Best Time To Fast For Weight Loss & Autophagy

Have you noticed you can lose weight faster when you eat at certain times? The time and length of your fast and intermittent fasting windows matter when it comes to weight loss and autophagy. Find out the Best Time restricted diet times to optimize your Health, Weight Loss & Autophagy

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  1. Just reached 6 weeks on a strict Keto diet, have not yet gone past 19 hours fasting, but this video inspired me, sitting here watching this with about 13 hours of fasting. Helps to drink electrolyte solution in case I get a craving. Initially, it was hard to fast and had to write a note on fridge, "keep out, you are fasting!" Thanks for the video I will soon try the 42 hour fast.

  2. I have known it for years that eating 3times a day and snack in between is a man made, one of the big reason of this concept being created is that to market a multi billion dollars food industry and medicines its all about business.. Be wise and always Listen to your body.

  3. Hello Dr. Ekberg, I am so happy to stumble into your channel. All the videos I have seen so far are very informative. I tried a low carb diet for 21 days and did it for 2 rounds. I lost around 5 kilos, but i am gaining the weight back, so I am back into dieting. But it's so tiring. I tried IF before for few days, but stopped. Thank you for this very detailed explanation, I understand IF more. Is it true that IF is not advisable when breastfeeding?

  4. I never eat dinner because I can’t sleep. So I have to eat breakfast and I train in Muay Thai Boxing . I eat a large lunch . I try to fast from 1200-0600. I found this works for me. Thank you for the advice about fasting for 1-2 days.,

  5. This amazing Dr ekebrg.. Very informative and very challenging to do.. I love to do this internet fasting I starting to do it but sometimes it true that I feel craving and I'm fighting to it lol..

  6. You people live in the land of plenty. How can a person rat every 2 hours even 5 hours is for very wealthy human beings! Or people are extremely stressed that they eat so frequently.

  7. I'm looking for minerals/electrolytes supplement for extended (5+ days) fasting. A supplement that has all the essential minerals in right proportions and isn't sweet so it does not trigger insulin/digestion. At this time while fasting for a few days I take water + sodium/potassium salt + apple cider vinegar (after 3 days even apple cider vinegar starts to taste a bit sweet to me). During extended fasts should we take vitamins like D3 and trace minerals and in what amounts? Is there a good study which looks into prolonged fasting in detail? After I switched to a more ketogenic (I still do a bit of 'dirty' keto. I just can't give up chocolate, blueberries, kombucha…) diet and one meal a day, I experience only very benign hunger after 5 days of fasting. Bigger burden for me is the low motivation. Possibly the brain is lacking some excitatory neurotransmitters. Would some caffeine alleviate low motivation without breaking the fast?

  8. Growing up we never had the privilege of snacks and we ate food consisting of at least 50% veggies and we had very few people with diabetes fast track 30 years later everyone now eats mostly processed foods snacks drinks and the result diabetes is on the rise it's simple you either eat food as your medicine or you'll be eating medicine as your food

  9. Ok but also food is so joyful 😭😭 go SEVERAL DAYS w/o food??? Plus some moderate exercises??? Sounds genuinely impossible, if I go 6 hours in the day I’m shaky and cold by the end…

  10. I always use to think about animals. Especially street dogs I use to see everyday. How they survive with irregular foods with long gaps. Today I came to know.

  11. Just finished my 38 hour fast. I was aiming for 40 hours, but had a craving for some peanuts so roasted some for my “break fast” and, unthinkingly, tasted one nut at 38th hour to check if it was ready. LOL.

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