Can Arthritis Pain Be Reduced With Food? Dr Ekberg

Do you have painful joints? Maybe you have Arthritis pain. A new study says they found the best diet for arthritis, especially osteoarthritis. You will learn what diet works best for arthritis pain relief and what foods to avoid for arthritis.

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  1. I'm a professional level cyclist, 52, but I have to alternate heavy cycling days now because of the knee pain.I take glucosamine sulphate but I don't eat meat. (Fish once a week, fish oil daily) Is there anything I could eat more of?

  2. I have a condition called Polymyalgia Rheumatica, I'm off the steroids now but still having pains so it looks like I need to cut out bread and carbohydrates for further progress. I've already eliminated all sugar and processed foods.

  3. I am so great full I came across Dr.S.Ekberg videos about health and nutrition videos on YouTube. Only week with no sugar, bread and starch lowered my osteoarthritis pain in my knees by 70% , I can do 3/4 of squads when before was hard and painful to stand up from the bed. I can walk stairs , body became so flexible that I am so excited! Swelling in my legs and face gone and I feel so great, literally buzzing. My partner can’t believe how much energy I have and how happy I am.
    30 year I was struggling to loose weight , perhaps there is no diet I haven’t tried.
    And now such a simple thing just eliminating carbohydrates and grains is helping me to do it( even it wasn’t what I aimed for)
    I won’t say I didn’t have cravings but I acknowledge that it’s a craving and forgot about it.
    To be healthy, free of pain what else could I want ?! And if weight loss will come as a bonus that’s even better
    Thank you Doctor !
    I love the way you explain how everything works in such details. Myself I am a nurse and I will definitely share what I have learned with my family, friends and patients.

  4. My legs from ankle to hip have been giving me awful pain for many years and I put it down to bad accident 50 years ago.
    I then stopped eating tomatoes, aubergine, potato and all pains gone.
    Tomato, peppers, aubergine and potatoes are all part of deadly nightshade family.
    Draw your own conclusion.

  5. keto diet with supplements like k2 D3 boron zinc copper foods like bone broth its high in collagen plus have good teeth and gums, bacteria from gingivitis and tooth decay cause inflammation

  6. my knee bone is making sounds… and even sweeling too… can my bone reporduce liquid which is situation around bones? I got the diet you explained above… I am asking about liquid ? can body reproduce it by following proper diet? Iam 55 age. will you please help me in this issue…It will be great help.

  7. My arthritis has all but disappeared… Two years ago I was unable to walk. Arthritis had become worse and worse over the years.
    I don't believe in meds so I just lived with it.. It had become impossible to live with. I started researching and discovered this low carb thing… I was slightly overweight but I couldn't lose any more… I was afraid of fat and meat… Yikes… Dropped the carbs… More meats and veggies…
    Amazing… I sound like a commercial… Thank you and the other doctors and scientists!!!

  8. Dr Ekberg, many thanks for your videos. My problem started two years ago. My rheumatologist in Russia made a diagnosis (autoimmune reaction with strong arthritis in almost all the joints in the context of a chronic borreliose) and suggested the GAPS protocol (no sugar, no grains, bone broth every day…). My rheumatologist in France says the Russian doctor says a lot of nonsense. She gave me a lot of pain killers without knowing where arthritis came from… I now follow the GAPS protocol with some success, and I use much fewer opioids. But according to the Russian doctor, I can eat home-made dairy products from the goat (cheese and yogurt). Do I have to let down also dairy products to improve my health? I want to get back on tracks and run again as soon as possible 🙂 Many thanks for your answer!

  9. Clearly Keto is only one way to accomplish changes to one’s health, but I solved my arthritis getting totally off of dairy. I had done KETO for a while, could not sleep, was constipated where a laxative would not work, even an enema and I hate them. I said, “This is NOT for me.” And decided to do an elimination diet to see if my arthritis would respond to that. I chose dairy even though allergy tested had repeated not shown a dairy allergy, I gave up all dairy products for one week and my fingers were easing up. But the end of a month, I didn’t need to use my wheelchair. I switched to Plant-Based milk. So I investigated Plant-Based more and more and I went fully Plant-Based almost ten years ago. When I began I was back to back with Keto and I had to have my gallbladder removed. That was one thing Plant-Based did not solve but I think Keto may have provoked. In the last 10 years being Plant-Based, I have not been sick except for one cold which didn’t require seeing a doctor. I have remained free of the wheelchair. I’ve lost 50+lbs and kept it off. My skin looks good, my blackheads which I had from teenage, have disappeared, even those I had on my back. And I certainly don’t get constipated.

    My husband also went Plant-Based even though he’d seen the improvement in my health, he just was so sure meat was healthy for him until he had Prostate Cancer an it was stage 4 cancer when discovered. He had the surgery as the surgeon said there was no time to waste. He is fine and has gone Plant-Based since his surgery as it is one of the best ways to ensure that cancer does not return. Meat/Dairy protein can create the blood supply for cancer cells to make a tumor, that is called angiogenesis. Plant proteins do not promote this.

    Here are the benefits to us both: lower blood pressure, (I don’t take meds, my husband takes one BP pill whereas even at that, it was out of control, now it is normal with the one pill a day), asthma (no more use of pumps or nebulizers for both of us), we both lost weight, only have had one cold each for the number of years we have been Plant-Based, relief from arthritis pain, relief for me from constant insomnia, no more constipation. Additionally whereas my mother and sister both died of breast cancer, I have been cancer-free. Yes I do use Soy as it is a good source of protein but it also works to prevent breast cancer as well as limiting hot flashes. I had had lifelong hyperhidrosis, RELIEF at LONG LAST!! For women, this is particularly embarrassing. It means you sweat like you are exercising in a gym 24/7. No more abnormal sweating. Yes, if I work out, I will sweat, but not constantly.

    My dad died of Alzheimer’s disease and it began at age 60 for him. By my age, 68, he was already being disabled by it. I am free of it. I am not the only one, as there is a lot of data confirming how a Plant-Based diet helps to prevent and even can reverse AD in its early stages.

    Moreover, whereas neither of us had had diabetes, by A1C is 4.8. I had had pre-diabetes. My mother, sister, aunt, father, grandmother, all had type II diabetes. My cholesterol count came down, my husband’s is good also, mine was a bit elevated.

    I no longer have rough skin, nor callouses on my feet, knees or elbows. I did break by ankle but I don’t have brittle bone and it healed not using the calcium pills they recommended. I ate Kale! It is a wonder food. It is a wonder that doctors do not know as much as I now know about nutrition.

    Some do, I had a PB doctor at Kaiser who worked with Podiatrists to save diabetics feet from amputation having great success with PB diets to restore circulation to feet which were turning black. Keto does nothing for this. Vegetarian diets have been around from the dawn of man and people can live a long healthy life on them. One’s life is not worth a crap shoot on banking that Keto will help. It clearly made me sick. No one I had known was a vegetarian, I did this on my own. But there are many people who are now vegetarian and the numbers are growing,

    Clearly we can eat deliciously and lose weight and be in great health without killing animals.

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