videos. Everything is a new learning for me.

  11. Hello Doctor, thank you for sharing all this valuable information. I'm on TKI as I'm getting treated for CML. My BCR-ABL (RQ-PCR)was 0.015% 3 months back. I did the 5 day fast and felt really healthy and energetic after that. Infact I did my blood test couple of days after the fast and my CBC was also looking very good. But my BCR-ABL (RQ-PCR) has gone up to 0.019% If autophagy can heal the stem cells, how come there is a spike in my cancer level? What could have gone wrong?

  12. Hi! It’s been 3 weeks since I started fasting 16/8 n 20/4 sometimes. Why is it that I experienced more joint pains? I’m taking water n electrolytes? What is wrong with what I’m doing? I have Atrial fibriliation so I’m on blood thinner now together wd Bp meds and heart rate meds in one. My diabetology doctor told me to stop taking rosuvastatin( if I want to)… I’m type 2 diabetics but controlled..

  13. It is the seventh time that I review this video to learn something new about the mechanism of weight loss ..l lost 46 kgs withen 8 months and maintaining that achivment so far. In my opinion, this is one of the most important videos on this channel🌹

  14. Hi, I've tried to find information about GKI when it's really low <1, but I don't find any information out there for it. What are your thoughts about low GKI values? My ketone levels are around 6mmol, and my glucose around 4. Is it bad to have that GKI level? And in that case, what do I do to increase GKI to say 1.5. It would be a really interesting video if you explained it further.

  15. This is very interesting. I had been taught to focus on protein sparing diets (always eat some protein so your body doesn’t break down muscles for energy for the brain) but the way you are describing it here, it sounds like the body intelligence already protects us from destroying our major muscles (eg heart, lungs).

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