Bread or Sugar – Which is Better For Your Health?

Which Is Better For Your Health: Bread or Sugar? A lot of people know to stay away from sugar and simple carbs, but have heard that complex like bread is a health food. Then it gets really confusing when you hear that complex carbs are just another form of sugar. One day you hear sugar is not so bad then it is good, bread is good for you, wheat bread is healthy… how are you to know? What about gluten in bread? etc.

You also can’t simply ask if sugar or bread is better for you, because in some ways sugar is worse than bread, but in other ways bread is worse than sugar. Only by understanding the reasons why they would be good or bad can you determine if they would be good or bad for you.


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  1. I don't have either. I stayed away from processed foods and drink and I fast a few days a week. I feel so much better and more energy. I exercise with weight and long walk daily and not thinking about food. The quickest way to loose weight.

  2. I enjoy watching your shows however, I am confused by those medical health guides which tell different daily vitamin recommendations. I wonder if you could make your daily vitamin guide and what natural ways to get them b4 resort to use the supplements, could you? Unless you already have such vid I'm not aware of it as yet, have you any?

  3. When you speak about bread, it's always about processed american bread. What about french bred ? The one who's made with natural yeast and flour of ancien wheat, non GMO. Is that also as bad as you describe what you can find in the US ?

  4. When aliens 👽 showed the genetically modified mutant apes how to make complex carbohydrates, the ape brain developed so complex carbs are good for thinking. That's how they came up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    ….they were eating pizza so that obviously proves it lol

  5. Dr. Eckberg personifies moderation in his delivery of health knowledge. Everything he says is verifiable, practical and so easy to comprehend. I've learned more watching his videos than i learned in any classroom setting about health. Keep up the good work.

  6. Many grocery store breads have sucrose added or fructose added, both types releasing fructose into the blood. Dr. Listig’s research indicates that fructose is 7 to 10 times more efficient at glycating, or fructating, proteins which creates hard-to-remove toxic protein molecules inside us.

  7. Low carb, high fibre, high protein bread? As a diabetic I eat a bread mix from a health shop made from Lupin flour which comes in at 9grams of carb per 2 slices. No large blood sugar spikes when toasted and eaten with a spread of natural peanut butter.

  8. I stop sugar few years, but still sugar are in every food. Sometimes I stop to eat bread, I love bread, but gives me pain in head, I feel tired. Now I stop to eat for few months. When I stop to eat bread and I feel light, better with more energy.

  9. Great tips Sten! Recently I started eating healthy and exercising and It really improved my mental and physical health. I didn't know anything about meal planning and optimal food choices so I searched it on the internet. I found website dietarize and it was super helpful for me back then as it gave me good insights about calories, macros, nutrients and all that stuff… There are many similar things now, you can find something for yourself. Good luck!!

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