Best Fats To Eat On The Keto Diet To Ignite Fat Loss

Here’s the absolute best Healthy Fats to eat on a Clean Keto Diet to Ignite Fat Loss & Weight Loss. For years we were tricked into eating low fat foods, while we all packed on the pounds. Now we know eating fats can actually help you lose fat from your body. Learn what fats are going to help you stay and get healthy.


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  1. I had given up on losing weight. My main goal was to heal my insides – mainly the area around my knees. I couldn’t even take a simple walk around the block with my grandkids anymore. My knees were so inflamed I couldn’t bend them. For example: I tripped over a cord on the floor once because I couldn’t lift my leg up high enough. So I completely feel ya about good fats and the need for being anti-inflammatory. Happily, I’m also getting rid of fat as well. 🙌🏻

  2. Both my grandparents lived well into their 70s and they did this by jumping instead of walking. They jumped everywhere they were. The grocery store, the computer store, the laundromat, the kitchen, the soccer stadium, the hallway, the medical clinic, the basement, the hardware store, the fire station, the recording studio, the pantry, the boat ramp, pretty much everywhere.

  3. I eat meat veg and rice or potatoes / pasta, bread which bulks out the meal to fill me, how could I eat fat to fill me? what foods would I eat, as I do OMAD but stack up with the carbs ie bread or potato etc. on that 1 meal.

  4. Ok, how about lard ?
    It`s a forgotten food in the west, but central and eastern Europe still uses it – things like salo (unmelted pig lard, salted, sometimes smoked, eaten as a snack, with onion , garlic, bread), smalec – melted and stilled to a paste with graves, to smear on bread. Lard is also often used for frying, or to "grease" boiled buckwheat.
    Lard+groats, or lard+pea/beans was very popular medieval and renessaince food in central Europe. Often eaten with onion, garlic, and soured vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers, beetroots, etc)

  5. What is the best type of fish oil to take…in a pill form? I absolutely dislike the taste and smell of fish and just can’t make myself eat it. I do use olive oil for cooking and love fresh avocados.

  6. excuse me doctor the same thing happens with the production of eggs by hens raised on feed? I have chickens that I raise on the ground with fruit, vegetables, bread, pasta and feed, is that right?

  7. Does our living food supply (chickens, cows, pigs) have a cortisone like physiological response? If so what impact might the systemic mistreatment of these animals have upon our long term physiology? I shudder to think…

  8. how can you eat fat until you're full.. if you eat eggs and put butter, when you're done if you see you're not satisfied what do you do you eat more butter with no other food because carbs and proteins amount are done, so you go on eating butter spoon after spoon? or drink some coconut oil .. I don't understand how to do .. the "then you eat fats until you're full" part … Some example would help, thanks …

  9. Great info. But too much "info" in non basic information. Complicated language at times….Give us "foods". Specific foods. Too much info which normal folks can't understand. Easier terms. Doctors language……Ugh

  10. I did well for a couple of months with IF and lost 10 pounds but have had major hair loss. I have some food allergies (avocados for one) so having challenge getting enough fat.

  11. Say you’re body fat is around 12 to 15% and your trying to build more muscle would bumping up the protein then be ok? I’m 6’1 180 lbs and been doing Keto for about a year now

  12. It's very informative, however it's hard to know how to implement it in practical terms, especially as you say that we shouldn't have to count calories, so in the same way we don't want to not be busy to count the fat ….
    So it would be very helpful to get some practical suggestions of complete meals.
    I also find it difficult to understand how to implement a keto diet being a vegetarian.
    If you could address the vegetarian listeners with a way to apply a keto diet it would be very much appreciated.

  13. Now that was a great video. You really broke it (different fats/oils, etc.) down in an understandable way. Now I really understand why grass fed is better than grain fed meats, butter, eggs, etc. Just have to convince spouse and MAKE him watch this, lol. Thank you.

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