Can Stress Cause Diabetes?

Can Stress Cause Diabetes? Can stress relief help diabetics? I am going to teach you how to Prevent Diabetes. Stress increases cortisol, which increases blood sugar, triggers insulin and promotes insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. There is even a link between poor sleep and diabetes. But what is Stress? Stress, or a stress response, results from anything that demands a response. There is physical stress, like injury or illness. There is emotional stress, like problems in your marriage, job, health, or finances. There is even chemical stress from toxins, allergies or unstable blood sugar.

When stress occurs, the body prepares to take action. It produces a fight or flight response and stress hormones shoot up. Their net effect is to make more fuel available to to cells. In diabetics, who are insulin resistant, the increased blood glucose from the fight or flight response is not managed properly. Because of their insulin resistance the glucose piles up in the blood pushing the person closer to diabetes.

In this video you will learn the link between diabetes and stress as well as how to get stress relief. Most stress is below the threshold of our awareness, so how stressed are you really?



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  1. My fatsting is 165 and after meals is 260 🙄 from glucometer. Diabetic since many years nowI am jobless so stressed. Should I do hbac1 test .? I had consulted a dr couple of years back. Stopped meds after some time. Should I continue same meds.whixh I was prescribed? The doctor has shifted country and not contactable.

  2. I have a question for you, I follow you teaching on youtube, My wife has type 2 diabetes and we are following a Keto diet, but we are trying to reverse the damage that Insulin did to her, she has a good lunch with no sugar or carbs, and her sugars raise from 8.8 to 14.9 in two hours can you advise what you think is going on. that was after 18 hours IF.

  3. caregiver stress wow this explains why no matter what I eat or occasionally fast, I have pre-diabetes . Increased activity has helped with the weight/ distribution of fat, but not the numbers.

  4. Hello doc, how long does the effect of cortisone last on the blood sugar after your stop taking medicine with cortisone in it ? You said you would notice the effect within weeks. Does it mean it lasts for weeks or even longer (after you stop it) ?

  5. Dr .
    As you said …the cells are saying no to over glucose .
    And we say the cells are resistant.

    I think body make new cells to solve this problem and there by increases the body weight !!
    Am I correct 🤔

  6. Hi Dr.,

    I just wanted to add in this, due to increase in stress Harmone cortisol, it deprives/demolish/reduces the effect of Testesterone Harmone and Growth harmone as well.
    Hence effect of insulin resistence increases & resulting into ill effects.

    Hope i am right & please put light on this.

    I am really really impressed with your explanation of making understand whole body mechanism & process of how body works since from ancestors.

  7. Against Adrenalin we have Beta-Blockers – Why didn’t we develop “Cortisol-Blockers”?
    This video deals exactly with my lifestyletheme namely 40 years living under stress. But I did manage not to smoke. Without BetaBlockers, I probably would not have survived my profession – created by myself….Self imposed stress…
    Until the age of four, we make a decision of how well we want to get through life. If, through my parents' home, genes and circumstances, I have become an active and „nervous“ character, it will always be the case.
    Of course we can work to live a healthy life as far as possible.
    I'm now with BMI 20, losing prediabetes thanks to my learning progress due to the videos of Doc Ekberg

  8. I am new to your channel, i like the way you explain/discussed, very clear and loaded of information. I am from Philippines and a type 2 diabetes. I started my low carb diet last month. Your channel is a great help to me to understand more about diabetes, low carb/keto and intermittent fasting. Thanks so much and more power.

  9. Dr. Stan you are fantastic my friend! I've been telling people for years stress can lead to tons of diseases/illness including diabetes! Wanted to also congratulate you on passing 100K, amazing my friend and you deserve it! Blessings to you!

  10. Another very educational video!

    Can you(or have you) discussed sleep, sleep apnea, and how it relates to metabolic syndrome and difficulty with weight loss?

  11. Love this! I have two questions: 1. We used to learn coffee and tea inhibit absorbtion of nutrients (unclear which ones). True or false? I used to separate them, but my keto ”break fast” tends to include both great foods and fat matcha or fat coffee with nice stuff in it. Do you have any comments to share there ☺️?
    Also: kan du rekommendera ngn grym keto friendly coach typ person k Stockholm ☺️☺️☺️???

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