Coronavirus: Effects No One Talks About? Here’s What You Must Do

Stressed, Anxious and/or Depressed about what is going on with the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? A lot of us are feeling kind of anxious, worried, stressed, we’re maybe not sleeping as well as usual, we might have some stomach upset too. Things, even if they have nothing do with Coronavirus, make our lives feel like a complete upheaval in both how we’re managing and living our lives.

The stress of the virus is being felt by everyone, and this video is to help you bring some normality to your life. There are things that we can do that will put some normalcy into our life, and help us feel just a little bit better.


🔷 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Top 10 Vitamin C Foods to Boost Your Immune System

🔷 Reduce Stress and Cortisol

🔷 7 Truths To Lower Blood Pressure With Breath:

🔷 Lose Belly Fat with Breath:

🔷 #1 Best Way To Lose Belly Fat:

I try to tackle the most important health issues of the day in a natural and safe way. If you have suggestion for the next topic leave your comment below. Remember to make your comments positive and uplifting even if you disagree with something that was said by me or others.


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  1. Wow, this was nearly a year ago and here we still are. People wearing multiple masks and talking about vaccine passports even though things are so much better. Government doesn’t want to give up the control it gained.

  2. What an amazing video along with the #1 Absolute Best Defense Against covid19. It’s fascinating how you tie things to each other to make a non-medical person really understand how the body and mind work and how in their turn are tied up to everything else. So interesting. Thanx

  3. Thank you . Can you please do a video on those that are locked down in a domestic violence situation and feel stuck, alone and hopeless? With Covid-19, many jails are releasing people to prevent the spread of the virus and for some people, there is no place to go to leave. What can they do to get through this?

  4. Dr Sten, thanking you for all the information on how to truly master how the body works. I have been healthy eating & incorporating keto into my life for 2 years now,I have lost 5 stone in weight & feel great…& I must say your videos & how you put them across including your knowledge is just amazing !! In these uncertain times I have taken time to read, relax & reflect on what's really important in life, that's including my job which I enjoy anyway, but discovering yourself & watching your art & learning your knowledge has been so enlightening & is taking me to another level!! many thanks

  5. Doc your content is good….but you gotta find a way to compress the material and please reduce the length of the video. May be you can take some ideas from Dr Erig Berg's videos. Keep up the good work

  6. so true, I was getting overwhelmed by the news and now I'm focusing on other more positive things and feeling much calmer – many thanks for all the very sound advice 🙂

  7. What about totally isolated without touch? Touch was essential now we are in Solitary confinement when totally alone… I have been bedridden for 15 years. Those moments when I could meet new people and more have been stolen. Now I'm just bedridden…

  8. I'm not stressed. I'm healthy, have ample food, and it's spring and everything is in bloom. When I walk or ride my bike by the river, I see how the earth is healing in the absence of human activity. This quarantine is a wonderful opportunity to be quiet and grateful, to relish each moment. Peace and health to all.

  9. Thank you so much for your video, Dr. Ekberg. There's so much negative going on, that this video is relaxing me just by listening to you. I work from home usually, therefore being home is not that bad for me at all. Great video!

  10. Gm can you do a review on the hemp oil fr hemp plant vs cbd oil fr cannabist plant. Which works better. Especially for weight loss. Correct dosage, sides effects, especially as ot relates to persons with thyroid issues & being on thyroid meds. Are the hemp oils selling on amazon any gd & wat to look for when choosing & ur recommended picks. Thank u

  11. I can tell you about what happens after lock downs. I was in the army and was in action for my years of compulsory service. Then the government said that we had to do 3 months camp once a year till you were 40. Now let me tell you something about veterans or old men that have been in battle and taken idiotic orders from the little pratt lieutenant who's just come out of officers school comes and orders you to do something that you know is not going to work.. Well that lieutenant wakes up with a live round with his name scratched on under his pillow. He is now being told that the next time he comes out on patrol with us old men he's going to be wacked in action.
    You see the old man wants to live.
    After a few months of locked down this is going to happen to the whole population and the government has zero chance of control.
    So what happened to me 40 years ago and to the guys in Vietnam before me is coming back to haunt this arrogance of the 001%
    It won't be pretty

  12. 👍❗️As usual Dr Ekberg is very circumspect in discoursing any subject, as manifested in this video.
    It is as educational as informative. Thank you ❗️Hence, will circulate it among my contact group.
    I am very pleased with and have enjoyed the electronic visual aid.

  13. in addition to this channel, I have come to enjoy videos on workout routines you can do anywhere, such as at home, it keeps me optimistic and blood flowing

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