Chiropractic vs Medicine (DC vs MD)

Chiropractic vs Medicine (DC vs MD). Find out what is the main difference between a Chiropractic and Medicine (DC VS MD). Find out which is the best doctor you should go to for a health issue. Which is the best doctor? Which is the health doctor? Chiropractors tend to be more holistic and Medical doctors tend to be more focused. Learn how they approach health.

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  1. Dr. Ekberg your videos are great. I am a Family Medicine doctor. I wish we had this degree of training on diet and exercise during our residency. DASH diet cut out salt eat less exercise more…etc. etc. I have so many patients who can benefit from your videos. I love the way you explain how the body is smart and we keep doing dumb things to it. I will have a hard time prescribing insulin to type 2 diabetics without a trial of intermittent fasting. Unless they are unwilling to try it. I already get some patients who think I’m crazy for suggesting they not eat for a day. I’m glad you reviewed the study on the benefits of fasting. By the way I have fasted on and off for many years, but always went back to carbs, since becoming fat adapted and OMAD i can easily skip eating, with no cravings. I have lost 45 lbs and have just 10 to go before I’m at my ideal weight for my height. Thank you.

  2. I would like to clear up some of the information said in this video just in case anyone happens to stumble upon this in the future…

    In your video, you repeatedly refer to Medical Doctors as "Emergent" Doctors. While it is true that there are specialized Emergency Physicians who are trained to specifically handle emergency cases, they are just one of the many types of medical physicians. There are also other specialized physicians (cardiologists, neurologists, dermatologists, etc.) who are trained to handle more "complex" cases in their respective field. Furthermore, Primary Care Physicians (aka "Family Medicine Doctors") are trained to promote a healthy lifestyle for their patients and to help PREVENT disease (as well as to treat). Hypertension and Diabetes are not necessarily considered "emergent" diseases, but should be managed and treated by your primary care physician. These doctors often take a "holistic" approach as well (especially nowadays), as lifestyle modifications including diet and exercise play a huge role in preventing and treating these diseases.

    I am by no means discrediting your video. I just don't want patients to feel that they should only see their medical doctor for "emergent" conditions. It is in the best interest of the patient to always maintain an ongoing relationship with their medical doctor, whether they have complex emergent diseases or not.

    At the end of the day, MD's, DO's, DC's and every other kind of "doctor" just want the best care for their patients.

  3. Fascinating video, Dr. E.! These overarching philosophical differences between different modalities of treatment often get overlooked, but are probably very important to keep in mind. IMHO, the phrase 'complementary medicine' encapsulates the idea of this relationship between Chiropractic, Medicine, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, etc…..nicely. They all have at least a little something to bring to the table (w/ the possible exception of 'quack' modalities like, e.g. 'homeopathy' which seems to be pretty much complete bunk according to the available evidence.) Great vid! 👍 TFS!

  4. i am a qualified electronic engineer. so many similarities between body and electronic circuits. all about receiving signals and feedback loops. it helps me understand things so much clearer.

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