Chia Seeds, Quinoa, Flax Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds… 13 Seeds On Keto – Snacks (Fats, Carbs & Omega)🌻🌱

Learn about Chia Seeds, Quinoa, Flax Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds & More. Top Foods You Can eat like this 13 Seeds On Keto – Snacks (Fats, Carbs & Omega)🌻🌱 With the fat content, net carbs and omega 3 to omega 6 ratios so you know exactly which seeds are best for you on a keto diet and the best snacks on keto as far as seeds go. You will learn if fish oil benefits and if it is the best for Omega 3 or if you can have a vegetable source for Omega 3.

Figuring out which foods are suitable for a very-low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet can be tricky. A lot of seeds are low in net carbs (total carbs minus fiber) and high in healthy fats, making them a perfect fit for a ketogenic diet. They’re also full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. Still, some varieties are lower in carbs than others. Along with the carbs Dr. Ekberg explains which are the best seeds according to not only the net carbohydrates, but also which seeds are the best ratio of omega 3:6. Here are the 13 best seeds to fit your keto lifestyle.



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  1. a tip when eating flax or any seed . CHEW THEM WITH YOUR TEETH!!!! you need to brake the hulls and chewing even smoothies starts pre digestive enzymes. and no oils are good for you .i dont care what you're heard about olive oil or petroleum jelly( , yes it was promoted ase a health food). none of them are good for you but your body is good at forgiveness. i like sesame , coconut, and olive. but i know that none of them are good for me.

  2. so i aways talk before i watch you videos so… this is the thrid video ive seen you talk about fatty acids without mentioning omega 9s or fat stores. being in a state of Keto dosis is where i want to live but i dont need to eat fat to get there. i just need to stop eating. intermediate fasting is fine but try 7- 21 days. its amazing results. stopping organs and giving them the ultimate break. this is how im no longer type 2 diabetic and i won't even talk about how much energy i have at fast but its great. now ill sut up and watch the video as i eat a shitload of seeds but my first meal is something you warn against. oatmeal chia seeds pineapple, blue barriers, banana cinnamon and sometime eather honey or peanutbutter.hey why not both?

  3. Att. Dr. Sten Ekberg:
    "It has HARDLY any fat" – OK, correct, on the other hand, "It DOESN'T have HARDLY any fat" sets a negative verb with a comparative, flunking correct English. To further a health conscious world free from nihilism and moral relativism, please further the cause of correct diction and avoid chaos in your speech. Big fan, keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Dr.Sten,
    Could you please review on Garden Cress seeds or Halim, Aliv seeds known in India. These are considered under super seeds category. Said to be having enormous benefits.

  5. I See Why You Say <8,000mg Per Day Of Omega-6, My Suppliment Is 2,000mg And Then I Start Eating GF Beef/Cheese Then OPR Eggs And Sauerkraut So..1:4 Should Be Good, I'm Likely Around 1:2.75 With This πŸ™πŸΌ

  6. Hi Dr, thank you so much for sharing such informative vids here. There is so much to know and learn and you make it so easy to understand. I look forward to all your vids. There are so many similar vids on YouTube but yours are the ones I trust and follow. I’ve put into practice what I’ve learnt from you and I’m seeing results. Good results! Thank you again, and please keep sharing!

  7. I'm in no hurry and recommend and thoroughly enjoy chewing my whole flaxseed in with my yogurt and berries. And because I'm in no hurry, not a single seed gets left behind on my bowl x

  8. I'm actually allergic to flax, I found this out after going on a vegetarian diet in my 20s (trying to get those omega-3s.) If I eat it, I break out in hives with swelling of my mouth and airway. I gave up "multigrain" because flax isn't required to be listed as an allergen, and as I learned more about nutrition I found that most seeds and grains contain a lot of anti-nutrients. I reached the best health of my life eating almost exclusively meat, dairy, eggs, alliums like onions and garlic, and brassicas like broccoli, kale, collards, cabbage, radishes, etc. I'm in the process of getting back to that style of diet, I never felt better than when I was eating <20g of net carbs /day, and strength training with a barbell. After getting lax on nutrition and busy/lazy on exercise, I gained some weight back, but I'm looking forward to reaching a new peak of health and strength in my late 30s.

  9. I've been following your vlogs. You make sense way better than nutritionist. I was diabetic 1 taking injectable insulin. I change my life style which was a challenge walking away from making good financial profit as a business owner. MY QUESTION TO YOU IS "WHY YOU ARE BALD???? DID YOU NOT HOLISTICALLY FIX YOUR OWN PROBLEM LOSING YOUR HAIR COMPLETELY?????

  10. When I consume flax seed I like to do a variation on the Fosube shake: I use an immersion blender in some kefir and add a tbsp of nutritional yeast to raise the level of methionine to boost the protective effect of the protein. I throw in some blueberries and amla powder for brain health.

  11. I read this warning when I bought flax seeds, is this true: Caution: It is not good to eat too much flaxseed. The seeds contain the substance linamarin, which can form hydrogen cyanide in the body. 1-2 tablespoons whole flax seeds per day is ok

  12. Amazing Information Dr. How does Walnut catch up in the list … even though I am sure how much does walnet qualify as a seed, It is considered for its Omega 3 contents… Could you kindly comment on this Net Carbs and Fat and Omega6 .

  13. For those on a keto lifestyle you will also want to consider kidney stone formation and seeds with low oxalates. These would include flax, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower, and watermelon. By eating a modest ketogenic diet high in polyphenols from green tea and/or resveratrol you can help keep the epithelial lining of the kidney smooth and healthy which slows the seeding of calcium oxalate stones. Also drink more water than you think is needed to stay away from the saturation point for stone formation. Your kidneys should be like a flowing creek, not a swamp.

  14. I am a little confused about the status of raw oats in a keto diet. Most of the advice given here and there on Youtube about ways of including oats in a keto diet seems to refer to cooked oats as opposed to raw oats, and frequently it just isn't clear. Is the situation different for raw as opposed to cooked? Yrs, oat-lover.

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